John Deere X330 & S240 Review. X330 vs S240 Comparison

John Deere x330 vs s240

When it comes to riding mowers the main thing that people look for is convenience. Although expensive, riding mowers, also known as lawn tractors, can provide you with the utmost comfort. In this article, we’ll compare two of the most popular riding mowers ion the market – the John Deere X330 and the John Deere S240.

John Deere X330 VS S240 Review

At a brief glance, the X330 and S240 lawn mowers by John Deere look similar. However, upon closer inspection, you will quickly learn that the two machines are not quite as similar as they may, at first, appear.

Each has its own set of features that make it worth having, depending on the size of your lawn and some other factors that I will cover as we progress through this article.

To learn more about the differences between the two models, let’s take a detailed look at both of them in more detail.

John Deere X330 review compared to John Deere S240 review

Let’s take a closer look at the features that both lawn mowers have to offer.

Engine power on the X330 vs S240

The type of engine a lawn mower has matters because it helps determine how ‘smooth’ or fast a lawn mower can actually go. This is even more important with a lawn tractor as this type of mower is often used on even and sloped surfaces and also because it is also used for other purposes beyond just mowing the lawn – like towing, snow plowing etc.

You don’t want to be stopped by a slopped hill or stuck in the mud or heavy snow just because the engine of your riding mower isn’t powerful enough!

The X330 motor offers real power

The X330 riding mower by John Deere is powered by a 22-HP engine.

This engine is efficient in providing the right amount of power as well as torque to help the lawn mower perform activities such as mulching and carrying a bag of grass as well as towing wagons or pushing snow.

The X330 comes with a v-twin cylindrical engine design. This special design improves torque and reduces vibration.

Thanks to this design, the engine offers top-level performance without producing loud sounds that can be distracting.

Moreover, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to durability. It consists of cast-iron sleeves that provide engine protection, thus increasing the lifetime of the engine.

The S240 v-twin motor has only slightly less power

Similar to the X330, the S240 lawn mower also features a v-twin cylindrical design that produces low sound, fewer vibrations, and offers greater torque for smoother running.

However, there is a difference in the engine power.

The engine power of the S240 is only 18.5-hp which is significantly lower than the X330. But, the good news is that it is a John Deere promise that this engine is powerful enough to handle most mowing activities including mulching.

We tried our hands at it and were quite satisfied but it did not provide the same type of power on more serious jobs as the X330. If you are hauling a heavy load and attempt to move up a very sloped hill you may encounter some challenges.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the S240 lawn tractor does not come with any cast-iron sleeves or protective frames around the engine. If you intend to use this lawn tractor for multiple jobs on rough terrain, such as for commercial use, then be aware that its engine will not have the same lifespan as the on eon the X330.

The cut quality of the X330 compared to the S240

The X330 cutting quality is commercial grade

Once you get your hands on the X330, you will not have a single complaint regarding the cutting quality.

The X330 comes with a 42-inch ‘accel deep’ mower deck. This basically means that the deck is oval in shape, which helps with speed and ensures accuracy even when mow at a high speed.

Where many riding mowers will result in an uneven cut, or even lawn damage, when operated at speed the X330 has no such drawback.

Additionally, the mowing deck also consists of a stamped-steel and flat-top design. The biggest benefit of this specific design is that it gives you a clean and even cut on one pass without the need of doing a double or even triple pass over the same ground.

Worried about not getting a leveled cut?

Thanks to the innovative suspended technology of the mowing deck, this machine promises an even cut. This means every single blade of grass is measured and chopped equally. And, as I already mentioned this occurs in at higher speeds.

Overall, the mowing deck measures around 42-inches.

The S240 cutting quality is just as good

If you are familiar with other riding mowers manufactured by John Deere, then you’ve probably heard of their Edge Cutting System.

If you haven’t, then you will be pleased to hear that this is another innovative design trademarked by John Deere.

The Edge Cutting System has been implemented with the mowing deck to enhance the quality of the cut provided by the lawn mower.

