Top 10 Walk Behind Mowers On The Market

Below we have listed the reviews for the top 10 walk behind lawn mowers for 2018. If you need some help with your decision be sure to read our simple guide to choosing the right walk behind mower for you.

We have also included some zero turn riding mowers were appropriate. However, if you wish to read the full reviews of the best zero turn mowers for 2018 follow this link.

Best Wide Area Walk Behind Mower

Troy-Bilt’s flagship engineering phenomenon is the WC33.

wide area walk behind mower - WC33The Troy-Bilt WC33 is one of the best zero turn mowers available on the market. If you own a landscape business or have home gardens, this is the best power for you. This durable and powerful machine is getting solid reviews from all corners and is considered one of the best solutions for all your needs as it fits quick a punch.

Aside from the massive 420cc OHV engine, you’re getting a 33-inch dual blade cutting deck which has the capacity to trim through a large scale of grass patches. It boasts fuel capacity of 2 gallons that can go through lawns of all sizes. It has a very convenient maneuverability functionality known as “On a dime” zero-turn and a 2-in-1 convertible to side discharge and mulch. It is rear wheel-driven, self-propelled and has an easy- to-use electric start function.


The machine comes with 3-year limited warranty and a detailed manual in English and Spanish to make assembling, cleaning and replacing parts an easy job. It’s a dream lawn mower for any suburban household. This is machine you can never go wrong with as it has all the features one expects from a solid lawn mower… Read Full Review


Snapper Mowers

Snapper Inc., has been around for 65 years and they are a pioneer in the mowing industry. Surviving through the ages for such a long time involves embracing technological changes and improving your products consistently. This is why Snapper have so many repeat customers as users continue to trust its yard tools and equipment.

snapper mowers reviewThe Snapper company has been producing excellent, top quality walking mowers, leaf blowers, zero-turn mowers, hedge trimmers and riding tractors for years. Their success and innovations set benchmarks for all types of yard tools and mowing machines.

Top 2 Riding Mowers

We review the top 2 snapper riding mowers.

Top End

The top-end Snapper SPX2246 46″ 22HP Lawn Tractor & found the cheapest price online here.


Mid Range

The best mid-range machine available is the Snapper RE130 33″ 12.5HP Rear Engine Riding Mower & you can find the cheapest deal here.


Read Full Review.

Top 3 Walk Behind Mowers

We also look at the 3 best snapper walk behind mowers based on class and price.

Top Pick

Our top pick is the Snapper CP215520VH commercial-grade mower that can be purchased for less than $1000. We detail exactly why we believe the Snapper CP215520HV is the best snapper lawn mower on the market today and how Briggs & Stratton have ventured into new innovative territory through a collaboration with Honda.

Mid Range

Our mid-range choice is the Snapper P2185020E.

Entry Level

Our entry level choice is the Snapper 21″ Briggs & Stratton 850 Pro Series & found it can often retail for over $400 but found a great deal here.


Snapper mowers offer ergonomic usage with adjustable handles and not only offer a professional finish via their adjustable blade settings but make it easy on your back and arms. Snapper have really wen the extra mile to ensure users of their mowers experience an effortless and comfortable mowing experience.

The adjustable blade settings across their range make it easy to cut grass of all heights. The standard rear wheel transmission, which is slightly larger than the front wheel, makes it easy to move s snapper lawn mower around almost effortlessly.

The wheels are well designed and make for smooth movement, owing to top quality ball bearings. The HI VAC® mower deck is another of Snapper’s innovations and is in a class of its own, delivering steady suction power. Snappers make it possible for your grass to be bagged effortlessly.

The top-end machine even has a 140-gauge steel mower, which is powerful enough to deal with any mowing challenge, thanks to a meaty axle… Read Full Review.

Troy Bilt Mowers

Troy Bilt started over 60 years ago when it literally changed how people gardened within the United States. Troy Bilt was the first manufacturer to introduce the first full USA-constructed rototiller back in 1937 and since then they have fought hard to stay at the cutting-edge of home and commercial gardening equipment.

troy bilt lawn mowersTroy Bilt is currently owned by MTD PRODUCTS INC who are a leading global manufacturer of a myriad of outdoor power equipment. Troy bilt lawn mowers are still American-built with their headquartered situated close to Cleveland, Ohio.

