The Best Zero Turn Mower on the Market for 2020 is a Poulan

If you have a large or medium sized garden that requires a professional cut but don’t have the budget for a huge commercial machine then your best option is a light-weight but powerful zero turn. The Poulan Pro P46ZX is a perfect example of this type of mower and is our pick for best zero turn mower on the market. This model, powered with a 22 HP Briggs & Stratton engine, offers ease of access and can mow around 2.4 acres in an hour. This is an entry-level zero turn mower. If you want something a little more powerful then try this higher-end poulan lawn mower or the best zero turn mower in the medium range. For commercial use you will need something a lot more powerful.

For most users this well constructed mower, powered by a USA built engine, is all they will ever need. You will find it available at most local dealers though you can expect to pay more if you go down that route. We found that it can be purchased much cheaper through Amazon.


The Poulan Pro P46ZX

Though this is an entry-level machine, you can hope to benefit from it even if you have a lawn in excess of a few acres because it has some of the best features found on other zero turn mowers on the market. It is also very fast for its class. So if you are in a hurry to manicure your lawn to its top condition, you should consider this mower.

This review offers detailed insight on the Poulan PRO P46ZX so we advise you to go through it so you can make the best choice according to your requirements. However, if you are in a hurry, simply take a look at the specs for a quick view and you’ll see why we believe it is one of the the best zero turn mowers on the market.


The Poulan Pro P46ZX doesn’t let you down in performance, durability or comfort; it provides excellence in each of these areas.

best zero turn mower on the market poulan pro p46zxThe 22 HP Briggs & Stratton Professional Series engine housed inside the machine, combined with the 46-inch, two bladed steel deck promises nothing but the best for your lawn mowing needs.

This mower is capable of giving you the same type of professional cut that any of the higher-end mowers deliver. The only difference is obviously in power and speed.

The mower uses heavy duty caster and wheels which make it durable and sturdy.

The dual hydro-gear EZT drive system is perfect for maneuvering and the blades have adjustable heights which range from 1½ inches to 4 inches, with ½ inch increments.

If you are use to a push mower then with these riding mower zero turn features any lawn manicuring task will go from challenging and tiring to intriguing, easy and, dare we say, even fun.


Quick View

Here is a quick bullet point view of the best features the Poulan Pro P46ZX.

  • 22 HP V-twin pro engine.
  • Hydro Gear EZT transmission.
  • 3.5-gallon fuel tank.
  • Electric clutch.
  • 46-inch reinforced steel deck.
  • High back seat.
  • 18-inch rear tires.
  • Digital hour meter.
  • 11-inch front.
  • Nose roller.
  • 3 anti-scalp rollers.

With these and other features, the Poulan Pro P46ZX packs in quite a punch and delivers top notch performance to its user. Moreover, the zero-turn transmission helps you keep the machine going for long periods without the need for maintenance.

Why Should You Consider Buying The Poulan Pro P46ZX?

With all the other options available on the market and the vast range of zero turn mowers now well within everyone’s price budget, why should you choose this Poulan Pro? What makes this mower so special?

Poulan Pro P46ZX - best zero turn mower on the marketIn this section, we’ll look at some of the mower’s features in detail so you can make an informed decision and through a simple comparison chart highlight the mowers strengths and weakness compared to other machines on the market.

The Poulan Pro P46ZX is a reliable machine which will help you get your mowing tasks done quickly while never compromising on quality. With its high-end power and performance, you can expect it to deliver much better results than a standard push mower.

Even though this is an entry-level machine it has a 22 HP engine which is one of the reasons we hold this mower is such high regard.

Here are a couple of features which set this mower apart from other mowers of its kind.


46” Reinforced Cutting Deck

The 46-inch cutting deck shows that the mower means business and the reinforcement makes the machine durable and long lasting.

Though it’s slightly larger than other zero turn mowers the Poulan Pro P46ZX makes it easy for you to mow a large lawn within a just few hours.

