The Best Troy Bilt Lawn Mowers On The Market Today

Investing a large sum of money in a reliable lawn mower is something that requires careful thought and consideration. In fact, it can be a tiresome activity just determining which kind of lawn mower best fits your needs. With so many features available in today’s models, and hundreds of brands available on the market, it can be a tall order trying to narrow it down to what’s right for you.

Top 3 Troy Bilt lawn mowers

Here are our top 3 picks:

    • WC33wide area walk behind mower - WC33

The Troy Bilt WC33 XP™420cc 33 inch Wide Cut RWD with Electric Start Lawn Mower.


    • WC28troy-bilt-wc28

Troy Bilt WC28 195cc In-step 28 inch RWD Wide Cut Lawn Mower.


    • TB330 troy-bilt-tb330

Troy Bilt TB330 163cc 21 inch, 3 in 1 RWD Self-Propelled Mower.


And finally, here are thorough reviews of our top 3 Troy-Bilt walk-behind lawn mowers:

Below are our 3 top picks for the best Troy Bilt lawn mowers.

These are walk behind mowers if you are in the market for a Troy Bilt zero turn riding mower read this review instead or have a look at our top 10 zero turn mower reviews for 2017.

Why Troy Bilt lawn mowers are some of the best

We’re going to take a wild guess here and assume you probably have some experience with Troy-Bilt products and are most likely aware of their mowers and vast lineup of garden tools and equipment and are interested in a possible purchase of a Troy-Bilt.

Well, you are not alone.

Troy-Bilt is among the most popular garden equipment manufacturers across the USA.

They are also gaining more traction in the market worldwide due to the reliability and quality of their products.


Troy Bilt first began trading over 60 years ago when it literally changed how people garden within the United States.

Troy Bilt was the first manufacturer to introduce the first full USA-constructed rototiller back in 1937.

Since then they have fought hard to stay at the cutting-edge of home and commercial gardening equipment.

The company is currently owned by MTD PRODUCTS INC who are a leading global manufacturer of a myriad of outdoor power equipment.

MTD PRODUCTS INC pride themselves on the fact that Troy Bilt lawn mowers are still American-built and keep their headquarters situated close to Cleveland, Ohio.

But although they have a great range of mowers your choice must be based on which one is ideal for you rather than which one has more “bells & whistles”.

So, having looked across the entire Troy Bilt mower range on Amazon we have settled on 3 mowers that we are sure will suit everyone’s needs.

We have reviewed the top 3 walk-behind Troy Bilt mowers that we believe are the best that Troy Bilt has available today.

We not only feel that these 3 mowers are the best in the Troy Bilt range but we are confident that you will find one of them fits your needs perfectly.

If you need something a little bigger be sure to read our review on of the best Troy Bilt Zero Turn mower.

Of course in the unlikely event that one of these Troy Bilt walk behind mowers does not fit your need there are other walk behind mowers that you can check out by reading our top 10 walk behind mowers for 2017.

In the video (below) Troy Bilt demonstrates why they have some of the top mowers in the industry and to show exactly why can offer a life-time frame warranty.

So, Troy Bilt can talk the talk but are their products really as good as their marketing suggests?

Why choose a Troy-Bilt lawn mower

If you’re not already aware of Troy-Bilt’s company history and how it became a leader in the lawnmower industry, it’s only fair that we shed some light on the matter.

Troy-Bilt is the first lawn mower company that introduced the rototiller for the very first time in America.

The excellent build quality and durability of its products immediately made it famous and the company started to innovate coming up with more varied mowers and other power equipment for outdoor use.

They started with tillers and now they boast a rich product variety – riding and walk-behind mowers, cultivators, trimmers, snow throwers, log splitters, edgers and other garden tools.

Today, many critics and experts alike consider Troy-Bilt a stellar and highly innovative company that provides state-of-the-art outdoor power equipment and yard/garden maintenance tools.

Retailers VS local dealers for purchasing Troy Bilt lawn mowers

Many people prefer to choose local dealers because they offer one-on-one contact. Providing they are ethical retailers they can advise you on the best fit for you according to your requirements and specific buying criteria (such as budget).