Riding Mowers

We review the top 2 Troy Bilt riding mowers.

Top End

The top-end 50″ The Zero Turn Mustang packs a powerful 25HP V-Twin Briggs & Stratton engine.
Read Full Review.

The best Troy Bilt zero turn machine available at the moment is the 54″ Mustang which can be purchased online much cheaper here.

Entry Level

The best entry level machine is TBR 30 30″ riding mower. Read Full Review.

You can grab a great deal on this entry level machine using the link below.


Top 3 Walk Behind Mowers

We also look at the 3 best Troy Bilt walk behind mowers based on class and price.

troy bilt lawn mowers


Top Pick

Our top pick is the Troy Bilt WC33 XP™420cc 33 inch Wide Cut RWD with Electric Start Lawn Mower. Powered by a very strong 420cc OHV engine with easy electric start this powerhouse offers a wider 33-inch twin blade cutting deck and four forward speeds with the rear wheel drive system (with integrated deck wash). It’s zero turn capability means you can turn “on a dime” – the type of high-end maneuverability usually reserved for riding tractors.

Mid Range

Our mid-range choice is the WC28 195cc In-Step 28-Inch RWD Wide-Cut Lawn Mower. It is powered by a durable Powermore OHV 195cc engine The 28-inch extra-wide cutting ability covers more ground quickly on residential lawns than standard mowers while the Rear Wheel Drive System allows for smooth maneuvering on a variety of terrains. The In-Step variable speed drive system naturally adjusts your speed.

Entry Level

Our entry level choice is the TB330 3-in-1 Rear Wheel Drive Self-Propelled Lawnmower. It’s 21″ deck: 21″ sports the TriAction cutting system w with integrated premium deck wash. Powered by a 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine this machine offers a 3-in-1 cutting system with side discharge, mulch or rear bag and comes with a 1.9 bushel capacity bag included.

The review gives a more in-depth analysis of each machine with specific stats. Read Full Review.


The Best Commercial Walk Behind Mowers for 2018

We review the three best commercial walk behind mowers currently available on the market.

This review will help you compare our top 3 mowers against each other to find the one that best suits your needs.

The Best Commercial Walk Behind Mowers for 2018


Turf Beast 54″

Our first choice is the Turf Beast 54FB 54 inch 22 HP Subaru Commercial Duty Dual Hydro Walk Behind Finish Cut Turf Mower with Floating Deck, which is a high-end monster capable of cutting several acres of grass within minutes. It is a highly affordable mower with incredible well performance.

It does the job quite well allowing you to mow all kind of terrain.


Bradley 48″

Our second choice is the Bradley 48″ Hydro Walk-Behind Commercial Mower T-Bar Briggs, a mid-range commercial lawn mower perfect for lot owners or commercial users who seek a powerful lawn mower with a mid-sized deck.

This mower comes from one of the most well known companies and provides exceptional results allowing you to save time and energy that goes in mowing.


Swisher Predator 24″

Finally, we picked the Swisher Predator Talon Commercial Pro 11.5 HP 24″ Walk-Behind Rough Cut Mower which is ideal for landscapers who want a small-deck commercial lawn mower that still packs a powerful punch, residential users who want to impress the neighbors or as an additional to a commercial fleet.

This mower is ideal for both commercial and residential uses though it is not powerful enough to be a stand-alone or solitary mower for a commercial enterprise; it is a great addition to any commercial fleet however offering many advantages larger mowers do not.


In this review, we discuss features and specifications of each of these three commercial lawn mowers to aid you in your purchase decision. The mowers are available at discounted rates on different websites like Amazon, making it easier for you to buy the one that you like the most. In addition to this, we also have a comparison chart in the end to help you better understand unique features each lawn mower offers. Read on to dive head-first into our detailed review and buy the mower that you need…Read Full Review.

Lawnboy Electric Start Lawn Mower. Best Gas Mower

lawnboy 10734Lawn-Boy have been manufacturing lawn mowers for more than 80 years. They are among the pioneers of lawn mower manufacture in North America and are still one of the biggest names in the industry today.

Lawn-boy mowers are are known to deliver consistently high quality and top performance for reasonable pricing.

