The 4 Best Pull Behind Wagons For Lawn Mowers By Size

pull behind wagon for lawn mower

Are you in search of a good quality pull behind wagon for your lawn mower? You will find the needed help here.

In this post, we review four of the best pull behind wagons that are perfect for being hauled by a lawn mower or ATV. We give you enough information about each product to help you choose the pull behind wagon that suits your lawn mower and your personal needs.

Let’s get on with it.

pull behind wagon for lawn mower number 1The Agri-Fab 45-0350 heavy-duty – best large pull behind lawn mower wagon

This large wagon has been built for heavy-duty projects and it will withstand even the roughest of  terrain. It is one of the few wagons that that is excellent for residential, industrial and commercial use.

It is a true garden and industrial-grade workhorse.

Agri Fab Heavy Duty wagon - pull behind wagon for lawn mowerFurthermore, it comes with a three-year limited consumer warranty.

This pull behind wagon is seriously durable

The Agri-Fab 45-0350 is made with a strong polyethylene tub that is scratch and rust resistant and very durable.

This cart is really competitively priced for such a large wagon and offers amazing vale for money.

It might seem cheap compared to similar pull-behind wagons in its class as most people people tend to equate cheapness with low quality but this could not be further from the truth (bear in mind that this wagon usually retails for about 800 bucks but it is cheap for its class).

This wagon features a heavy-duty steel frame that protects the tub. Furthermore, the steel bed has a powder-coated finish making it rust resistant thus enhancing its durability.

With a 1200lb load capacity & dump feature this is a heavy duty lawn mower wagon

This heavy-duty wagon might be big but it is also lightweight meaning that towing it produces less stress on you lawn mower. It comes in with an unloaded weight of around 219 pounds.

As light as it is it can hold a load capacity of up to 1,200 pounds, thanks to its very spacious 32.5″ by 61″ by 12″ steel bed.

You will have an easy time when you need to dump the wagon’s load. The cart features a quick-release lever for effortless dumping.

Large pneumatic ties offer superior maneuverability

Thanks to the four 18″ by 9.5″ all-terrain pneumatic tires, this beast can maneuver through any environment.

Agri Fab wagon - pull behind wagon for lawn mowerIt doesn’t matter if you are moving through even, uneven, muddy or even rocky terrain, this wagon can handle any type of ground while ensuring its load in kept secured and level.

When it comes to terrain the wagon defies all odds and beats any other wagon out there in our opinion.

The tandem two-axle design lets you get through different terrains while keeping your load totally balanced.

The Agri-Fab 45-0350 pros

  • It is very strong and sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Spacious 32.5″ by 61″ by 12″ steel bed
  • Can carry 1,000lb load
  • The cart is versatile. You can use it to carry garden litter, firewood, sand, gravel, or any other load
  • Universal hitch means it hooks up to riding mower, ATV etc.
  • It comes with a quick-release lever for effortless dumping
  • The side railing kit helps to secure your cargo
  • The four extra-large rugged tires can go through any terrain
  • It is easy to assemble
  • The wheel bearings of this cart have some grease zerks that assures you of easy maintenance
  • You can attach this cart to any vehicle/farm machine, including your ATV or UTV.
  • Great for industrial and commercial use.

The Agri-Fab 45-0350 cons

  • It might be pricey for residential users
  • The wheels are held on the axle by copper pins, instead of threaded nuts
  • The bent tailgate may be at risk of falling off if you are not careful

Check out the Agri-Fab 1,000 lb load  wagon on Amazon

pull behind wagon for lawn mower number 2Impact Implements heavy duty cargo cart – best small pull behind lawn mower wagon

Are you in need of a reliable cargo wagon that has a high load capacity but don’t need something as big as the Agri-fab?

If “yes” then this wagon from Impact Implements should be the right pick for you.

This pull behind wagon’s design has been made to assure you of reliability in any type of terrain.

You can also attach it to any vehicle with its universal hitch.

impact- elements wagon - pull behind wagon for lawn mowerIt is lighter than the Agri-Fab 45-0350 and not as spacious but it is strong enough to carry more weight.

The steel construction lets this lawn mower wagon take some abuse

This wagon is made of a high-grade steel, making it sturdy enough for the roughest of operations.

It is powder-coated to protect the steel from rust.

The two thick 4-ply pneumatic tires have been made for durability as well as ease of transportation over rough and challenging terrain.

It comes with a year-long warranty.

This is a lightweight dumpcart that can hold a very respectable 500lb load

This wagon only weighs around 120 pounds, but don’t be fooled by its very lightweight frame. As ‘light’ as it might seem, this unit can carry more than 12 times its own weight.

Typically, this pull behind lawn mower wagon can handle a very impressive load of around 1,500 pounds (500lbs more than the bigger Argri-fab 45-0350).

The tub measures 32″ by 24.5″ by 9″ and comes with a removable steel mesh side rail. This steel rail lets you pack up more load vertically without running the risk of it falling off.

This small, but sturdy, wagon features a quick-release latch and tilt trailer bed that lets you load and dump cargo easily.

The oversized pneumatic tires offer amazing traction

The cart comes with two 18″ by 8″ four-ply pneumatic tires that can maneuver through any type of terrain.

impact- elements wagon pulling split logs - pull behind wagon for lawn mowerThis wagon is specifically designed to easily handle off-road terrains.

It features a 1″ axle that lets the pull behind wagon pass through terrains swiftly without tossing your load over.

