Murray Lawn Mower Reviews. Top 3 Murray Mowers

For those who are in the market for a Murray Lawn Mower we have reviewed our top 3 Murray mower picks below. Mowing your lawn manually can be a pain, it requires a lot of time, and effort. When you run a search for lawn mowers online, you will be bombarded with options. Choosing among such a huge range of lawn mowers can be a perplexing task.

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Mower Lawn Mower Reviews

A wrong decision in the purchasing of a lawn mower may lead to waste of your hard earned money when the mower falls short of your expectations. This is usually not due to inferior machines but because the mower chosen simply isn’t the right machine for the job.

This is why professional lawn maintenance services keep a fleet of both residential and commercial mowers.

So with a host of walk behind mowers available, all with different capabilities, strengths and weakness, already knowing that you want a Murray mower is definitely a step in the right direction but which one is best for you?

Murray Mower Reviews: Our selection criteria

To help you make a more informed choice we have whittled down the Murray range to our top 3.

We wanted to find the best 3 mowers across a range where each one would offer something unique or different form the others.

So we decided we wanted to find:

    1. The top high-wheel walk behind mower.

    1. The top low-wheel walk behind mower.

  1. The best all-rounder.

We have reviewed these top 3 lawn mowers keeping in mind the build quality, the performance and of course, the bang for the buck feature i.e. if it’s worth the price tag.


Top 3 Murray Lawn Mowers On The Market Today

We have concentrated on Murray Lawn Mowers, a firm that has carved a niche in the industry with high quality products.

In this review, we are going to discuss these top 3:

21″ High Wheel Murray Push Mower

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21″ Low Wheel Murray Push Mower

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21″ Convertible Murray Lawnmower with 3 in 1 capability- side discharge, mulching, rear bag and rear high wheel

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What Murray lawn mowers offer

Murray mowers is a name been popular in outdoor gardening equipment industry for over 90 years.

Due to its manufacturing of efficient and affordable products that are always at the forefront of industry innovations Murray is a top lawn mower name.

Today Murray offers its brand proudly as the “Get it done, Go have fun” of outdoor equipment.

murray mowers logo

Murray provide well-built, high performing equipment that many experts tout will last longer than “traditional outdoor equipment”.

21″ High Wheel Mower Push Mower

If you have a small to medium sized lawn and need a new mower then you can’t go wrong with the 21″ Murray High Wheel Mower.

Murray 21" High Wheel MowerThe 21″ high wheel Murray mower is a residential mower with commercial-like power that can perform efficiently and deliver professional results with an even smooth precision cut.

The mower is also affordable with looks that are good enough to impress the neighbors.

If you want a push mower then you are on the right track with the 21″ Murray High Wheel Mower.

The Murray 21″ High Wheel Mower is a complete package of efficiency and precision cutting.

If you compare the the specs of Murray 21″ High Wheel Mower, outlined in this review, with other mowers you will realise why it is a better product than others.

With a price range below $300 this powerful machine has everything you need in a lawn mower at a very affordable price.

Let’s take a look at what the Murray 21″ High Wheel Mower has to offer.

latest price on Amazon

The 21″ high wheel Murray push mower is powered by a Briggs and Stratton 500e series engine

Arguably the most important component of a lawn mower is its engine.

A poor quality engine will never let a mower do a precise and successful job in cutting a lawn regardless of how good its cutting system is.

When it comes to powering their mowers Murray does not compromise on quality; which is why they use Briggs and Stratton engines.

In the case of the 21″ High Wheel model Murray Mowers have installed the innovative 500e Series from Briggs & Stratton.

As with all their mower engine range this engine features the innovative Overhead Valve Technology (OHV).

Put simply OHV means that you will get the best performance from your Murray lawn mower with less maintenance and fuel consumption.

The engine is well-balanced. Its V-twin cylinder adds more efficiency and durability with less tension and stress leading to less maintenance.

Briggs and Stratton 500e Series Engine used on Murray Mower 21"The Briggs & Stratton 140cc 500e Series Engine is the heart of the 21″ High Wheel Murray mower and is powerful enough to power any residential mower.

As most standard engines wouldn’t last long in the harsh conditions that many modern commercial lawns mowers are presented with new innovations from engine makers such as Briggs & Stratton to ensure commercial users get the best from their machines.