The Lawn-Boy 10734 lawn mower is one of the best gas mowers money can buy and packs in quite a punch with features that you would expect from a much more expensive mower.

The Lawn-Boy 10734 Kohler Electric Start XT6 OHV is such a popular mower it ranks at #45 as the best selling product on Amazon!


This excellent mower features the Kohler® electric start, XT6 series OHV engine, which packs a powerful punch when it comes to mowing your lawn. It uses a 21” steel deck that utilizes “tri-cut” cutting technology to provide excellent mulching and superior quality of cutting.

The rear wheel, self-propelled drive provides great traction and control in all kinds of mowing situations and the large bag included with the product makes it convenient to mow more but empty less often.

Other reasons that make this lawn boy one of the best walk behind lawn mowers in America is the warranty that Lawn-Boy offers. With a 2-year full coverage warranty and 3-year Tru-start warranty, your problems are fixed right away should you run into any problems… Read Full Review.


Top Craftsman Push Mower

Craftsman has been around since for 1920s and they are one of the pioneers in the mowing industry. Surviving through so many decades in a fiercely competitive market is due to the company’s innovative approach to building garden tools and is one major reasons people continue to trust its yard tools and equipment almost a century after its conception.

craftsman lawn mowerThe Craftsman company has been producing excellent, top quality lawn and garden equipment that meets the highest quality standards of craftsmanship.

They’ve set benchmarks for all types of lawn, garden and yard tools.

The Craftsman 37430 is one of the company’s most popular mowers and is a perfect example of Craftsman’s superior build techniques and because its collaboration with Briggs & Stratton® ensures it delivers power as well as great cutting results.

The Craftsman 37430 comprises of one of the most successful Briggs & Stratton® OHV engine delivering a impressive 5.0 ft/lbs gross torque.


It has adjustable handles and blade settings, making it easy on your back and making the mowing experience seem almost effortless, which really is an achievement for a push mower.

The adjustable blade settings make it easier to cut grass of all heights, while it’s rear wheel 5-speed transmission, makes it easy to move it around even the roughest of lawns.

The ease of maneuverability is in part due to the “smart wheels”. These innovative mower wheels make for smooth movement, owing to the ergonomic design and their top quality components such as the high-end ball bearings.

The mower deck is also in a class of its own. The constant and steady suction power makes it possible for your grass to be bagged compactly and means you can bag more before you need to empty.

A meaty and robust axle lets you deal a deadly blow to any kind of mowing challenge whatsoever… Read Full Review

The Best Electric Lawn Mower – Ego Power+ Cordless

The EGO Power+ Self-Propelled Cordless Electric Lawn Mower range are battery powered, cordless and electric lawn mowers that offer the same power as their gas-propelled counterparts. Each Power+ is eco-friendly and battery powered thus keeping the fuss associated with using gas-guzzling and noisy mowers at bay.

best electric lawn mowerWith a fast charger and a 7.5 Ah ARC lithium battery our top pick Power+ 20″ can be charged in under 60 minutes providing an hour’s run-time or can be fully charged for up to 2 hours run-time.

This self-propelled lawn mower offers everything a 20 inch deck gas-propelled mower has to offer, while keeping fuel consumption and maintenance overheads to zero.

The lawn mower offers speeds of up to 3.6 MPH and can withstand tough turfs of long-grass, acorns, fallen leaves, small twigs and even water. So far, this is one of the most rigid and robust lawn-mowers we’ve tested. It’s also quite possibly the best battery powered lawn-mower for difficult terrains that we’ve ever tested.

With a 20 inch cutting deck that houses sharp blades that cut grass cleanly and professionally, LED headlights that enable you to mow the lawn at night and features such as an instantaneous start-up, water-splash resistance, self-propulsion, cutting heights up to 4 inches, handle adjustment to accommodate shorter individuals, 9 inches rear wheel size and a compact collapsible design that can be stored under a bed, we nominate this mower as the best electric lawn mower for 2018.

Even if it costs a little more than the average push mower, in the long run, you’ll admire this beautifully engineered, battery powered beast…Read Full Review.

Top 3 Stand On Mowers

These stand on mowers also convert to walk behind mowers. *

We review our picks for the top 3 stand on mowers.

