The 3 Best Cordless Edgers And Trimmers Reviewed

cordless edger with blade

Every homeowner loves to see their lawn looking presentable. That is why they get busy with their lawnmowers. Unfortunately, mowers can’t keep the edges of a lawn well-trimmed and lined. This is where you’ll need to invest in an edger.

The 3 Best Cordless Edgers

Many gardeners want to find a reliable cordless edger and cordless trimmer that has  blade.

Cordless edgers don’t use blades.

Instead, they use a nylon string which is designed to comfortably cut grass and heavy weeds.

A nylon string is used so that the user cannot accidentally damage or chip delicate areas such as paving stones. Also, steel blades can kick back and throw up materials at the user whereas this does not happen with nylon strings.

It also takes less energy to power a string. In many ways the best nylon string edgers work much better than a bladed edger every could.

Let’s take a look at three nylon string edgers that cut as sharp as a blade.

We have chosen 3 electric cordless edgers mainly for the results they give the user. But, cordless trimmers are also quieter, lighter and fumeless.

Top 3 Cordless Trimmers With Blade number 11. Greenworks Cordless Edger – our top pick!

Greenworks are a great manufacturer of electrical powered equipment. They excel at electric lawn mowers so it is not surprise they come out on top when it comes to cordless edgers.

The GreenWorks GST80320 is one of the best battery-powered edgers out there.

It has an output that is comparable to a 32 cc gas-powered trimmer but without the fumes or the gas costs.

Greenworks 16 inch cordless edgerWith this trimmer, you can enjoy swift and effortless lawn trimming and exceptional edging. Furthermore, it features a split boom design, which takes attachments from most popular brands.

The great thing about this edger is that if you own other compatible Greeworks products then you can use the same battery for all of them – thus saving you quite a bit of money overall.

The GST80320 edger is compatible with the GBA80400 battery, the GBA80200 battery and the GCH8040 charger.

Powered by a 32cc electric motor

It runs on a massive 80 V battery system and a DigiPro Brushless motor system.

The battery power is double that of most electric edgers and trimmers on the market.

With the equivalent of a 32 cc gas engine, this little beast can deliver on even the toughest of jobs all without polluting the air.

The trimmer isn’t sold with battery or charger so you’ll have to buy them separately.

Trimming and edging are perfectly executed with a 16″ cutting head

This trimmer comes with a 16″ cutting head radius that is among the largest out there. It also has a 0.08″ line diameter.

You’ll enjoy an easy load string system with this unit, and it can cut through grass and heavy weeds as good as a blade – if not better!

It features a self-winding spool head as well.

The 45 – 90 minute run time needs only a 30 minute charge time

Assuming that you get a 2 Ah battery for this unit, it should run for around 45 minutes, and a 4 Ah would last for about 90 minutes.

Greenworks Pro cordless edgerIt doesn’t have a battery when you buy, but the battery system has been designed to deliver a maximum output with a long life.

It would take around one hour to fully charge the 4 Ah battery, and just about 30 minutes to charge the 2 Ah battery.

The Pros

  • The edger is easy to handle/operate
  • 16″ cutting head
  • It is super-quiet
  • It features a harness, which comes handy when you include the battery
  • The trimmer has a variable speed trigger that lets you control it as you wish.
  • It is super-strong
  • It has a long run time, and charges quickly
  • The same battery can be used in multiple Greenworks products

The Cons

  • You have to buy the battery and charger separately
  • The start time could be faster

Check the GreenWorks GST80320 Cordless Trimmer on amazon

Top 3 Cordless Trimmers With Blade number 22. Worx Cordless Edger

Do you have a small lawn that is well-maintained, and you want a good trimmer to help you with the edging?

Worx 10 inch cordless edgerThis unit from Worx is great for small tricky areas. It is one of the few trimmers/edger that are easy to convert. You’ll enjoy a fixed ergonomic front handle that gives you optimal control.

Typically, this is the perfect choice for a small to medium-sized pristine lawn.

Powered by a 20V MaxLithium battery

This cordless trimmer/edger runs on a powerful 20 V MaxLithium battery that is strong enough to help with the trimming and edging of your lawn.

Even with such a low voltage, this little workhorse can do a decent job on your lawn. It might not be the perfect choice if you have a lawn full of tough weeds.

