5 Most Reliable & Best Value For Money Snow Blower Brands

Top Snow Blower Brands

Which is the best snow blower brand out there? Well, there are a lot of brands available but which ones are the best? We will be discussing that in this article.

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Top 5 Snow Blower Brand Names That Offer Great Value For Money

Top Snow blowersWith so many snow blowers on the market it can be difficult to know which one is best. When you add unto the mix the differences between single-stage, two-stage and three-stage machines it gets even harder to know which blower is right for you.

So which are the top snow blower brands that you can trust?

With great manufacturers like Ariens, Husqvarana, Poulan Pro and Snow Joe, to name just a few, it can be a difficult question to answer. But answer it we have.

Below is a list of the very best makes of snow blowers.

These brands are given in no particular order and just because one is mentioned before another doesn’t mean it is any better.

This is not an exhaustive list as there are many great machines out there but we have chosen these brands due to their quality, the functionality of their machines and their excellent user feedback as well as the value for money they offer.

If you are unsure about the differences between the stages read this article.

Top Snow Blower Brands number 11. Snow Joe – Best Electric Snow Blowers

Most definitely, Snow Joe is one of the leading electric snow blower manufacturers.

Snow Joe offers a range of electric cordless and electric corded single-stage snow blowers for residential use as well as two-stage machines for those bigger jobs.

Although their single-stage machines make our list their two-stage machines do not. A two-stage snow blower really needs a gas engine to perform its duties.

An electric two-stage snow blower just does not perform well enough.

Snow Joe Cordless Snow BlowerWhat makes Snow Joe a top snow blower brand

  • Snow Joe is an award-winning brand
  • Their snow blowers are budget-friendly
  • The machines are environmentally-friendly
  • Their single-stage snow blowers offer the same functionality as a gas-powered single-stage machine
  • Their single-stage machines are ideal choices for small residential properties
  • They have a good warranty on their products

Snow Joe offer environmentally-friendly snow clearing

Snow Joe snow blowers are friendly to the environment. Typically, Snow Joe only develops cordless and electric machines.

The only problem with electric snow blowers though is that they don’t offer the same power as a gas engine can provide.

This limited power is further diluted in cordless models which also have a limited running time making them a much weaker option when compared to a gas-powered machine.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t good.

These electric snow blowers are more than adequate for most residential jobs while they help keep your personal carbon footprint low.

The only problem you will have with a single-stage blower is inclines. This is true of an electrically-powered machine and a gas-powered machine.

If you have a steep driveway using a single-stage snow blower can be hard work as you have to physically push the machine to move it. Two-stage and three-stage machines are self-propelled.

Snow Joe snow blowers are an ideal choices for small residential properties

If you need an ideal snow blower to eliminate the stubborn snow in your driveway or sidewalk, a Snow Joe model wouldn’t be a bad choice.

They offer single and dual stage blowers, hence giving you a chance to pick the unit that will perfectly cater to your property’s winter needs.

As mentioned above though you will probably want to steer clear of an electric two-stage snow blower as they just aren’t powerful enough.

Only the very environmentally motivated among us would tolerate the lack of power on an electric two-stage machine.

Snow Joe snow blower in actionA two-stage machine must be able to handle large amounts of snow on steep inclines and be able to throw it over a large distance – an electric engine just can’t generate that type of power.

Snow Jow is an award-winning brand

Snow Joe is not just a reputable brand, they also win awards.

For instance, they won the QVC Rising Star award in 2016, thanks to their delivery of customer-satisfying products. Then again in 2017 they won another award, Gold Award Winner, for most innovative new product.

This isn’t too bad for a company that was only established in 2004. Snow Joe truly is the newest kids on the block.

Regardless of that, Snow Joe has proven to be a highly-competitive brand while going up against other companies that have been around for a long time.

They have a great warranties on their products

If you purchase any snow blower from Snow Joe, you get a long warranty with it.

Also, the company offers their snow blowers with a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee. All you have to pay is a small return shipping fee if you don’t like your new machine.

See the top Snow Joe snow blowers on Amazon

Top Snow Blower Brands number 22. Poulan Pro offer durable, value for money snow blowers

Poulan Pro is another brand that has a great track record in terms of the reliability of their products and their customer service.

Poulan Pro is one of the oldest brands out there. The company was established back in 1946 by one Claude Poulan.

Poulan Pro logoMr. Poulan was a full-time lumberjack that believed he could improve upon the current outdoor equipment he was using.

He initially began his business as the Poulan Saw Co.

The first product from Poulan was a chainsaw that was so heavy, two men had to operate it.

The company later started producing other tools including snow blowers and lawnmowers.