The Impact Implements pros

  • It is made of a high-impact poly tub with high-grade steel frame
  • There is a removable steel mesh frame side rail that lets you pile cargo higher
  • It has a maximum load capacity of 1,500 pounds
  • You can hitch it up to your UTV, ATV, snowmobile, lawn mower, garden tractor, or any other vehicle
  • It is easy to load and dump cargo with this cart
  • The strong wheels feature a 1″ axle for swift cruising on rough roads
  • You can use it to carry any cargo
  • The sealed wheel bearings make it easy to maintain this wagon
  • Great for residential use (carting garden supplies, split fire logs etc.)

The Impact Implements cons

  • You will have to assemble it at first, which may take inexperienced users more time than is ideal
  • The latch might loosen if you use the wagon on very challenging rough terrain too frequently
  • No rail at the back
  • May not have enough tub space for industrial or commercial use

Check out the Impact Implements 1,500 lb wagon on Amazon

pull behind wagon for lawn mower number 3The Agri-Fab 45-0101 – best medium-sized pull behind lawn mower wagon

This is yet another reliable wagon from Agri-Fab.

This pull behind wagon has a sturdy construction and a 750lb load capacity.

Agri-Fab offers a 3-year limited warranty on this great residential wagon.

The scratch-resistant steel construction also protects this wagon against rust

Agri Fab 45-0101 wagon - pull behind wagon for lawn mowerThe wagon is made with a strong, 32.5″ by 49″ by 12″ steel bed that is scratch-resistant.

The steel bed also has a powder-coated paint finish that protects the metal from rust.

The pneumatic tires are also strong enough to go through rough terrains.

There is a large 750lb load capacity on this extremely lightweight dump wagon

This cart weighs only about 93 pounds, meaning that it has a lower weight capacity but is very easy to pull.

However, though the cart is light it can hold a very respectable load capacity of 750 pounds.

It comes with a quick-release lever that lets you dump the content with ease.

The smaller pneumatic ties offer better measurability

The two 16″ by 4″ pneumatic tires have been designed to give you easy maneuverability over any type of terrain.

The pneumatic tires help ease the stress on the frame and 0.75″ axle when travelling over bad bumps and very rough terrain.

The Agri-Fab 45-0101 pros

  • It comes with a strong, scratch-resistant steel bed
  • It has a 750 lb load capacity
  • The wheel bearing comes with grease zerks for easy maintenance
  • It has a universal hitch to hook it up to any vehicle
  • You can easily dump the content with the quick-release lever
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Great for residential and limited industrial use

The Agri-Fab 45-0101 cons

  • The axle might strain if you pass through very challenging terrain too often
  • The assembly can be tedious

Check out the Ari-Fab 750 lb load wagon on Amazon

pull behind wagon for lawn mower number 4The Polar 9393 LG7 – best residential pull behind lawn mower wagon

If you are the kind of guy or gal that needs your pull behind lawn mower trailer to handle both small and big jobs, this should be the right pick for you.

The design of the polar utility cart looks amazing, almost like a wheelbarrow.

This Polar wagon might have a lower load capacity than all the other wagons on this list, but it is still a reliable unit that can hold up to 600 lbs.

This wagon is not only popular among residential users but its also popular for farm duties.

Polar wagon - pull behind wagon for lawn mowerAnother reason to pick it is that it is made by one of the finest manufacturers, Polar.

The heavy duty steel frame is more than adequate for yard use

This pull behind wagon has a heavy-duty steel frame, which can comfortably hold bulky loads.

The cart is powder-coated, meaning that it will minimize the common scratches on it and remain resistant from rust for years to come.

The wagon sits on two 15″ pneumatic tires that are strong enough to withstand rough terrains.

Large dump load capacity on an extremely lightweight frame

This unit is also lighter than other carts on this list. It weighs around 51 pounds but can still hold a 600lb load.

The tub measures 65″ by 31″ by 28″.

The maximum load limit is 600 pounds, and you can stack a load up to 12″ vertically.

Thanks to the quick-release tipper latch, you can dump the content with ease.

Small pneumatic tires can handle rough and uneven terrain as well as commercial models

Polar wagon 600 lb- pull behind wagon for lawn mowerThe pneumatic tires measure 15″ by 4.8″ and are rugged enough to let you maneuver across the rough terrains.

The tires are not airless which some users prefer but which brings with it unnecessary maintenance that does not exist with airless tires (aired tires deflate and are prone to punctures).

The Polar 9393 pros

  • 600lb load capacity
  • The tires are large and rugged enough for rough terrains
  • It is light and easy to use
  • The assembly part is easy and should be completely quite fast
  • It features a quick release latch and a tilt & pivot frame for easy dumping
  • Rimmed to hold load better
  • You can hook it up to any vehicle
  • The tub is made from a heavy-duty steel that enhances its durability
  • The cart is easy to maintain
  • Great for residential and limited industrial use

The Polar 9393 cons

  • The load capacity might limit you if you have to carry a lot of stuff
  • The tires are air-filled, which means maintenance will be necessary

Check out the  Polar LG7 600 lb load utility wagon load wagon on Amazon

Conclusion: The 4 best lawn mower wagons on the market

So, which pull behind lawn mower wagon do you prefer?

Regardless of whether you like the wagons we have reviewed above or choose a different one be aware of a few things before you buy:

  • What type of work do you intend to use your wagon for?
  • How heavy will the loads be?
  • How often will you use the wagon?
  • What type of terrain will the wagon have to traverse?

Always go for a pull behind wagon for your lawn mower that is not only easy to use but that is also easy to maintain and that suits your needs the best.

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