The deck is built to be flat, hence preventing any grass build up while also providing a clean and even cut that is free from any rough edges.

The S240 lawn mower features not only the Edge Cutting System mowing deck, but also improved spindle blades as well as large anti-scalp wheels.

Additionally, the mowing deck installed in the S240 has been coated with a double layer of powder paint. This layer protects the deck from any rusting over time with use.

Frame protection on the X330 vs S240

The X330 riding mower frame is robust and durable

If there is one thing the X330 lawn mower is famous for, it is the added protection and durability that has been built into it. These features are both innovative and have been built specifically to ensure longer durability.

In addition to a stronger frame made out of welded steel, it has been placed strategically around fragile areas.

The frame has been composed of steel that is 12-gauge in thickness, thus providing the lawn tractor with a longer and more durable life.

If that isn’t enough protection for you then consider the front bumper along with the hitch plate of the lawn mower which is made from a 9-inch gauge of steel to protect from any sudden external impact. All this in conjunction with the added engine protection we mentioned above.

This machine has been built to take some abuse and is the perfect medium range riding mower for commercial landscapers and gardeners.

The S240 riding mower uses the same frame

A quick look at the features of the S240 will tell you that other than as well as a lack of cast-iron sleeves for engine protection from external damage, the lawn mower does not offer a lot in protection in terms of the frame either.

Other than the welded steel frame that is the standard for all John Deere lawn mowers, you will notice that there is a distinct lack of the strategically placed protection that you get on the the X330.

However, regardless of the lack of framing protection, the usual welded steel frame is pretty stable on its own as long as you don’t put the machine through too much abuse.

This is not the best choice for heavy commercial use due to this lack of protection (and lower engine output) but is a good choice for residential lawn tractor and mower use.

Steering and maneuvering of the X330 compared to the S240

The X330 lawn mower steering wheel is ergonomic & offers a 16″ turning radius

People who have experienced driving the X330 describe the experience as the most ‘low-effort steering’ they have experienced on a riding mower.

This is all thanks to contact tiny tweaks and improvements made by John Deere with every new model they introduce to the marketplace.

The diameter of the steering wheel on the X330 is a comfortable 14 inches, which provides a larger area for better leverage with no extra force from the driver.

Wondering how easy it is to actually maneuver the lawn mower around?

Well, you can thank the extra wide 16 inch turning radius of the steering wheel for the superior maneuverability that the X330 offers.

This turning radius allows you to maneuver the lawn mower around your lawn with ease while easily accessing tight spots and turns.

The S240 comes with the same standard steering wheel but only offers an 18″ turning radius

The wheels are similar in diameter to that of the X330 lawn mower. You get the same large surface area for easy steering as well which is a big bonus on this machine.

However, if we take the turning radius into consideration, the S240 lawn mower has a larger 18-inch turning radius meaning you need more space to make those turns.

This may seem like a small difference, but when you actually drive a mower with a 16 inch radius and then swap to an 18 inch radius one you really see the benefits of the first one. This is  especially true if you have areas to mow and navigate that require a lot of maneuvering.

So, the larger turning radius on the S240 means wider sweeps and a longer cutting time.

The fuel tank of the X330 compared to the S240

Fuel capacity is likely going to be a concern only to commercial users or residential users that have to mow very large lawn areas.

But, as many of our readers are commercial landscapers we thought it was important to include the fuel capacity of both machines.

The X330 fuel capacity is generous

The X330 riding mower by John Deere has a large fuel tank capacity of almost 12.5 liters. This is convenient for at least three uses on a standard medium sized lawn before you will actually need a refill.

The fuel tank itself is located at the rear end of the lawn mower, with the mouth of the tank being easily accessible from under the seat.

In addition to these features, the tank consists of a sealed fuel cap that prevents any fuel vapors from escaping so you never waste fuel.

The lower level fuel capacity on the S240 could be problematic for commercial users

If the 12.5 liter tank capacity of the X330 lawn mower impressed you, then the 9.1 liters capacity of the S240 may put you off slightly.