The 46-inch reinforced deck also comes with a 10-year limited warranty so you don’t need to worry about repair if something goes wrong.

Deck Features

Here’s a quick look at the features of the cutting deck:

Number of blades 2
Anti-scalp wheels 3
Cutting Height 1 ½ – 4 Inches
Material 13-Gauge
Spindle Material Aluminum
Number of Positions 6
Construction Type Reinforced Stamped
Engagement PTO Electric
Deck Lift System Manual Hand Operated
Deck Drive Belt
Cutting Options 3-in-1 (Side-Discharge/Bag/Mulch)

Briggs & Stratton 22 HP Engine

The American built 22 HP Briggs V-twin pro engine helps you cut and trim at speeds up to 6 mph. This is an amazing speed for a small zero turn mower even the best of the top of the range machines only reach 8mph.

So at at top speed the Pro P46ZX can cut 2.4 acres of lawn in an hour. Talk about impressive!

The mower can also reverse at a speed of up to 3 mph, which means that you don’t need to come back all the way around if you missed a particular spot.


Easily Accessible Control Panel

poulan pro p46zx control panelThe access panel of the mower is cleverly placed so it is within easy reach. Don’t worry about straining your hand either.

Thanks to a wisely positioned panel, you will easily be able to operate the dual levers without a problem.

This ease of access also makes it possible for you to move the P46ZX around your lawn and hurdles like flower beds, trees and fountains.

So if you are not used to driving a large mower and are worries about running into things or ruining your flower beds the Poulan Pro P46ZX is your best option.

Trimming & Blades

If you don’t want to spend too much time trimming your lawn, the P46ZX will provide the best and closest trim to the ground. Select a height between 1½ inches to 4-inches to suit your needs and preferences.

The ability to cut to measure not only saves you time but also saves your mower from wear and tear and prolongs its life. The twin blades also deliver precise results every time, so you don’t need to worry about any uneven cuts.


Comfortable Design

If you have a large lawn of over 2 acres you will usually need to spend at least an hour or two on your riding mower, which is much less than a push mower but still a long time to be in a stationary position. If your machine isn’t comfortable, it will give you strain and back pain along with other problems.

15 inch back on best zero turn mower on the marketSo when purchasing a riding mower it is always important to consider the comfort of the machine.

The Poulan Pro P46ZX offers just as much user comfort as any other riding machine on the market. Because the Poulan Pro P46ZX has a 15-inch extra high back seat, you have extra back support while driving around the lawn.

An added feature which makes things even easier are the dual padded levers which make it easy for you to grip the handles and move the mower around with very little effort.

Hydrostatic Transmission

Probably the one feature that makes the Poulan Pro P46ZX so popular is its smooth operation which is primarily due to the innovative hydrostatic transmission. This transmission makes it easy for the mower to be maneuvered around tough terrain.

The zero turn capability of the mower makes it possible for the machine to turn on its axis. So, when you are manicuring your lawn with the P46ZX you can expect to see no grass uncut and no area left behind. The professional finish is a match for any other riding mower regardless of price.

Drive Wheels Rear Wheels
Maximum Forward Speed 6 mph
Maximum Reverse Speed 3mph
Transmission Type Hydrostatics

All of these features combine to deliver a truly amazing zero turn mower which will take care of all your mowing needs in one go. If you have less than 3 acres to mow you really don’t need any to spend any more on a bigger machine. As mentioned above we found the P46ZX for an amazingly low online price with free delivery.



The Poulan Pro P46ZX has a deck wash-out port which is made for easy cleanup. You can remove the deck without needing to purchase or use any extra tools. Simply remove, easily clean or wash the items, and then set it right back in.

The cup holder also provides convenience allowing you to enjoy a cup of hot or cold beverage while doing effortlessly cutting your lawn.

The digital hour meter is also helpful to keep an eye on your mowing times and to indicate when your should service your machine. The mower also provides very low vibrations so the user can mow and manicure the lawn with a minimum amount of noise and disturbance and with a greater degree of comfort.

