Dewalt Battery Powered Cordless Chainsaw Review

Dewalt Battery Operated Chainsaw Dewalt Max

Ease of operation is one of the most important criteria for selecting a good chainsaw. However ease of operation should not mean loss in power. This is why most people will opt for a gas-powered chainsaw over an electric one. But what if you could get a cordless electric chainsaw that performed just as well as its heavier gas-powered rival … would you be interested?

Introducing the Dewalt Battery Operated Cordless Chainsaw

Obviously being battery operated the cordless Dewalt chainsaw means you will not have to worry about running out of gas.

Dewalt cordless battery powered chainsaw
The Dewalt cordless battery powered chainsaw

Likewise, the absence of a power cord eliminates many of the risks associated with this type of machine. Corded power tools carry dangers that are simply not present on the cordless alternatives.

The Dewalt chainsaw is superior to many of its competitors in part due to the power offered by it 20 V battery.

The Dewalt Battery Operated Chainsaw Review

Features of the Dewalt battery powered cordless chainsaw:

  • Compatible with all DEWALT 20V MAX tools.
  • Premium XR 5.0Ah Lithium Ion battery.
  • Compact, light weight design.
  • 12″ bar and chain.
  • Cain speed of 25.2 feet/second.
  • 3 year limited warranty.

One battery to rule them all

The Dewalt 20V battery that powers the Dewalt cordless chainsaw can also power all other tools within the Dewalt Max range.

Unlike most traditional garden power tools that come with their own power source, the 20V Dewalt battery works across the entire Dewalt MAx range of power tools.

The battery can be removed from one tool and attached to another within the Dewalt Max Tool range.

This features means you can save a lot of money as you can buy all tools within the Dewalt Max range with or without batteries.

It also means you don’t have to worry about running out of power as you can simply carry a spare battery with you.

dewalt battery powers all Dewalt Max tools

So, simply by purchasing one (or better 2 so you always have a charged battery) you can quickly build up your arsenal of garden tools at a lower cost.

The battery has a long running time of approx.. 40 minutes and Dewalt has even provided some simple guidelines to get even more running time and life from the battery.

The battery requires 90 minutes to fully charge.

12″ of bar and chain

You need to always keep in mind that when you look at the chainsaw, the size of the bar and chain and the size of the blade is very important.

With 12 inches of bar and chain, you will not have any complaints when it comes to heavy cutting.

Dewalt Battery Chainsaw

This chainsaw is suitable for commercial construction applications as well as every day residential use.

The heavy-duty power and chain also makes it suitable for all outdoor cutting applications regardless of the weather.

The super efficient motor offers just as much power as a gas machine

In any chainsaw, the efficiency of the motor matters just as much as the cutting efficiency of the blade.

That is why it becomes even more important to look into the efficiency of the motor when it comes to a battery operated chainsaw.

You will have no complaints from this particular chainsaw as it consists of a powerful brushless motor.

Also, the 40 minute runtime is significantly higher than many alternatives on the market.

Owing to the brushless operation, the motor life is increased significantly as well, as this maximizes run time and overall motor life.

The powerful motor produces a chain speed of 25.2 feet/second.

Dewalt cordless chainsaw

Dewalt have made it easy to change the tensioning of the chain

When using a chainsaw for different applications, it is often necessary to change the tensioning of the chain.

Failure to change the chain tension is not only detrimental to getting good results from your chainsaw but it can be dangerous if it isn’t done correctly.

Most commercial chainsaws require specific chain tensioning tools. For this reason, and for safety concerns, most commercial chainsaw operators receive training in the use of this powerful power tool.

With the Dewalt battery operated chainsaw no training nor special tools are required to change the tension of the chain as it offers tool free chain tensioning.

There is also a bar tightening knob for proper bar clamping force.

The Dewalt has a compact form factor

Dewalt battery operated chainsaw is compactWhen you look at the form factor of this chainsaw, you will realize that it is compact compared to many gas-powered alternatives.

Many commercial grade chainsaws are incredibly bulky and difficult to control. When you add the extra weight of the gas they become very cumbersome and tiring to use.

As a result Dewalt have strived to make their cordless chainsaw easy to use and lightweight.

In addition to to the compact design this chainsaw is lightweight weighing in at only 8.8 lbs. For this reason it has gained a lot of popularity among women as well as men.

The lightweight compact design ensures that you are able to control the direction of cutting quite easily.

The lack of both bulk and weight means that you will avoid muscle fatigue and thus be able to use it comfortably over longer periods of time.

The learning curve of the chainsaw is also significantly reduced owing to the compact form factor and no-tool adjustment features.

Summary Of The Dewalt Battery Operated Chainsaw

As you can see, the number of features which are available on this chainsaw outweigh most of its competitors and make it an excellent alternative to a gas-powered machine.

This is the reason we feel this chainsaw is the best cordless option compared to its closest competitors. The numerous features the chainsaw has make it much more versatile when compared to some of other chainsaws on the market.

Although there is a great alternative to the Dewalt cordless chainsaw, namely the chicago electric chainsaw, the other Dewalt products in the Max range that can be powered by the same battery makes this our top choice.


Dewalt Battery Operated Chainsaw

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