Although smaller, the fuel tank might still be enough for those with a smaller lawn mowing requirements.

As the S240 is designed for smaller jobs that the x330 the smaller tank suits this mower.

Other than the difference in capacities, the fuel tank specifications of both lawn mowers are the same and have the same features.

Both mowers have a convenient electric start

Whether you purchase the Jon Deere S240 or the X330 lawn tractor, you will not have to worry about the engine starting.

Both lawn mowers feature an electric start and burst into life on the first try.

The biggest benefit of an electric style start is that it is not only quicker, but it is also extremely useful in freezing temperatures where manually starting your lawn mower may become an issue.

Warranty and customer service for each machine

The X330 warranty

The X330 comes with a 3-year or 200-hour, (whichever comes first), bumper-to-bumper warranty.

The S240 warranty

The S240 lawn mower wins when it comes to the warranty duration.

The S240 comes with an impressive warranty duration of 4 years or 300 hours.

We assume the X330 has few hours and years on its warranty because it is more likely to be used as a commercial machine and will therefore be put through a lot more abuse that its cheaper sibling.

John Deere customer service is second to none

Although the warranties differ significantly, the common ground between the two riding mowers is the impressive customer service offered by John Deere.

Whether you contact them via mail or call, you will not be disappointed by their response.

On the other hand, if you are someone who prefers researching online, then the John Deere official website will give you all the information you need on either of these riding mower models.  It includes detailed guides to help you figure out problems and shows you how to implement possible solutions.

We love john Deere’s customer service which should be the standard that all lawn mower manufacturers are held to. Not all measure up the same way.

How to know whether the X330 or the S240 is better for you

If we take the size of both riding mowers into consideration, then there isn’t a lot to differentiate between the two. Both machines look very similar.

However, that’s where the similarity ends.

If you have a bigger lawn with more grass to cut then you will require a longer run time, and thus you will require a larger fuel tank. This is something that the X330 riding mower can offer when put against the S240.

The X330 also has a more powerful engine and better overall damage protection than the S240 making it a better commercial option.

Another thing to keep in mind is the low-hanging mowing deck of the S240. In case you have a lawn that is not flat and has quite a few curves and bumps, and/or slopes then this might prove to be a bit of a problem. You might end up hitting the mowing deck on the bumps quite a few times, thus leading to potential damage.

Then there is the turning radius. Unless you have areas to mow that require some nifty maneuvering around tight obstacles the 18 inch turning radius of the s240 will be more than enough for residential use. The tighter turns offered by the 14 inch turning radius on the X330 again makes this machine a better choice for commercial users.

Also, the X330 is more durable than the S240 and there is a difference in the price tag of several hundred dollars.

If we had to pick one, we’d go with the X330 model simply because it is more versatile but if you’re low on budget then the S240 might be right for you.

John Deere X330 Vs S240: Specifications chart

John Deere X330
Wheelbase 49.4 inches
Length 72 inches
Height 47 inches
Weight 463lbs
John Deere S240
Wheelbase 48.9 inches
Length 75.1 inches
Height 44 inches
Weight 458lbs

If you have gone through the entire review and need a final verdict of the pros and cons of purchasing either the X330 or S240 riding mower by John Deere, then here is a list for your convenience:

John Deere X330 review – the pros & cons


  1. Extremely powerful engine.
  2. Extra protection around vulnerable areas.
  3. Suspended mowing deck for equal grass cutting.
  4. Large capacity fuel tank.
  5. Extra strong frame for durability.
  6. Respectable 14 ” turning radius.
  7. Reliable commercial lawn tractor.


  1. Comes with 3 years of warranty only.

John Deere X330 review & walk around (video)

John Deere S240 review – the pros and cons


  1. Reliable engine.
  2. 4-year warranty.
  3. Edge Cutting System installed in the mowing deck.
  4. Great for residential use.