The good news is that these innovations have also been put into residential lawn mower engines. They did this despite that fact that terrain a residential mower has to traverse is almost always much flatter, has little to no obstacles and is debris free.

The 500E series is well-balanced and has some great features.

It boasts a mechanical governor, feed float carburetor, cast iron sleeves and integrated cyclonic air cleaner to prevent it from wear and tear.

Thus this engine is as durable as a commercial engine and should last for decades, if not a lifetime.

The engine is almost maintenance-free and only requires an oil after every 100 hours of use.

Due to its 5.0 torque rating you will be getting optimum power from this engine guaranteed.

The 32″ Murray push mower has a 2 in 1 cutting deck

If the engine is the heart of a lawn mower then the cutting deck is its muscle.

This muscle comes with 2 for the price of 1 in the form of a 2-in-1 cutting deck.

Just as a poor quality engine will detract from mower efficiency even if it has a killer cutting systems, a low quality cutting deck leads to a useless mower regardless of how powerful the engine is.

Therefore, just as they have refused to compromise on the engine, Murray has went to great lengths to develop durable and rigid cutting decks on all their machines.

This Murray mower is perfect for a ¼ acre or ½ and would suit any user with up to 1 acre.

We also recommend you avoid using this mower on overly moist grass in mulching mode.

This can lead to lumpy masses being blown away by the cutting deck that many users would understandably blame on the mower.

To avoid this kind of trouble we recommend you only use this mower in mulching mode when the grass is dry.

If you must cut in the wet use the side-discharge feature to avoid damaging your lawn.

The 21″ Murray push mower has a powerful push drive system

The Murray 21″ High Wheel Lawn Mower has a great drive system that offers great manoeuvrability.

It allows the user to pivot the mower quickly and effectively so there is no break in grass cutting.

We recommend you take advantage of the front-wheel drive mode for normal mowing purposes.

Alternatively, if you have a sloped area, we recommend you to shift the drive mode to rear-wheel drive for more traction.

This great feature, being able to swap between front and rear wheel drive, makes this mower very adaptable and suitable for almost every type of residential lawn.

Here are some of the main components the drive system offers:

• A bail (a metal rod) that you squeeze against the handle.
• A lever that you push with your thumb.
• A lever that you squeeze against the handle, sort of like a hand brake on a bike.
• A handle you push and pull to increase and to decrease speed respectively.

An Inside Look at a Murray Mower drive systemThe Push Drive System allows the lawn mower to maneuver easily and effortlessly.

Maintaining a good control is important not only for comfort, but because it also affects how easily one can maneuver the mower while it is actively cutting.

Anyone who has used a mower with a faulty wheel or drive system will know only too well the disastrous effects it can have on a lawn.

Although it certainly isn’t as good as zero turn capability the lever-operated drive can be used when you need to do a lot of maneuvering in a back-and-forth motion.

It is also handy when you need to cut around walls and other hard to reach areas.

The lever-operated drive allows you to stop the mower’s drive system when you need to readjust your mower’s positioning. This is also convenient when you need to avoid obstacles or pivot under branches or other overhead obstructions.

However, when you have free reign and a wide-open area then the bail drive system is the perfect choice as it will lead to an even smooth cut on a flat plane.

Although having a Push Drive System on a mower adds a lot of advantages not having one can make your mowing experience very uncomfortable.

Without the drive system you would have trouble controlling the mower’s movement and end up putting all your effort behind the weight of the lawn mower just so you could move it.

Additional Features on the 21″ high wheel Murray push mower

The 21″ High Wheel Murray Mower has 7″ front wheels and 12″ rear wheels that are suitable for all types of terrains.

Many people believe the higher rear wheel lends to a more comfortable mowing experience.

height lever on murray mower wheelAs you would expect from a entry-level lawn mower, you will have to manually adjust the cutting height of each wheel

This can be annoying considering the ease of use with more expensive machines, but given the price tag it’s a very small annoyance.

The 12″ rear wheels gives the mower greater traction and allows the mower to move easily over rough surface.

To adjust the height you use the five position height adjustment handle situated on each wheel.

The lawn mower features Briggs and Stratton’s excellent ReadyStart feature for easy engine starting.

The engine usually starts in no less than three pulls.