However, more and more people, commonly known as “smart buyers”, choose to research their options online. Only then do they make the purchase . often opting to buy online as well because online sellers rarely have the same overheads that are automatically added to the retail price in local dealerships.

This is why you will normally enjoy quite substantial savings by buying from an online retailer rather than making a purchase from a local dealer.

Why a Troy Bilt walk-behind lawn mower?

While it might seem counterintuitive and more time-consuming, most people actually go for walk-behind lawn mowers rather than riding ones.


Because they want to indulge in a healthy routine, an excuse to stay in shape, so to speak.


Lawn mowing is not only a great way to lose yourself in nature, but also has a soothing effect while keeping you in great shape.

Walk-behinds are also cheaper than riding mowers and are more mobile too.

They can easily go through small areas without haste while other mowers take a bit of grinding and effort to do the same.

Walk-behind lawn mowers are also very easy to maintain because everything you need to access or maintain is right on top of the frame.

Largely owing to personal preferences, some prefer a zero turn lawn mower as their first and final choice, while others settle for a walk-behind lawn mower.

Choosing which of the 3 Troy Bilt lawn mowers is best for you

Even though the market is flooded with a wide range of lawn mowers, there are certain aspects to consider in addition to adequate research, when choosing a Troy-Bilt lawn mower.

For example, certain areas require only a lightweight mower to get the job done while tougher, hilly areas demand a lawn-mower that packs a powerful punch engine.

Maintaining a lawn is tough, especially if the terrain consists of tall grass, tree roots and weeds, wild ones at that!

To cut it through cleanly, you have to be sure that the lawn-mower has the power and maneuverability to work efficiently and give your lawn the perfect mow.

This is the very reason that we have chosen three Troy Bilt lawn mowers that can be used for both commercial and residential purposes and which also give you the most bang for the buck.

Our chosen lawn mowers pack powerful engines along with cutting-edge features necessary to mow lawns without any hiccups.

1. Top end walk-behind Troy Bilt lawn mower – The WC33 XP™ Wide-cut

Packing a 33″ deck and the capability to side discharge, mulch or collect waste in a rear bag installation, this lawn mower offers both versatility and a smooth wide-cut mowing experience.

The feature set of this powerful commercial-grade machine includes a twin-blade cutting deck and zero-turn maneuverability (you can turn on a dime).

This is quite astonishing, seeing how these features are rarely seen in walk-behinds, and generally found only in high-end in riding mowers.

troy-bilt-wc33The WC33 also features an electric-start which is complimented by a powerful 420cc OHV engine built by Troy-Bilt.

In fact, this engine is so powerful that it is capable of performing extremely well even in a commercial setting.

Other features include BBC (blade brake clutch) blade disengagement and a rear wheel drive powertrain that offers reverse, neutral and 4 forward speeds.

Additionally, the mower offers a variable control throttle, maintenance reminder indicator light and hour meter, a 2-gallon gas tank that’s in plain view, adjustable plow, height adjuster (single lever), 8 height ranging settings, 8 inches front casters along with ball bearings and 16 inches rear pneumatic wheels.

With such an expansive feature set, it would have been unjust not to include the Troy-Bilt WC33 lawn-mower in our top 3 Troy-Bilt walk-behind mowers.

The Troy-Bilt 420cc OHV Engine – Is it powerful enough?

Although Troy-Bilt still use 3rd party engine manufacturers, such as Briggs & Stratton, they have started to introduce their own range of engines.

Whether they plan to completely replace the engines in all their machines with their own engines remains to be seen. For now though they are using several of their own engines across their mower range.

Even though engine manufacturers like Briggs & Stratton have been continually innovating to stay at the top of the market it seems Troy Bilt have identified a market opening with their own engine range.

wc33-engineSo, has Troy Bilt offered anything of value with the introduction of their own engines?

Well, Troy-Bilt’s unique range of OHV (overhead valve) engine technology should give buyers reason to get excited, as the WC33’s 420cc engine packs quite the punch.

This engine has been tested on harsh terrains, which offered nothing but relentless obstacles, steep inclines and thick overgrowth, and its power was more than capable of matching the challenge.

