Widest Push Lawn Mower

widest push lawn mower

Gardeners who like to finish the garden quickly without compromising on quality look when choosing a lawn mower is its cutting deck width. A wide mower will save you time, and fuel. Why is that so? Well, you will cut a wider section with every pass, which means you will not be required to make as many passes as you would with a standard width mower.

So, if you want to cut the grass quicker does it mean that you should only look for the widest push lawnmower? Yes. So for that reason the wide cutting deck on the Troy-Bilt WC33 is one of the the reasons we choose this mower as the best widest push lawn mower on the market, but there’s more to our choice than just that!

About this Wide Area Mower

Troy-Bilt WC33 - widest push lawn mowerThe Troy-Bilt WC33 430cc Lawn Mower comes with a wide area 33″ cutting deck.

The lawn mower comes from the top manufacturer, Troy Bilt, meaning that it has been developed to deliver the best mowing to your lawn.

Other than the wide cutting deck, this mower can discharge, as well as collect or mulch the waste in the rear bag {you’ll have to install this one}.

The best part is that it comes with a twin-blade cutting deck, and it features a zero-turn maneuverability.

This means that you can turn even in the tightest corners. Such a feature is not available in most walk-behind mowers.

Powerful Engine/Ready-Start Technology

Anyone shopping for a lawn mower would want to know if it is strong enough to cut through the grass with perfection. The WC33 is a commercially-capable machine which means it will cut through any type of grass or thatch.

Also, most people want a mower that takes less time to start and the electric start on this mower starts it first time every time.

wc33 engine - widest push lawn mowerLuckily, this unit comes with a powerful 430cc OHV engine that pushes the machine through even the harshest of terrain and propels it up steep areas without the operator having to put in too much work pushing it.

Whether you are mowing over steep inclines or overgrown grass, this beast will move perfectly and cut with quality.

It comes with an electric start that features the Troy-Bilt ready-start technology.

With just one turn of the ignition key, the mower will start up immediately.

No plug-pulling with this machine.

Rear-Wheel Drive

What you should know about a lawn mower with a rear-wheel drive system is that it gives you almost effortless mowing.

It will be typically driving itself since the rear wheels push it forward making the WC33 a self-propelled walk-behind mower rather than a manual push machine.

This mower also features four forward speeds and an adjustable throttle control for easy mowing.

Troy-Bilt WC33 - widest push lawn mowerStrong and sturdy wheels

With a strong unit like this, you can expect it to have equally strong wheels.

Luckily, all the four wheels are built to perform well in rough terrains.

It comes with two 8″ front casters that have high-quality sturdy ball bearings for easy movement.

The rear pneumatic wheels are 16″ for better traction which allows the mower to cruise easily on any terrain.

Even with the large rear wheels the zero-turn capability means maneuverability is incredibly easy.

Zero Turn Maneuverability

The ability to turn on a dime via zero turn capability is not an everyday feature on walk-behind and push lawn mowers. In fact it isn’t even seen on lawn tractors.

zero-turn-capabilitySo it is a great feature that Troy-Bilt have added to the WC33. So, not only will you cut quicker because this walk-behind mower has the widest deck area but it also has the ability to turn in its own footprint which help you access and cut difficult to reach areas quickly and efficiently.

Zero-turn capability provides more accessibility for the user by giving the lawnmower the capability of getting into those hard-to-reach areas without having to take a big turn – something that is not always possible for many other machines, especially wide area ones.

As a result, with the WC33’s zero-turn ability you’re getting better functionality than most other walk behind mowers and accessing parts of the lawn which most other walk behind mowers just can’t get to easily.

User Friendliness

Other than the easy to start system, zero-turn capability and wide area cutting deck this mower offers other great features to the user.

For instance, it comes with a convenient plow handle that enhances the user’s comfort.

Also, it has a fuel capacity viewer to let you know the available fuel, and if it is necessary to refill.

The less prominent features such as the hour meter and maintenance reminder also come in handy. Through the hour meter, you can keep track of the amount of hours your machine has been used to ensure it gets the proper maintenance it needs when it is due.

This feature also helps to signify how good the fuel economy is of the Troy-Bilt WC33 walk-behind lawn mower if you choose to track that.


What’s To Love about The Mower?

  • It runs on a powerful 420cc engine
  • It has an electric, Ready-Start system
  • It has a two-in-one convertible cutting deck; it can discharge, mulch and collect waste
  • It features zero-turn maneuverability to make swift turns
  • It is a rear-wheel drive mower that gives you an easy time when mowing {no need to push hard}
  • Large and strong rear wheels to cruise through any terrain
  • It has a good throttle control
  • It has a wide twin-blade cutting deck for fast and flawless mowing {saves you time and effort}
  • You can view the available fuel through the capacity viewer
  • Handy hour meter
  • It comes with a three-year limited manufacturer’s warranty


The Not So Good

  • You will have to buy the waste bag separately if you want bagging capability.
  • The wide cutting deck means that the control grip is also wide. This can be uncomfortable for some users.


So, is the Troy-Bilt WC33 widest push lawn mower worth buying? Absolutely!

It is the best lawn mower you’d want to get if you want to have an enjoyable, and effortless mowing experience in the quickest possible time.

If you have a large lawn, mow multiple lawns or are a commercial users, then this wide area walk-behind mower should be the right pick for you.

It is a heavy-built machine that is strong enough to cut through rough and steep lawns the way a zero turn riding mower would. However, you should be ready to spend some extra dollars on this one.

The WC33 comes in at a much higher price than a normal walk-behind mower due to its zero turn capability and wide area deck. Luckily, it is worth every penny. It is also backed by a 3-year warranty.

Troy-Bilt WC33 - widest push lawn mower

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