As with all Murray Mowers, this lawn mower comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Be sure you know what kind of conditions apply on the warranty by reading it here.

We also recommend you to read the Operator’s Manual which can give you some additional information to help you extend the life of your lawn mower.

Final verdict on the 21″ Murray high wheel push mower

If you’re looking for an entry level lawn mower that can handle small to medium sized lawns effortlessly, then the Murray 21″ High Wheel Mower is one of the best lawn mowers you could buy.

Murray 21" High Wheel MowerMurray mowers are right up there with entry-level Snapper mowers in our opinion.

With this lawn mower, you can easily mow up to a ½ acre of lot without any trouble.

But don’t expect to blast through an acre or more in quick-time.

If you have a substantial lawn area or you simply want a more powerful lawn mower, we would suggest you take a look at out top 10 walk behind mowers.

21″ Low Wheel Murray Push Mower

If you want something more lightweight, affordable and easy to use, consider the Murray 21″ Low Wheel Mower.

Murray 21" Low Wheel MowerLet’s take a look at what it offers to its users:

  1. Low rear Wheel.
  2. Briggs & Stratton 450 Series Engine
  3. 125cc
  4. 21″ cutting deck.
  5. 4.5 Torque rating
  6. 2 in 1 capability (i.e. Mulch/Side Discharge).
  7. 4-Pt Height Adjustment for a variety of cuts.
  8. Steel cutting deck.
  9. Prime N’ Pull starting system for easy starts.
  10. Push drive system operation.
  11. Gas-Powered with quick easy start.

If you take a look at the picture to the right and the picture of the 21″ high wheel Murray mower above it you will see that they look very similar. That’s because they are.

The main difference between the two machines is the rear wheel size (though there are differences in engine cc & torque).

The low wheel mower will be a better match to specific users.

If you are consider buying this mower be sure to check out the above review as well as this one to ensure you know which mower is a better fit for you.

The 21″ low wheel Murray push mower is powered by a Briggs and Stratton 450 series engine

The Briggs & Stratton 450 Series Engine makes this lawn mower a productive machine.

The 21″ low wheel Murray mower houses a 125cc, 4.5 torque rating, 450 series engine.

This engine packs a powerful punch and is a great match for such a lightweight and well-designed lawn mower.

Murray mower 450 Series 4.5 torque engineBriggs & Stratton’s innovative Overhead Valve Technology (OHV) provides better fuel economy while ensuring that the engine provides optimal (about 98%) power to the mower.

It also helps reduce maintenance requirements.

Other features such as the mechanical governor, feed float carburetor, cast iron sleeves and integrated cyclonic air cleaner, ensure that the engine keeps itself safe from dust and debris.

As long as you change the oil at the recommended intervals this engine should last decades.

These innovations introduced by Briggs & Stratton to their engines means they last longer than more “traditional lawn mower engines” that are still being sold on the market today in inferior lawn mowers.

The 21″ low wheel Murray push mower offers a superior cut

The cut from a 21The mower cuts grass as finely as you would can expect from a modern machine.

The cuts are precise and the job is equal to any done by a professional.

Although this is a manual push mower it is very easy to operate and doesn’t require excessive force to move it.

It would suit a retiree equally as well as a young man in his 20s.

Although this is a residential mower that has been designed to use on standard American lawns it can rise to more challenging environments such as steep slopes and uneven terrain.

To be honest, we are really surprised that such a small engine can deliver that much power.

However, as with all the mowers in this review if you have a particularly challenging lawn, expect to mow several lawns and not just your own or you want a mower of commercial purposes you will need a more powerful machine.

For normal residential use the mower will perform perfectly.

2 in 1 steel cutting deck set the 21″ low wheel Murray push mower apart

This Low Wheel Murray Mower houses a 21″ 2 in 1 cutting deck which features mulching and side discharge capability. A 2 in 1 mower is sufficient for most common lawn requirements.

The Murray 21" turned upside-down to show under the cutting deckThe cutting deck houses razor-sharp blades that are more than capable of keeping even the toughest of lawns trimmed beautifully.

On uneven terrains the mower has no trouble mowing at all cutting to an even height and is also fairly easy to maneuver.

As with all of the Murray Mowers reviewed on this page we do not recommend you use them to cut wet or very moist grass as it can lead to more than just a mess under your cutting deck.