Not surprisingly, the engine displayed its full potential and effortlessly pushed the machine over lawns with wild weeds, tree roots and tall grass while supplying more than enough power to the blade to give a very professional finish.

This kind of power is something you will rarely find in other walk behind lawn mowers.

So, whether you want to use the engine’s maneuverability for residential or commercial purposes, it will perform at an impressive level across large areas of lawn.

The OHV engine sports a huge 420cc and uses 57 oz. 10W30 oil, which is included in the purchase and has a fuel capacity of 2 gallons.

The Troy Bilt cutting deck is second to none

A cutting deck is the heart of a lawn-mower. It is the one key feature which truly differentiates one mower from another.

Without a good quality cutting deck, you might as well keep your machine in the shed as a high quality engine.

Great transmission and other innovative features on a mowing machine amount to nothing if the cutting deck does not also boast quality.

troy-bilt-tb-wc33-xp-wide-cut-mowerSo what is the WC33’s cutting deck like?

The WC33 model number is actually short for ‘Wide-Cut 33in’ which refers to the cutting deck’s capabilities; the twin blade 33 inch cutting deck is capable of cutting a wide path and this feature is usually only found in riding mowers, not walk-behinds.

The height of the deck can be easily adjusted by a single lever and has an integration of premium deck wash too.

It offers a brilliant 2-in-1 system allowing for side-discharge or mulch capability.

The WC33 offers 8 settings cutting adjustment that range from 1.25 inches to 3.5 inches for a variety of cut heights.

The transmission on this Troy Bilt lawn mower offers you superior output

If a lawn-mower features a great transmission, it gives you greater control and manoeuvrability. A great transmission also helps the engine to better crank out power, particularly when it comes to denser cuts.

The Troy-Bilt WC33’s transmission is smooth and seamless.

Armed with an adjustable plow handle, 8 inch front casters with ball bearings and 16 inch rear pneumatic wheels, and variable speeds, the four forward speeds offered by the rear wheel drive system makes it hard to find any fault with this lawn-mower.

The rear wheel drive not only offers 4 forward speeds it also has a reverse and, of course, neutral. This is more than enough to meet the needs of a commercial user as well as a residential user.

Other noteworthy features of this zero turn wide cut Toy Bilt lawn mower

While the powerful engine, great transmission and a state of the art cutting of the WC33 are great features there are other features to consider when it comes to quality and performance.

In addition to the key components mentioned above, the Troy-Bilt WC33 also has a few signature features that are worth mentioning.

The clutch

The Blade Brake Clutch, for example, might not seem like a big deal when it comes to mowing the lawn but this automotive feature actually helps a lot when you want to leave your mower running for awhile between cuts – something that can often prove to be problematic with other lawn mowers.

The BBC (blade brake clutch) provides you with the accessibility to leave your lawnmower on, without having to continually stop and restart the engine, when other lawn related activities such as clearing away heavy objects or other obstacles demand your attention.

This will not only will reduce wear and tear of the starter system but it is a great feature for commercial users who have to constantly stop and then restart their mower – a seemingly simple activity that soon becomes extremely bothersome and then downright annoying over time.

Turning on a dime: zero turn maneuverability as standard

Zero-turn maneuverability is something that you do not normally see in walk-behind lawn mowers. In fact it isn’t even seen in all lawn tractors.

zero-turn-capabilityWe applaud Troy-Bilt for doing an an amazing job by including this highly sought-after feature in a walk-behind lawnmower.


Because the zero-turn capability provides more accessibility to the operator; giving the mower the capability of getting into those hard-to-reach areas without having to take a big turn.

This is something that is not always possible for standard machines, especially the wide area cutting ones.

However, having a zero-turn capability means the WC33 can easily access even the most difficult to reach areas and allows the user to turn in tight areas with complete ease.

As a result, with the WC33’s zero-turn ability you’re getting better functionality than most other walk behind mowers and accessing parts of the lawn which most other walk behind mowers just can’t get to.

The less prominent features such as the hour meter and maintenance reminder also come in handy.

Through the hour meter, you can be sure that you have enough running time left to finish the job.

This feature also helps to signify how good the fuel economy is of the Troy-Bilt WC33 walk-behind lawn mower.