Fast-forward to today and Poulan Pro now delivers some of the most-advanced lawn mowers and snow blowers on the market.

What makes Poulan Pro a top snow blower brand

  • Innovative products
  • Competitive pricing
  • Durability
  • High user satisfaction score
  • They have a very reliable customer service
  • Lengthy warranties

Poulan Pro offer extremely competitive pricing

One of the major things that make Poulan Pro a popular brand is the fact that they offer their products at an affordable price and with a user-friendly approach.

Poulan Pro two-stage snow blowerThis way, even the average user can enjoy innovative products that are usually only in the realm of corporate and commercial users.

Also, they offer their products with single-stage and two-stage systems.

This means that you can choose the perfect snow blower that fits your residential space or commercial needs perfectly.

Unlike many other popular brands Poulan Pro have a reliable customer service

If you happen to have any issue with your snow blower (or any other Poulan Pro product), you can approach any of the approved Poulan Pro dealers to help you.

You can also purchase their products in many retail stores and also online and still get this service.

You get a lengthy warranty on Poulan Pro snow blower models

I have mentioned many times on this website that the length of warranty a manufacturer offers on its product is a very strong indication of how confident they are in that product.

With Poulan Pro you can enjoy some of the longest warranty coverage on snow blowers (only beaten by Husqvarna – who own Poulan Pro), which means that they have been designed to serve you for a long time.

Typically, most Poulan Pro snow blowers have a maximum warranty coverage of two years from the day of purchase.

See the top Poulan Pro snow blowers on Amazon

Top Snow Blower Brands number 33. Cub Cadet is a brand name you can trust

Cub Cadet has an excellent reputation for their quality machines and for good reason.

Like their lawn mowers their snow blowers are extremely popular with both residential users and commercial users alike.

Cub Cadet logoThey are one of the few snow blower brands that deliver heavy-duty three-stage units.

Why Cub Cadet is a top snow blower rand

  • Cub Cadet is an established brand
  • They offer high-end machines
  • They have great customer service
  • They offer both residential & commercial machines
  • They build some of the best three-stage machines for wet and heavy snow
  • Their products are durable
  • Their snow blowers are easy-maintenance machines

Club cadet excel in the three-stage snow blower range

If you live in an area that experiences heavy snow that often turns wet before you’ve had a chance to clear it then you need a reliable three-stage machine.

Unfortunately, single and dual stage blowers are too weak to handle wet snow and only a three-stage machine can do the job effectively.

Luckily, Cub Cadet offers three-stage blowers that are strong enough to dig into the heavy snow and throw it a good distance away.

Their two-stage machines are equally as good as removing heavy compacted snow.

Cub Cadet cater to both residential and commercial users

Whether you have a small driveway or sidewalk or you are working on a massive space in a commercial lot, Cub Cadet snow blowers will have a machine for the task.

Cub Cadet snowblower in actionThey offer single, dual (two-stage), and three-stage blowers and each one is perfect at its task.

Although our pick for best three-stage machine is the Troy Bilt Vortex the Cub Cadet 3x is just as good and was only pitted to the post by the Vortex because the Vortex has a slightly bigger engine.

Cub Cadet builds things to last. Their snow blowers are the most durable

Well, although all of our mentioned brands do manufacture long-lasting models Cub Cadet really shines in the area of durability.

The construction of Cub Cadet units is a little bit more advanced.

Their snow blowers are sturdy and can handle almost any surface and any conditions.

Club Cadet snow blowers are easy to maintain

Now, you might wonder how these snow blowers could be so advanced if they are so easy to maintain.

Well, unlike most car manufacturers, Cub Cadet develop their snow blowers to use standard parts and generic engines so they can be handled by a regular repair shop.

You won’t have to ship the product to the company or used an authorized dealer if your machine develops a fault outside its warranty.

Any standard repair shop will be able to handle the task without the needs for Cub Cadet specialized equipment.

Of course Cub Cadet will fix anything that goes wrong with your snow blower within your warranty period but it’s good to know that your local repair shop can handle anything after that.

See the top Cub Cadet snow blowers on Amazon

Top Snow Blower Brands number 44. Husqvarna offer both budget-friendly & commercial snow blowers

Husqvarna are a household name. They make outdoor engine-powered products that stand the test of time and rival machines twice their price.

Their lawn mowers are some of the best on the market.

So it should be no surprise they their snow blowers are a step above the rest as well.

Husqvarna logoHusqvarna is a top brand that actually owns Poulan Pro.

The Poulan Pro brand was purchased by the Swedish company back in 1984.

Husqvarna itself was established in 1689 in Sweden, making it stand out as one of the oldest outdoor equipment brands on the market.