Cutting in the wet will run the risk of damaging your lawn.

So, to avoid possible lawn damage and lifting clumps from your precious grass always cut your grass dry.

Manual push drive system makes the 21″ low wheel Murray push mower easy to maneuver

To make the manoeuvrability easier most lawn mowers now come installed with a drive system.

Depending on the make and model of the lawn mower these drive systems can, to a greater or lesser degree, provide greater flexibility and more ease of use to the users.

As these are manual lawn mowers these Murray mowers use a manual push drive system. This requires the user to push the mower like a reel mower but it is much easier as the cutting is directed by the engine and drive system.

Since it’s self-propelled mower you don’t get the flexibility from this drive system than you would from riding mowers or stand on mowers.

However, we find the push drive system to be powerful enough to help drive the mower forward in uneven and harsh terrains.

If you have a very rough terrain or challenging lawn environment this mower will perform ok but you may be better with the high wheel model reviewed above.

Additional features on the 21″ low wheel Murray push mower

The mower is very lightweight, which makes pushing it extremely easy and ensures the whole mowing process doesn’t take a lot of effort.

Even though the mower is lightweight that doesn’t mean that has poor build quality.

The cutting deck is made of rugged rigid steel making it extremely durable.

Therefore the frame of the mower is also durable and should last for decades.

murray mower handleThe Prime ‘N Pull feature provides an easy to pull experience and usually starts the engine with no more than 2 or 3 pulls with the mower starting first time more times than not.

The 7 inches front wheels, and 8 inches rear wheels, are sufficient for such a lightweight lawn mower to grip the ground and keep the cut smooth and even.

Using the mower on an average type lawn terrain is easy taking not much effort to propel the machine forward under your own power.

On very rough terrains mowing does require a little more effort and although it won’t be something that causes major problems it is something to consider if you have a challenging or sloping terrain with health or fitness concerns.

Of course this lawn mower like he other Murray mowers also comes with a 2-Year Limited Warranty for residential users.

We recommend you read Murray’s warranty section to ensure you understand your rights and don’t accidentally void the warranty.

We also recommend you to go through the Owner’s Manual which also states the warranty rules and regulations, along with some instructions and cautions that you should follow when using this mower.

Make sure that you follow each and everything the manual instructs you to do.

This would result in a longer life and much more stable use of the Murray 21” Low Wheel Mower.

Final Verdict on the 21″ low wheel Murray push mower

We believe the Murray 21″ Low Wheel Mower is a perfect entry-level gas powered lawn mower for those who own a small to mid size lot.

Though it can perform well on lawns up to 1 acre it is really designed to tackle lawns that are no more than ½ acre in size.

If you are in the market for an entry-level walk behind mower you can’t go wrong with this lightweight, yet powerful, budget-level lawn mower.

21″ 3 in 1 Convertible Murray Lawn Mower  – Best All Rounder

Murray 21&qout; 3 in 1 - Best All RounderThe Murray 3 in 1 21″ High Wheel Gas Push Mower is our pick for the best all-round Murray Push Mower.

This is another lawn mower which is best suited to those who have a small to medium yard no bigger than 1 acre. In truth using any of these 3 mowers for a 1 acre plot is pushing the machine and making it work.

However, they are ideal for any lawn ½ acre or less.

The 3 in 1 21″ Inch High Wheel Murray Mower is very similar to the machine we reviewed first but with the added advantage of rear discharge and a bigger engine.

The 21″ convertible Murry lawn mower is powered by a Briggs & Stratton 150cc OHV 625ex series engine

The High performance Briggs and Stratton 150cc OHV 625ex Series Engine is capable of delivering what you’d expect from a quality B&S engine.

It features Overhead Valve Technology (OHV) which provides optimum performance while ensuring that the engine consumes fuel sufficiently.

Briggs & Stratton 625ex on this mower murrayJust like the 500E series in the low wheel model this more powerful 625ex series engine’s OHV means that you will get the best performance from your Murray mower with less maintenance and fuel consumption than many alternatives.

The engine has maintained the balance of its predecessor, thanks to the V-Twin Cylinder, and has just as durable a build to it.

Briggs and Stratton engines are known for their robust nature which why most USA lawn mower manufacturers use them and for their constant push for innovation.