Those little extras that makes this the best Troy Bilt lawn mower on the market

The maintenance reminder tells you when your lawn mower needs a bit of TLC (tender loving care) and it is wise not to ignore it when it lights up.

Giving your mower a simple “once-over” can add years of service to its life and make it a lot more resalable when you decide to upgrade at a later date.

The 2 gallon tank gives you hours of use. Having to refuel your machine during a cutting session can be inconvenient at best and infuriating at worst so the extra fuel capacity in this mower is certainly another plus.

You also get a 3 year limited warranty for residential use.

Troy Bilt have tried their best to create products that are ultra user-friendly and are a company driven by customer feedback.

Therefore due to sporadic complaints about the durability and functionality of Troy-Bilt lawn-mowers in the past the manufacturer has addressed these concerns to create products, such as the WC33, with durability as well as functionality in mind.

As a result durability complaints are extremely few and far between these days. What’s more the 3 year warranty gives the buyer peace of mind should any trouble ever arise.

Summary of the top end WC33 zero turn walk behind mower

The Troy-Bilt WC33 lawn-mower is for those who want a powerful, durable and extra-wide cutting deck in a walk-behind mower.

It’s zero turn maneuverability means it can give as good a cut as larger zero turn riding mowers but without the bulk. It would be an ideal walk behind mower to add to a commercial user’s fleet.

The signature features means this mower is set apart from other walk-behinds.


Because the WC33 has a lot to offer that a standard push mower can’t, such as it’s amazing zero-turn maneuverability and a blade brake clutch system to name just two.

wc33 wide area walk behind from the troy bilt lawn mowers rangeIn addition, standard reel and push mowers rely heavily on physical exertion.

For older gardeners or those with major, or even minor, physical health challenges most normal walk-behind mowers can cause a major problem.

For the physically challenged, a walk-behind lawnmower is far from ideal and so many opt for a zero turn riding tractor.

However, these machines are pricey and come with challenges of their own such as needing a large storage area.

For those who would prefer just as much productivity as a riding mower but want to avoid the storage hassles and high price, the WC33 is a viable alternative.

Although the WC33 costs much more than a standard push mower, even those that are gas powered, it does have a lot more to offer than your standard walk-behind.

As the mower usually sells for over a thousand bucks the price tag might be considered steep by some but in all honestly you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.

This mower has a powerful 420cc electric-start engine along with a 33 inch wide-cut, a 2-in-1 cutting deck and a great transmission system.

Although, the WC33 is the best choice for commercial mowing purposes, those who are interested in using it for residential purposes shouldn’t be deterred by it’s commercial tag.

We believe the price tag is completely worth it due to the mower’s amazing durability and powerful lawn-cutting and cleaning abilities.

Anyone who has never tried a zero-turn mower won’t believe how much of a difference it can make in their mowing.

For those who have tried a zero-turn mower they already know of the advantages it offers – most never want to go back to a standard mower

As long as you keep your mower in good order by servicing it regularly it will also be very resalable as its design will keep it relevant many years into the future even as technology advances.

2. Best mid-range walk behind Troy Bilt lawn mower- WC28 Wide Cut

The WC28 has a smaller cutting deck than the WC33 (reviewed above), smaller engine and and doesn’t have the zero-turn capability.

It therefore missed out on the top spot but does make it into the top 3 as our pick for the best mid-range Troy-Bilt walk behind.

troy-bilt-wc28The all new Troy-Bilt WC28 walk-behind mower features a 28 inch wide-cut cutting deck and, like the more expensive WC33 (reviewed above), packs features typically only found in a riding mower.

It comes ready with a powerful and durable 233cc Briggs and Stratton® engine along with a 3 year limited warranty.

So is it a good buy?

Well, according to several reviews on online the WC28 appears to be a mower that people really enjoy using it.


So, let’s take a closer look at the WC28.

The Briggs and Stratton® 223cc 950 Series Engine

The Briggs and Stratton® 950 series are known for their toughness and durability. These engines offer the best possible value and are really reliable and efficient in terms of functionality. The 223cc engine packs a mean punch and offers a lot of features that make it perfect for heavy use. Here is why it’s great for lawn mowers.