It started as a musket-manufacturing company but later started adding more equipment to their production line, including lawn mowers and snow blowers.

What makes Husqvarna a top snow blower brand

  • They are an established brand
  • They have good customer service
  • They make great residential & commercial machines
  • They carter to large commercial users and budget-orientated residential users
  • Their machines are feature-rich
  • They offer long warranties on their snow blowers

If you want an economy snow blower that still delivers a decent performance, then Husqvarna can be a great choice for you.

If you need a high-end machine that can deliver big results then Husqvarna has a machine for that as well.

You can always be sure of getting a Husqvarna snow blower that exactly fits your needs.

Husqvarna make feature-rich snow blowers

Honestly, there are some brands that deliver models with some recognizable but basic features yet their marketing departments make you think they are so advanced that they even threw-in the kitchen sink.

Husqvarna snow blower in actionHowever, Husqvarna is one of those brand names that truly offers unique features -features that other brands eventually have to emulate (such as heated-grips).

Their snow blowers come with a long warranty

Even though every brand offers their product with a warranty, not all of them are that generous.

Most of manufacturers will offer their snow blower models with a maximum warranty coverage of 2 years (which isn’t bad), while others only cover their product for a mere 90 days.

However, Husqvarna goes against industry standards by offering a lengthy warranty of 5 years on their snow blowers. That’s how confident they are in their products.

With such a long warranty coverage, you will be sure of having a unit that lasts for a long enough.

Unfortunately, Husqvarna doesn’t offer three-stage snow blowers. This means that they might not be the best choice if you have to deal with a lot of wet snow.

See the top Husqvarna snow blowers on Amazon

Top Snow Blower Brands number 55. Ariens are always at the cutting-edge of technology

Ariens don’t just make fantastic riding mowers. They are at the forefront of innovative technology across their range and that includes their snow blowers.

Ariens was founded in 1933, and it is supposedly the company that introduced the first two-stage snow blower, back in 1960.

Over the years, the company has introduced some features to its models, making them one of the top-rated snow blowers on the market.

Why Ariens is a top snow blower brand

  • Ariens in an established brand
  • Their machines are innovative
  • Each machine is perfect for residential or commercial use
  • Their two-stage snow blowers are among the most advanced on the market
  • They have durable units
  • They have good customer service

Ariens snow blowers are made of a sturdy steel construction and are coated against corrosion and rust.

Their snow blowers can endure even the toughest of subzero temperatures.

Ariens two-stage models are more advanced than the competition

Although Ariens make single-stage and three-stage machines they really excel when it comes to two-stage models.

Their “Professional” two-Stage snow blowers are a heavy-duty series that has been designed to be easily used by a residential customer but that are good enough for commercial use.

Ariens two-stage snow blower in action

In fact, not only are they good enough for commercial use but they outshine almost every other two-stage machine on the market.

They can work for longer compared periods in worse conditions than most two-stage models from other brands.

Ariens offer a lengthy warranty across the range

Ariens also offer their products with a lengthy warranty, some are available for 3 years.

You can still get inexpensive snow blowers that can cater to your small residential space but with an Ariens you can expect to get the very best available.

See the top Ariens snow blowers on Amazon

Summary – How To Choose The Brand that Matches Your Needs Best

As you can see there are some great brands of snow blowers available that cater to a wide range of potential customers.

But, before you pick any snow blower brand, ensure that they offer a machine that can match your needs exactly.

For instance, Poulan Pro, Snow Joe, and Husqvarna don’t offer three-stage models.

So, if you have to regularly deal with heavy wet snow these are not the brands you should go for.

If you want a three-stage blower that can handle wet and heavy snow or heavy-duty snow blowing, then the Cub Cadet series are the best choice.

When it comes to two-stage snow blowers Ariens are way ahead of the game especially with their Professional two-stage range.

The best snow blowers based on snow clearing tasks

Below are the top machines we have chosen based on intended usage and its “stage”.

Ideal snow blower for small flat residential areas

Single-stage machines are deal for residential use as long as the ground is fairly even and is not make up of gravel or lose stones (the auger directly scrapes the ground and will throw up lose clippings).

Best corded electric snow blower – single-stage

Best cordless electric snow blower – single-stage

Best gas-powered snow blower – single-stage

Ideal snow blower for steep inclines, compacted snow and large areas

Two-stage machines are deal for larges/steep areas, heavy snow, compacted snow.

Best two-stage snow blower

Ideal snow blower or steep inclines, compacted snow, large areas and wet snow

Three-stage machines are ideal for large/steep areas, heavy snow, compacted snow and wet snow.

Best three-stage snow blower

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