If you are use to a push mower then the learning curve when using a new riding zero turn mower can be a little steep for some people. However, once you get used to moving with this machine, you’ll never want to buy another type mower again and will only replace this machine after wear or if you want to upgrade.


Additional Features

Here are a couple of other additional features which may interest you.

  • Manual, hand operated deck lifting system.
  • Aluminum vented spindle/mandrel.
  • Fuel tank volume of 3.5 gallons.
  • 430 lbs weight.
  • Limited homeowner warranty of 3 years.
  • Collect/mulch/side ejection.
  • 43” width (chute up).
  • 58” width (chute down).

Moving to a zero turn riding mower from a push mower can be an eye-opening experience. But even changing from your current riding mower to the Poulan Pro P46ZX If you use this Poulan Pro correctly it will prove to be a workhorse and will help you turn your messy lawn into the most talked about garden in the entire neighborhood.

Product Comparison Chart

Husqvarna Z246 Poulan Pro P46ZX Poulan Pro P54ZX
Engine Briggs and Stratton Endurance Series V-Twin 23 HP Briggs and Stratton Professional Series V-Twin 22 HP Kohler V-Twin 24 HP
Cutting Width 54 inches (12-gauge) 46 inches (12 gauge) 54 Inches (13-gauge)
Cutting Deck Type Stamped Stamped & Reinforced Stamped & Reinforced
Productivity 2.8 acres/hour 2.4 acres/hour 2.3 acres/hour
Blades 3 2 3
Dimensions 46 x 72.75x 49.5 73 x 58 x 44 78 x 61.5 x 35.5
Weight 598 pounds 474 Pounds 538 Pounds
Lowest Price Check on Amazon Check on Amazon Check on Amazon


What do Reviewers Say?

You cannot know the real worth of a lawn mower, or any other product for that matter, unless you know what previous buyers and current users are saying about it. So we did some research and found out what people had to say about the Poulan Pro P46ZX.

reviews of poulan pro p46zx - best zero turn mower on the market

Overall, buyers expressed happiness with their purchase. Most were impressed with the grass cutting skills of the mower.

One buyer, who had previously bought a different lawn mower, said that he had started to enjoy cutting grass again because he no longer feels the strain he had long associated with mowing his lawn. He went on to say that his cutting time had reduced from 2 – 2.5 hours down to 35 – 45 minutes because the mower is that fast!

Another reviewer said that the mower always delivers even cuts, and never compromises on quality. This is a sentiment that reverberates through many reviews showing that the P46ZX can cut evenly regardless of speed or terrain.

On the flip side, the only common complaint of buyers was that the mower is a little difficult to assemble. One reviewer said that it was challenging just to get it off from the crate that it was shipped in (something he should have done during delivery).

However, we found that if you follow the instructions carefully you should have no problem with the assembly. You will need sufficient space and some basic tools to do the job properly. However, the problem arises partially due to the fact that a number of these tools are not mentioned in the manual. Common sense is all you need to find the right tool for the job and 99% of buyers will have these tools readily available in their “tool box”.

What Makes the P46ZX the Best Zero Turn Mower on the Market?

The Poulan Pro P46ZX is one of the best zero turn mowers on the market. If you have room to store this machine due to its large deck size and want to get your work done quickly, this is the model you should go for. With its speed and durability and 46″ deck you can be sure of a professional cut every time.

Along with a high level of comfort the sturdy build of the ZX means it will last you a long time and its previously mentioned features makes it a better option when compared to other versions in its class.

However, one word of caution before you end up buying the wrong product is to make sure that you do not have a rough or slippery terrain because the product hasn’t been manufactured for these grounds. Reading online reviews and judging from the performance and specifications, it is safe to say that in its class this the best zero turn mower on the market. You can get it at a much cheaper price by buying online. We found the cheapest seller at the moment is Amazon offering the machine for an amazing price with free delivery.


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