All of our top 3 picks are Bradley mowers. We have chosen Bradley over other brands because its lawn mowers pack a powerful punch, deliver high performance, last for decades, and are great value for money.

52″ Commercial Stand On

The 52″ Bradley Stand On ZT Commercial Mower Briggs and Stratton mower is for those who want a powerful mower with a huge deck and strong blades.

check prices on Amazon

48″ Commercial Stand On

The 48″ is almost identical with the only difference being the smaller deck size.

check prices on Amazon

The 52″ and the 48″ Bradley Stand On Mowers come packed with 25HP Briggs and Stratton Commercial Turf Series OHV Engine, a 3-blade 7 gauge steel cutting deck, heavy duty fabricated steel frame, ultra-responsive zero turn controls, and hydro-gear drive system make them both powerful commercial machines that will cut anything that comes in their path.

On the other hand, the 36″ Bradley Stand On Mower, while also a commercial lawn mower and very similar to its larger siblings is slightly different in that it has a slightly smaller engine and sports a duo-blade system rather than the larger trio-blades.

36″ Commercial Stand On

The 36″ stand on mower is a perfect buy for those who seek the most powerful and affordable stand on commercial lawn mower in a smaller deck size while either the 42″ or the 52″ are the best stand on mowers on the market.

check prices on Amazon

All three of these stand on lawn mowers are for lot owners who don’t like to handle a beast lawn mower, and are seeking a narrower cutting deck size – perfect for getting tough spots cut and ideal for medium sized lots where riding mowers may encounter some difficulty … Read Full Review

Due to State restrictions Bradley mowers are not available in California but we found an excellent alternative in The 22 HP Subaru EH65V Commercial Duty Dual Hydro Beast.


Murray Lawn Mower Reviews. Top 3 Murray Mowers for 2018

We have reviewed the top three Murray lawn mowers for 2018.

Murray Lawn Mower Reviews. Top 3 Murray Mowers for 2018

Since there are so many Murray lawn mowers available on the market, judging and choosing the best for yourself can be a little complicated.

Murray has worked for over 90 years to stay ahead of the competition to provide the industry with the best quality lawn mowers. This is why so many people will seek out Murray mowers before even looking at another brand.

We have picked the top 3 Murray walk behind lawn mowers based on:


Best High Wheel

Our first review focuses on the Murray 21″ High Wheel Mower.

This mower is best for small sized lawns of about half an acre or less.

Best High Wheel Murray mowerWhat does it offer the user?

  1. It has a quick change 2-n-1 deck that allows for mulching or side discharge.
  2. A 500e Series Briggs & Stratton Engine, with OHV for better fuel-efficiency.
  3. It’s lightweight resulting in better manoeuvrability.
  4. It features the easy to start Prime ‘N Pull E-Z starting system.
  5. Large rear wheel for extra traction.

check prices on Amazon

Best Low Wheel

Our second review focuses on the Murray 21″ Low Wheel Mower.

This mower is also best for small sized lawns of about half an acre or less but would operate at top performance on level, even ground.

Best Low Wheel Murray mowerWhat does this mower offer the user?

  1. It has a quick change 2-n-1 deck that allows for mulching or side discharge.
  2. It runs on a 450e Series Briggs & Stratton Engine, with OHV for better fuel-efficiency.
  3. It’s also lightweight resulting in better manoeuvrability.
  4. It features the easy to start Prime ‘N Pull E-Z starting system.

check prices on Amazon

Best All Rounder

The final review focuses on the Murray 21″ High Wheel 3-n-1 Convertible.

This mower is a great residential all-round walk-behind machine that is similar to the High Wheel but it boasts a bigger engine and the ability to swap to rear-bagging discharge.

What does this mower offer the user?

Best All Round Murray mower

  1. A powerful Briggs & Stratton 150cc OHV 625ex Series Engine.
  2. The ReadyStart feature for easy starting.
  3. The 3-in-1 cutting deck that allows side-discharge, mulching and also rear-discharge with bag.
  4. Dual-lever height adjustment system.
  5. A very lightweight body for much better manoeuvrability.
  6. Large rear wheel for extra traction.

check prices on Amazon

Most of the features in all tree mowers are similar but with differences in size and some capabilities. We have included a quick-view comparison chart to help identify the differences and similarities…Read Full Review


Best Mulching Mowers

We give our 5 picks for best mulching mower in 4 different categories.