  1. The seat of the lawn mower isn’t very durable.
  2. Less engine and frame protection.
  3. Larger turning 18″ radius.

John Deere S240 review & walk around (video)

Advantages of a John Deere lawn tractor – both the X330 & the S240

Before we delve into the review it is a good idea to point out why riding mowers are superior to other forms of lawn mower (with the exception of zero turn mowers). If you have already made up your mind that a riding mower is the best choice for you and that only John Deere will do then you skip ahead to the meat of this article and launch straight into the review.

Here’s why it might be a good idea to choose a riding mower:

1.   The x330 and the S240 both offer easy handling

Using a push type lawn mower can be a troublesome task, especially if you are someone who has a big lawn that constantly needs a good trim or if you find gardening challenging due to ongoing health issues. Lawn tractors are also an excellent choice for senior gardeners.

This is probably the biggest advantage of investing in a riding lawn mower. Since it is pretty much a small vehicle, driving around your lawn while the lawn mower does the chopping and trimming makes maintaining your lawn an easy job.

You will not have to put a lot of effort in to get the job done.

2.   Both mowers are actually multi-use lawn tractors

The best thing about purchasing your own riding lawn mower is that a lot of their accessories are changeable and can be switched out to give them a completely new feature. This is the case with both the X330 and the S240.

This is a feature that most lawn mowers come with. You can easily purchase separate accessories to add to your tractor/lawn mower. You can even turn it into a snow shoveler.

3.   Each John Deere machine provides extreme efficiency

It is not just the driving factor that adds to the efficiency of a riding lawn mower. If you pick the right lawn mower, you might be able to increase its efficiency by one single attachment.

Most lawn mower manufacturing companies offer separate attachments that can be added. For example, if you wish, you can add an attachment that helps your lawn mower to not only collect grass in a single space, but also grind and turn it into fine mulch.

The various types of attachments available depend entirely on the lawn mower that you purchase.

In addition to this, riding lawn mowers help save time and are also easier to maintain. They also act as garden and lawn workhorses hence they often get the title lawn tractor.

John Deere X330 Vs S240: Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to stronger durability, which mower performs better?

When it comes to durability, the X330 lawn mower by John Deere takes the prize without a doubt.

In addition to the cast-iron sleeves surrounding the engine, the overall frame of the body is heavier than the S240. The front bumper is also made of gauge steel and can withstand a strong impact.

So, if durability is what you are searching for in a lawn tractor the X330 will suit you best.

Is there a difference in the engines of the two lawn mowers?

The major difference between the two lawn mowers lies in the type of engine each one uses.

The S240 is an older lawn mower and uses a Kawasaki engine. This does not indicate that it is not a good engine. Kawasaki make excellent engines.

However, the Intek Cyclonic engine found on the X330 mower can provide a higher power output of 22-HP and is a Briggs and Stattoon, American made motor. This is not only perfect for a smooth drive, but also produces less sound.

Which lawn mower should I opt for if I am a beginner?

If you’ve had zero experience with a riding mower, then you may be happy to hear that both the S240 and X330 lawn mowers are extremely easy to use.

They have a similar mechanism as driving an automatic car.

Additionally, both lawn mowers offer a variety of features such as an electronic start, cruise control, and larger steering wheels for easy control. They are also easily customization with a multitude of attachments for everything from sowing seed to ploughing wet snow.

A quick word about John Deere

John Deere is considered a reliable name in the world of lawn mowers. The company best known for producing heavy machinery as well as residential and commercial lawn care equipment. Jon Deere has been in the business for close to two centuries as it was founded in the year 1837.

Founded in Illinois, what started off as the dream of two brothers to enhance the tractor experience and provide users with comfort and efficient ways of trimming their lawns, John Deere has turned into a large brand.

What Makes John Deere So Special?

It is only natural for you to wonder what makes this specific brand so special.

This manufacturer is recognized worldwide for its commitment to quality and for the efficiency of its products as well as its excellent customer orientated focus and customer service.

John Deere thinks a step-ahead of many of its competitors and is considered a pioneer with the agricultural sector.

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