The 650ex engine is rich in the same features as other B&S mowers engines with a mechanical governor, feed float carburetor, cast iron sleeves and integrated cyclonic air cleaner for added engine protection against debris.

All the above mentioned features play a vital role in keeping the engine safe from wear and tear and seriously reduce the need for maintenance.

murray mower 3 in 1This, like all Briggs & Stratton engines, should last the average residential user decades.

In order to get the most out of the engine, we recommend you change the oil every 100 hours of use.

This would keep the engine running smoothly, without hassle.

Although this mower is self-propelled the engine has 150cc of power making it strong enough to ensure not only a great cut but that helps lug the lightweight frame of the 21″ Murray mower around without much effort on all kind of terrains.

The 625ex series also produces a 6.25 torque rating, giving it the boost it needs for rough patches and uneven terrain ensure a even cut of grass.

The ReadyStart functions means the 21″ convertible Murray lawn mower starts first time

The engine features a ReadyStart function which ensures a no prime, no choke pulling system that starts the engine almost immediately.

You will be able to start the mower within, at most, 2 to 3 pulls.

If you cannot start this engine after 3 pulls check the oil lubrication.

Cold weather may also cause you to pull more than 3 times to start the engine and if this the case once the engine starts it should continue to run without further issue.

If (in the very unlikely event) it doesn’t then you most likely have a faulty engine which will be covered by your warranty.

How To Use ReadyStart – Video

The 3 in 1 cutting deck on the 21″ convertible Murry lawn mower gives a professional level cut

We have already mentioned the importance of the cutting deck on a lawn mower.

Regardless of how good the engine is it becomes almost meaningless if the cutting deck is inferior.

murray mower side dischargeThis is why Murray Lawn Mowers feature some of the most durable cutting decks on residential walk behind mowers.

The reason we believe this 21″ gas powered high wheel is the best all round Murray mower is due largely to it’s a 3 in 1 cutting deck.

This convenient feature allows the user to quickly change from mulching to side-discharge or rear-discharge.

There are no major changes with the cutting deck from the Murray 21″ High Wheel Mower (reviewed above) bar the 3 modes of cutting, which provides the user with more flexibility.

With this 3 in 1 cutting deck you get the mulch and side-discharge features with the added ability to switch to rear bag mode for automatically collecting the grass cuttings.

The 21" Murray mower's rear bagChanging to any one of the 3 cutting modes is easy; you can change the mode of cutting deck by simply pulling a conveniently placed lever.

A benefit of being able to swap between rear and side discharge mode is the ability to either spread the cut grass evenly on the lawn via side discharge, should you wish to keep the cut grass on the soil as a source rich nutrients, or should you want to bag it at the rear for easy disposal.

The rear-bag feature is very useful for individuals who don’t like to spread the leftovers (of the grass) to the ground, and look for a convenient way to collect it seamlessly.

The 21″ convertible Murray lawn mower gives a commercial cut with residential features

The 21″ cutting deck is perfect for an average residential lawn.

However, while the machine has a powerful engine the small deck is not recommended for lots greater than an acre in size.

For bigger lawns or commercial use you need a mower with a bit more power and bite and a bigger cutting deck.

Although we still recommend to mulch and side discharge every now and then, to provide essential nutrients to the soil, which can deepen the root of your grass, making it healthier.

Of course, like we mentioned earlier, it’s recommended to cut the grass when it’s dry and not during the wet conditions.

Cutting wet grass may affect the quality of cutting the grass, as well as degrading the quality of the mower blades, thus affecting performance.

But if you still want to do it, try out the side-discharge mode.

This way, your deck wouldn’t become a mess and the lawn mower would do just fine, even though doing so is not highly recommended for reasons mentioned above.

The 21″ convertible Murray lawnmower has a push drive system for easy maneuverability

The push drive system is actually to those discussed above. You get two modes of drive system, a front-wheel drive and a rear-wheel drive mode.

For normal use, it would be ideal to use the front wheels, which allows for greater mobility.

But if you want to tackle sloppy terrains such as uphill, rear-wheel drive would be more useful – helped by the larger rear wheel.

Rear-wheel drive is also very handy when you’re using the rear-bag discharge mode during the mow.