  1. Best Corded Electric Mulching Mower
  2. Best Cordless Electric Mulching Mower
  3. Best Gas-Powered Mulching Mower
  4. Best Ride-on Mulching Mower


Best Corded Electric Mulching Mower

We actually cheated here by including 2 machines instead of 1.

Earthwise 50520

A great electric all-round mower with very capable mulching capabilityThe Earthwise 50520 has a steel deck that makes it quite durable. It is also a 3-in-1 mower.

This lawn mower has 20″ cutting deck, 7″ front wheels and 9.5″ back wheels that are manufactured to ensure a smooth turning experience whenever you are mowing.

With triple functionality, you can mulch, bag or side discharge the grass clippings. If you need to mulch, just install the mulch plug and start mulching.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, the Earthwise 50520 features an ergonomic design and you can easily assemble it without needing any tools.
check prices on Amazon

GreenWorks 25142

The Greenworks 25142 is the best corded electric mulcher but is only a 2-in-1The GreenWorks 25142 makes our list along with the Earthwise 50520 even though it is only a 2-in-1 and has a smaller cutting deck of 16″.

Unlike its competitor, the Greenworks provides two functionalities only while it mulches and side discharges, it doesn’t bag the grass clippings

However, it is a better mulcher and offers other benefits also.

It weighs a lot less than the Earthwise and is also cheaper and as mentioned previously it is a superior mulching mower.

The handle of the Greenworks also folds to make the mower very compact and easy to store. This feature not only reduces the amount of storage space needed by the machine but because it is so light it’s easy enough to lift onto a large garage shelf or hang it on the wall.

The cord is manageable though an extension cable can be easily installed for greater coverage if needed.

The cutting height can be adjusted easily.

Both mowers are great fits for people with small to medium sized gardens.
check prices on Amazon


Best Cordless Mulching Mower

A great electric all-round mower with very capable mulching capability
For medium sized lawns, the Ego Pro+ cordless mower is recommended as it runs on a battery that can be used to power all other products in the Ego range – which can amount to quite substantial savings if you plan to purchase other gardening power tools.

The Ego Power+ can mow up to 2 miles of lawn easily when fully charged, having a 55-minute battery runtime on a full charge.

The charging process is easy as it only takes 30 minutes to get it fully charged with a Rapid Charger. The advanced arc-lithium battery is certainly powerful and is just about as “green” and environmentally-friendly.

What’s more is that it is very quiet.

The deck is a very respectable 20″ and the blade does the job well.

The mower comes in a compact design that can be folded and stored easily or even hung on the wall.
check prices on Amazon

Best Gas-Powered Mulching Mower

snapper gas powered mulching mowerOur pick for the best gas-powered mulching mower is the truly excellent Snapper 12AVB2A2707.

This 21″ self-propelled gas-powered mower is a 3-in-1 machine that comes with side discharge, mulching and rear bagging capabilities.

It is an exception mulching mower.

The rear high wheel offers better traction and the 6 cutting positions are set via the easily accessible dual-lever height adjuster.

check prices on Amazon

Best Riding Mulching Mower

poulan pro 960420186 is a great mulching mowerWe have included a riding mower for people who have extension yard space. It can be a time-intensive activity to mow over 1 acres with a walk-behind mower.

So, for larger lawns, the Poulan-Pro 960420186 with Hydrostatic Transmission is recommended.

Easily handled with an additional reverse feature, this riding mower can easily handle large areas and uneven terrain.

The 20 HP Briggs & Stratton Overhead Valve Engine with Pressurized Lubrication is designed to run cooler and cleaner than a conventional engine delivering more power when needed.

The 46″ Reinforced vented deck draws air from the top of the deck, helping to keep the air flow moving.
check prices on Amazon

Each of the mulching mowers reviewed offers distinct advantages and in order to find the one that best suits your needs we have included a quick rundown of what to look for in a mulching mower at the beginning of the post.

If you already know exactly what you want and just want to find the best match to your needs then you can skip to any of the reviews via the table of contents…Read Full Review

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