Lo-Tone™ Muffler

The Lo-Tone™ muffler offers two distinctive features that really stand out.

Firstly, it muffles the engine noise to keep it purring nicely.

Secondly, it has a good tonal quality overall.

Float Feed Carburetor

The Float Feed Carburetor used in this engine optimizes fuel delivery.

This optimization helps the engine start in one or two pulls and offers superior performance.

Cartridge Air Cleaner

Packed with foam pre-cleaner, the air cleaner in this mower is something extraordinary.

It keeps airborne debris from entering the engine, which protects and extends the engine’s life and performance and reduces the risk of engine malfunctions.

Splash Lubrication

It’s good to have a feature which helps provide adequate lubrication throughout the crankcase and this ‘Splash Lubrication’ feature does just that.

Cast Iron Sleeve

The cast iron sleeve in this Briggs and Stratton® 950 series engine is what provides integrity and durability to better withstand wear and abuse.

The sleeve also provides improved oil circulation throughout.

OHV Technology

The OHV (overhead valve) technology helps the engine last longer and improves fuel economy significantly.

This feature is prominent in many lawn mowers that use Briggs & Stratton engines.

Other Features

There’s more to the Briggs and Stratton® engine that meets the eye.

The 950 series is at the cutting-edge of technology; this engine series offers additional features such as a high oil filter tube that makes maintenance easier as well as dual ball bearings to enhance the durability and engine’s life.

troy bilt wc28 in actionThe higher torque improves power delivery to the engine and increases the productivity of the lawn-mower overall while the Magnetron® electronic ignition system ensures maintenance-free start-ups.

The Mechanical Governor is really helpful when the engine comes under heavy usage as it controls the speed of the engine yo deliver more usable power when the need arises.

If you are looking for a mower that requires no time to start this engine does just that with its ReadyStart® technology.

If the mower doesn’t start within one or two pulls then the Starting Guarantee®ensures that the company will repair it for free, without.

The mower is also available with a 195cc Powerhouse engine. Although the Powerhouse engine model doesn’t have as much power the difference in performance is negligible.

The Cutting Deck

The 28 inch steel deck does a fine job of cutting anything in its path and due to its extra-wide properties, it cuts a wide path.

This wide-area feature is often only found in riding mowers but Troy-Bilt thought otherwise and introduced the extra wide feature in this and the WC33 (reviewed above) walk-behinds too.

The cutting deck features a 3-in-1 discharge system; side discharge and mulch and rear bag (included) which gives you plenty of room to choose how you want to mow.

The deck height can be adjusted with a single easy-to-use, easy-to-reach lever and features 6 cutting settings ranging between 1.25 inches and 3.75 inches.

The Transmission

The rear wheel drive gives great traction on the WC28 lawn-mower which drives the 10 inches in the rear wheels. The front wheels are 8 inches.

The In-Step Variable Speed Drive System naturally adjusts to your speed, providing precise speed control and delivering more traction over rough terrain.

The foldable and adjustable handle style makes it easy to handle the lawn-mower and reduces grip fatigue.

Summary of the mid-range Wc28 Troy Bilt lawn mower

Although the price may seem high compared to other self-propelled mowers, at around $849 (retail), this lawnmower packs a sizable punch along with high durability and reliability.

With BBC (brake blade clutch), you can leave the lawnmower turned on, which we believe really saves time and effort.

Who is the TB WC28 the best fit for?

We’d say people looking for a powerful mower with just the right mix of features and power for modern mowing challenges, be it for residential or basic commercial use as part of a wider fleet.


3. Best entry level Troy Bilt walk behind mower – The TB330

Troy-Bilt has managed to produce some highly durable, feature-rich and powerful lawn-mowers at affordable prices but for many buyers a wide area cut from big engines is not at all necessary.

The Troy-Bilt TB330 self-propelled mower is actually something we just had to include in our top 3 list as it is a perfect fit for those who need a high quality mower for residential use but don’t require a higher-end machine.

TB330 Promotional Video


The hype that Troy-Bilt has created around the TB330 got us rather skeptical about the claims made about it so we wanted to test it ourselves to see if it truly lives up to that hype.