It offers a 10″ – 12″ trimming & edging diamater

The edger comes with a 0.065″ line, along with a cutting diameter of 10″ to 12″.

You can switch between edging and trimming in seconds. The trimmer features a 100% auto single line feed. This helps to enhance the cutting performance by eliminating the need for bumping the trimmer.

A foldable spacer guard helps to protect your delicate plants like flowers and vegetables.

This unit is great for trimming and edging.

The 23 minutes run time needs a 5 hour charge time

The 2 Ah 20 V battery will run for around 23 minutes when fully charged.

23 minutes should be long enough to edge most areas though for some people with larger areas this may not be ideal.

The real issue lies in the charge time.

This edger takes a maximum of 5 hours to charge completely. 5 hours for 23 minutes run-time is just not efficient.

Worx edger and trimmerIf you don’t have much to do and you need a slight touch-up of your lawn, you wouldn’t have a difficult time with this trimmer.

However, keep in mind that the cutting diameter is adjustable to let you boost the run-time.

The Pros

  • It is super-light, coming in at just about 6 pounds
  • Variable cutting width from 10″ to 12″
  • It is easily convertible from trimmer to edger or the other way round
  • It has an ergonomic front handle that offers optimal control
  • It is very affordable
  • The trimmer comes with a spacer guard that protects your delicate plants/pavement
  • It does a fantastic job of trimming and edging

The Cons

  • It runs for less than 30 mins but takes almost 5 hours to charge
  • The spools are somewhat cheap

Check the Worx WG154 Cordless Edger on amazon

Top 3 Cordless Trimmers With Blade number 33. DeWalt Cordless Edger

DeWalt is known for its vast manufacture of top-notch power tools and hand tools and they have done an amazing job with this battery-powered string trimmer.

The edger has a powerful brushless motor, along with a long run time.

DeWalt cordless edgerFurthermore, this unit offers an amazing trimming/edging experience on your lawn. It is one of the only cordless trimmers that have been designed for durability.

The 40V battery is almost as good as gas-powered models

This edger runs on a 40 V 6 Ah Li-Ion battery, which is almost comparable to other gas-operated models.

You don’t have to worry about the tough weeds, because this trimmer can comfortably cut them down.

The battery can be used in other DeWalt compatible power tools saving money on purchase costs.

The unit features a patented gear drive design that is enclosed in a metal gear case. What exactly does that mean to you as the end-user?

Well, this feature basically helps to enhance the durability of the trimmer so it lasts years longer than competitor models.

This powerful little edger has a 15″ cutting diameter

Coming in with a 0.08″ dual line bump feed, and a cutting diameter of 15″, this trimmer will offer a decent trimming/edging on your lawn.

There is a variable trigger that lets you control the noise and speed of the trimmer when doing your thing on the lawn.

It has a 30 minute run time and 1 hour charge time

It only takes about 90 minutes to fully charge the 6 Ah battery.

However, it will run for close to one hour if you are edging and doing some partial trim on your lawn.

DeWalt 15 inch trimmer in actionOn the other hand, it’ll take about 30 minutes to drain the battery if you are cutting up to 18″ of grass continuously.

The Pros

  • It has a cool design that is easy to handle
  • 15″ cutting width
  • The trimmer has a pretty good battery life
  • Charge-time is fast at 90 minutes
  • It runs without overheating the motor or the battery
  • It has a metal gear case that protects the gears
  • The speed and noise are controllable
  • It starts and stops by pulling the trigger
  • Battery is compatible with other DeWalt products in the range
  • It is sold on a 90 day money-back guarantee and backed by a 3 year warranty

The Cons

  • It is quite expensive compared to other models (though it can be bought without the battery if you already have a compatible product)
  • The guard is not big enough

Check the DeWalt DCST990H1 Cordless Trimmer on amazon

Conclusion: The 3 Best Cordless Edgers & Trimmers

Now that you have seen our top 3 picks for best cordless edger you will have an idea of what is available on the market.

When in search of a reliable battery-powered edger always consider the battery capacity, weight of the trimmer, trimming/edging ability, the design, and of course the price.

Always choose an edger that can perfectly match your lawn’s needs and don’t fall for the hype.

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