The 21" convertible Murray Mower. 3 in 1 Murray mowerHere are some of the push drive’s useful functions available across the Murray mower range reviewed on this page:

  1. A bail, which is just a metal rod, that you squeeze against the handle when starting the mower to engage the drive system.
  2. A lever that you push with your thumb.
  3. A lever that you squeeze against the handle, sort of like a hand brake on a bike.
  4. A handle you push forward to increase speed, or release pressure to decrease speed.

You can see these features in the video below.

Use lever-operated drive if you need to move in a back-and-forth motion, which is ideal for cutting grass near plants and trees or walls etc.

For normal use, a bail drive control would be more useful, and is optimal to use on wide-open areas.

The drive system is, arguably, the most important feature of a mower for providing ease of use to the operator, and allowing the mower to stay in a steady smooth motion regardless of the terrain.

Having full control over the drive system allows you to adjust the speed of the engine so it performs at its optimal level, without getting overloaded.

Additional features on the 21″ convertible Murray lawn mower

The Murray 21″ convertible 3 in 1, often sold as the Murray 21″ High Wheel Gas Push Mower, has a few more features of interest that deserve a mention.

This lawn mower features 7 inches front wheels and 11 inches rear wheels which provide better manoeuvrability and traction on hills and uneven terrains than standard low wheel mowers.

The Mower provides a dual-level height adjustment system with 6 cutting positions.

This allows the user to adjust the cutting height of two wheels at a time. So individual wheel adjustment is not necessary.

As with the other Murray mowers reviewed on this page the 21″ 3 in 1 convertible comes with a 2 Year Limited Warranty which we advise every Murray lawn mower owner to read.

We also recommend you to go through the Operator’s Manual before you start using this mower.

Reading the manual thoroughly will ensure that you take the correct steps necessary for optimal performance and long-term care of your mower.

This will not only result in far better usage and would yield a longer life for your lawn mower.

So what do we have to say about it?

The 21″ 3 in 1 Murray lawn mower in action – Video

Final verdict on the 21″ convertible Murray lawn mower

The 21″ Murray convertible 3 in 1 (also known as the Murray 21″ High Wheel Gas Push Mower) is similar to the Murray 21″ High Wheel Mower we discussed above. However due to some additional features such as better and more powerful engine, the rear-bag discharge system, better cutting height adjuster, this is a slightly better lawn mower.

Having said that the higher price (usually about 100 bucks) of the convertible compared to the standard high wheel means it is only really a better option for those users who require the rear bag option.

Don’t let the price put you off though as sometimes you will find Amazon running offers where the convertible is the same price (or even cheaper) than the standard high wheel model. So be sure to check both before making a decision. They are both very competitively priced any way so you can’t go wrong with either.

You can easily cut around ½ acre of lawn without any trouble but anything over 1 acre is probably too much for this walk behind.

The Murray 21″ High Wheel 3-1 Gas Powered Mower cuts grass evenly, even in case of uneven and hilly terrains.

Comparison chart of the 3 Murray lawn mowers reviewed

Engine Briggs & Stratton Briggs & Stratton Briggs & Stratton
Engine Series 500e Series™ OHV 450 Series™ OHV 625ex Series
Torque Rating 5.00 4.50 6.25
Starting System Prime ‘N Pull Prime ‘N Pull Readystart
Engine Displacement (cc) 140 125 150
Side Discharge Yes Yes Yes
Mulching Capability Yes Yes Yes
Rear-Bag Discharge No No Yes
Cutting Positions Five Positions Five Positions Six Positions
Cutting Width (in) 21 inches 21 inches 21 inches
Deck Size (in) 21 inches 21 inches 21 inches
Front Wheel Width (in) 7 7 7
Rear Wheel Width (in) 12 8 11
Drive Type Push Push Push
Handle Standard Standard Standard
Warranty 2 Years Limited 2 Years Limited 2 Years Limited
Price check price on Amazon check price on Amazon check price on Amazon

Conclusion to our Murray lawn mower reviews

We hope after reading this review you now know why we choose these 3 Murray lawn mowers as our top picks.

Check the comparison chart above to get a clear idea of which Murray mower is the right choice for you if you think these machines are a good match for your lawn needs.

In the process of completing our review of these Murray Lawn Mowers we found that the company actually manufactures pretty good lawn mowers that pack a powerful punch, are durable and that can stand proudly beside any other walk behind residential machine.

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