According to their promotional video (available above), the TB330 lawn-mower is so tough that it can withstand temperatures over 100o Centigrade and even those as low as 0o centigrade.

Pretty tough, eh?

But their boasts don’t stop there.

To show the durability of the TB330 mower, they tried to mow silver balls and nails to see how tough this budget mower really is and how durable the blade is.

Without a shadow of doubt, it did perform like a champion.

The TB330 also performed exceptionally well on an electro-dynamic shaker table.

The shaker ensured that every nut, bolt and weld used to build the mower was put through its paces to see if the build would stay together.

Even though such a test is extreme, as the mower is unlikely to meet rough terrain that would cause that much vibration, the mower parts did not loosen or fall apart.

Thus, these tests demonstrated that Troy Bilt’s bold claims are in fact, surprisingly, justified; this really is a great mower – especially for the low price.

The Main Features

This budget beast can be purchased for less than $400 (usually around $350) yet packs a plethora of features to match machines twice its price.

This makes the TB330 a highly recommended choice in terms of high durability, power and performance in relation to price.

But the price isn’t the only reason we think this mower rocks.

The Troy-Bilt TB330 lawn-mower has a self-propelled system which allows for optimal traction from its rear wheel drive.

For precise speed control, it also features a dual lever for variable speed selector.

There is also a single-lever height adjuster that lets you easily raise and lower the cutting height.

It boasts side discharge, mulch and bag capability due to its unique 3-in-1 system.

All-in-all this lawn mower is a perfect choice for any residential user with great features matched by a great price.

The Briggs and Stratton® 725EXi 163cc Engine

It has often been said that “great things come in small packages” and, although it is doubtful anyone was referring to engine size when they said it, the 725EXi 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine certainly fits the bill.

As a manufacturer of construction-grade equipment Briggs and Stratton® have a very prestigious reputation because their engines offer innovation, durability and powerful performance.

The TB330 never needs an oil change
The TB330 never needs an oil change

The engine in the TB330 offers a ReadyStart™ choke system which means no priming is required.

Troy Bilt also guarantees that it will start within one or two attempts (for at least two years after purchase) and if it doesn’t, Briggs and Stratton® will fix it for free. That’s a pretty impressive guarantee.

The engine uses 150 oz. SAE 30 oil (included with purchase) and something that fascinated us because this Briggs and Stratton® engine doesn’t require an oil change, ever. You just have to check the oil level and top it from time to time according to specifications.

Other than that, you won’t have to do a thing.

The no-oil change feature comes as a result of the engine’s unique capability to keep itself clean from dirt and debris.

It uses an automotive style paper air cleaner and an OVD (overhead valve design) that keeps the engine cooler, which also effectively prevents breakdowns and sludge formation.

Other than that, maintenance requires no tools and it is very easy to change the air-filter.

The mower itself is very light which allows for great maneuverability and features an angled fuel neck to avoid making a mess when you are filling it up with oil.

In addition to the above mentioned features this Briggs and Stratton® 163cc engine packs quite a punch.

Although it isn’t as powerful as the 420cc Troy-Bilt OHV engine that we’ve discussed above, it does a splendid job of mowing even the most uneven of residential lawns and you’ll have no problems getting quality mileage out of it.

The Cutting Deck

The Troy-Bilt TB330 lawnmower offers a TriAction® Cutting System from a 21 inch cutting deck that comes with a premium deck wash.

The 3-in-1 cutting system gives the user side discharge, mulch and rear bag functionality right out-of-the-box.

The single-lever deck height adjustment offers 6 different heights ranging from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches, a versatile feature that has been appreciated greatly by owners.

The mower also features a 1.9 bushel grass bag capacity so you can finish any normal job in one cut without the need to stop to empty the bag.

TriAction® Cutting System

One feature that left us particularly impressed was the TriAction® cutting technology.

In this video, Troy-Bilt clearly describes how this cutting system works.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how the cutting system works:

  • Rake Guard: The rake guard is found in front of the lawnmower and the grass meets this first before getting chopped off by S-blades. Why? Because it straightens the grass up better for a perfect and even cut.
  • S-Blade: These blades are a little different from common blades found in lawnmowers. The S-Blades evenly cut the grass and creates better circulation; these blades extend to the edges of the deck too, which results in a wider cut.
  • Symmetrical Deck: This feature is quite astonishing. To keep the surface completely smooth, the deck creates a strong vacuum that makes it easier to mulch and discharge. This is because the deck is stamped in a symmetrical circle.

After trying out the product ourselves, we’ve seen the difference between a normal cutting deck and the one with TriAction® cutting system.

We were amazed, to say the least.

The Transmission

Normally we would not expect too much from a budget lawnmower, however the Troy-Bilt TB330 was quite the surprise.

Troy Bilt TriActionThe drive system is rear-wheel, self-propelled with an adjustable ergo, and an indented handle style, which provides great grip and control over the lawnmower.

The 8 inch rear wheels and 8 inch front wheels provide adequate movement and though they don’t the bigger machines they perform quite well and the single lever variable 4-speed throttle provides decent speeds.

Obviously this is not the best transmission system on the market but it does the job it was intended to do very well.

With the mower having a local MSRP price of around $350 if you wanted something better you would have to pay this price alone for some of the better transmissions available.

Summary of the TB330 Troy Bilt lawn mower

Honestly speaking, this mower is terrific value fro money.

It would be extremely difficult to find anything else with features such as a powerful and durable Briggs and Stratton 725 EXi 163cc OVD engine, a TriAction® cutting deck, and a variable 4-speed transmission for anything less than $400.

While this particular model is not for everyone, it is perfect for anyone with a typical American lawn.

You can keep most residential lawns clean and tidy with this easy-to-use mower that doesn’t leave any mess and doesn’t require any major servicing; you don’t even need to change the oil.

Troy Bilt have worked very hard to build a reputation for building quality equipment that requires little to no repairs.

However, should you run into any problems at all, Troy-Bilt offers a 2 year limited warranty.

And, also thanks to the Briggs and Stratton® Start Promise feature, is your engine doesn’t start within one or two pulls during that 2 year period you’ll get it fixed free of charge.

In our opinion, this is one of the best budget walk-behind lawn mowers we have ever reviewed on a par with our top choice electric start lawn boy.

The TB330 is is an affordable all-round machine with a powerful, durable and reliable engine that gives a great and even cut delivered from a 21″ TriAction driven cutting deck.

The 4 variable speed transmission and rear wheel self-propelled drive system provide pretty decent control, given the price tag.

The Final Verdict

When it comes to choosing a reliable and high-performing lawn mower one of the biggest concerns for the average consumer is price.

If you’re willing to dish out extra cash for the best there is, we’d really suggest you consider the Troy-Bilt WC33 wide are cut lawnmower.

It offers the same type of features and cut that you’d normally only expect from a high-end riding mower all packaged neatly and conveniently in a walk-behind mower.

On that other hand, if you are on a budget, the Troy-Bilt TB330 is a must-have.

If you need something with a bit more bite than the TB330 but don’t need all the “bells & whistles” that come with the WC33 (such as zero turn maneuverability) then the wide area cut Troy-Bilt WC28 is a great compromise.

For more information you can review the operator manual of each machine and check the latest deals below:

    1. WC33wide area walk behind mower - WC33

Troy-Bilt WC33 – Here’s the Operator’s Manual.

The Troy Bilt WC33 XP™420cc 33 inch Wide Cut RWD with Electric Start Lawn Mower.


    1. WC28troy-bilt-wc28

Troy-Bilt WC28 – Follow this link to check out the Operator’s Manual.

Troy Bilt WC28 195cc In-step 28 inch RWD Wide Cut Lawn Mower.


    1. TB330 troy-bilt-tb330

Troy-Bilt TB330 – Click here to Read the Operator’s Manual.

Troy Bilt TB330 163cc 21 inch, 3 in 1 RWD Self-Propelled Mower.


You can also read this article by Troy-Bilt which clearly specifies all the necessary maintenance tips to keep your lawn mower lasting for decades to come.

Comparing All 3 Troy Bilt Lawn Mowers

Here’s a chart that gives you a quick reference guide for comparing out top 3 picks to see which one is the right buy for you:

Comparison Chart

Troy Bilt WC33 Troy Bilt TB330 Troy Bilt WC28
Engine Troy-Bilt 420cc OHV Briggs and Stratton 725EXi Series – 163cc Briggs and Stratton 950 Series – 223cc
Starting System with Ready Start Key Electric Start Recoil Recoil
Oil 57 oz 10W30 15 oz SAE 30 18 oz SAE 30
Fuel Capacity 2 gallons 1.09 qt 1.2 qt.
Deck 33” dual blade 21" TriAction cutting system 28" steel
Discharge Type 2-in-1 side discharge or mulch 3-in-1 – Side discharge + mulch or rear bag 3-in-1 side discharge + mulch and rear bag
Grass Bag Capacity n/a 1.9 bushel 2.25 bushel
Drive System Rear wheel Self-Propelled Rear wheel self-propelled Rear wheel drive
Speed Control Variable Speed Single Lever with variable 4-speed In-Step variable control
Handle Style Adjustable Plow Adjustable Ergo with indent Foldable / adjustable
Deck Height Adjustment Single-lever adjuster Single-lever adjuster Single-lever adjuster
Cutting Height Range 8 settings – 1.25" – 3.5" 6 settings – 1.25" – 3.75" 6 settings – 1.25" to 3.75"
Wheels 8" front casters w/ball bearings 16" rear pneumatic + 8" front and 8" rear 8" front and 10" rear
Shipping Dimensions 56.88"(L) x 38.38"(W) x 34"(H) 38"(L) x 24"(W) x 17.75"(H) 21.13" (H) x 49" (L) x 32" (W)
Shipping Weight 323 lbs 90 lbs 160 lbs
Warranty 3 year limited 3-year limited with Briggs & Stratton Starting Promise 3-year limited

Past Owner Experiences

Before making a purchasing decision it’s always a good idea to check how previous and current owners feel about the product you are considering buying.

So we took the liberty of taking a peek at some customer reviews for all 3 mowers and were pleased with what we found.

Although there were some reviews with the usual operational complaints (where people are disappointing with how specific features of the mower operates), these are almost always due to personal preference and a lack of research from the purchaser prior to purchase.

We found only rare occurrences of problems which seemed to be dealt with quickly from what we could tell.

However, the standard Troy Bilt warranty covers most common problems and they usually replace or repair the lawnmower fairly quickly.

Obviously if you buy online from vendors such as Amazon you will haven added protection and the ability to return the mower within a 14 day period free of shipping fees and can have a replacement at your door within a few days.

Summary of the top 3 Troy Bilt lawn mowers

Troy-Bilt has truly lived up to the hype by producing ultra-high quality, durable and powerful outdoor yard and lawn maintenance equipment throughout the United States.

Its lawn-mowers are affordable and very competitively priced.

When compared with many other brands they are great value for money in terms of the specifications and price.

Troy Bilt was the first company to introduce tillers to US market and since then, they have continued to be at the forefront of garden equipment innovation and have been building a diverse variety of high-quality outdoor products and equipment.

While reviewing the Troy-Bilt lawn mowers range we took into account build quality, affordability and functionality, as well as price before narrowing it down to the top 3 Troy-Bilt mowers listed above: the WC33, the WC28 and TB330 respectively.

Top Pick:
The Troy-Bilt WC33 is the most powerful machine we choice as our number 1 pick.

This machine will cut through anything that comes in its path.

Whether its tree roots, wild weeds or tall grass, nothing can stop this monster and it easily lives up to its commercial grade rating.

The Troy-Bilt WC28 is a mixture of affordability and beast-like performance. Like the WC33 it offers a wide are cut but with less power.

It may offer less power than the WC33 but it is noticeably more powerful than the Troy-Bilt TB330.

Although the Troy-Bilt TB330 has less power than the WC28 is more affordable and a perfect fit for average residential lawn use.

This mower has been tested under extreme temperatures and harsh conditions and performed exceptionally well.

Its 3-in-1 side-discharge, mulch and rear bagging system makes this a versatile machine.

Take any of these three lawn-mowers for a spin – you’ll most likely be left as impressed as we were.

Alternatively you could consider our top Troy Bilt riding mower review.

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