Robot Lawn Mower Reviews. Best Remote Control Lawn Mowers

In most cases it is relatively easy to grow a grassy lawn. But, it’s not so easy to maintain it, especially if you don’t have access to a modern lawn mower. However, even with the aid of a top end commercial mower many people find it a daunting task to mow their lawn – something compounded when faced with unfavourable weather such as hot summer or wet spring days.

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The Lazy Gardener’s Guide to Yard Work

Traditionally, people who did not want to mow their own lawns only had 3 options open to them.

  1. Hire a commercial gardener.
  2. Talk their kids into doing it.
  3. Pay local kids to do it.

Not any more!

Thanks to 21st Century technology there is a new tool in the lazy gardener’s toolkit – a robot lawn mower!

Welcome to the Future – Meet the Robotic remote Controlled Lawn Mower

A robotic lawn mower is a programmable mower that you can set and forget or a remote controlled lawn mower that you can have full control over while it mows.

Worx robot lawn lawn mowerA robotic lawn mower is designed to tackle the type of yard work that can be easily automated (i.e. cutting the grass), and so a robotic mower is an ideal choice for people who want to get their lawns mowed without the work.

Mowing with the robotic type that is an autonomous lawn mower usually involves setting up your yard’s perimeter via border wire which tells the mower about the area it needs to mow.

These mowers come in different sizes and price ranges based on their capabilities.

There’s even a variety of high-end remote control mowers that can easily cut the grass in small clippings for mulch and, like a mulching mower, distribute the clippings in a way that you means won’t have to rake the clippings after mowing.

They are safe and easy to use as all you need is to charge the battery and run a routine schedule when you need to mow the lawn.

Who is A Robot Lawn Mower Best Suited To?

Robotic and remote control mowers are like guardians for your lawns.

After the initial one-time setup an automatic lawn mower will do all the work on its own and not require your assistance.

All that you need to do is sit in the shelter and schedule a day and time for the mower to start mowing.

Robomow robot lawn mowerIt does not only do the job in a swift manner, but most people agree that it is quite fun to use one as well, especially a remote controlled mower.

Though I am joking about a robot lawn mower being ideal for lazy gardeners it is actually a fantastic time-saver for those of us who are far from lazy.

Busy people have busy lives and being able to automate any mundane task is a welcome lifestyle addition for many people.

For people who have physical disabilities, less time or who simply don’t like to mow their own lawns, robotic mowers are an ideal choice.

These mowers are less noisy and won’t disturb your neighbors even if you decide to run a mowing schedule at night.

Even commercial landscapers can make use of robotic lawn mowers for smaller jobs or to speed up job completion in areas with multiple lawn areas.

In this post, I will talk about four of the best robot lawn mowers from high-end to entry level machines and go into detail about their subtle elements.

Our review concentrates on several factors regarding the robot lawn mowers, such as the quality of the item, the costs of every robotic mower and their individual capabilities.

For ease of use and clarity I have also included an easy view comparison chart towards the end (see table of contents above).

Comparison Chart Of Our Top 3 Robot Lawn Mowers

Husqvarna 220AC Robotic Mower Robomow RS622 Battery Operated Mower Robomow RC306 Robotic Mower WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower
Area Covered ½ Acre ½ Acre 18 Acre 14 Acre
Perimeter Wire 820 feet 1000 feet 650 feet 590 feet
Sloped Incline/Decline: 20°/36% 20°/36% 20°/36% 20°/36%
App Control NO YES YES YES
Item warranty 2 years 1 year 1 year 2 years
Item Price check price check price check price check price

Robotic Lawn Mower Reviews. Our Top 3 Robotic Lawn Mowers Reviewed

Our Picks for Top Robot Lawn Mowers

Without much ado, let’s have a look at four of the best robotic mowers on the market today.

They are:

Husqvarna 220AC Robotic Mower
1) The Husqvarna 220AC Robotic Mower
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2) The Robomow RS630 Robotic Lawn Mower
Robomow RS630 robotic lawn mower
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Robomow Robotic RS622
3) The Robomow RS622 Battery Operated Lawn Mower
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4) The Robomow RS612 Robotic Lawn Mower
Robomow RS612 robotic lawn mower
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5) The Robomow RC306 Robotic Lawn Mower
Robomow RC306 robotic lawn mower
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WORX Robotic Mower
6) The WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower
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Let’s talk about the features of each individual robotic lawn mower now:

1. The 220AC Husqvarna Automower® Robot Lawn Mower Review

The Husqvarna Automower® 220AC can create some amazing results for a robot lawn mower, outflanking its rivals by a huge margin.

This robotic mower is fully weather proof, is very quiet and easily programmable.

However, it has an auto re-charge features that means the mower will return to its recharging bay aromatically when it is low on power.

Husqvarna Automower 220ACIt has a programmable anti-theft alarm and comes with a pin activation feature for even more security.

One of the best things about this mower is that it works according to the growth rate of the grass on your lawn.

It will cut more grass if the growth rate of the grass in your garden is high and cut less when it’s low.

Thanks to the free movement pattern of this automatic robot lawn mower the lawn is perfectly cut every time ensuring you have a beautiful and carpet-like look after every cut.

Main Features of Husqvarna Automower®

Quietness comes as standard with this robotic mower

The Husqvarna Automower® 220AC provides you a calm mowing experience thanks to its less noisiness as compared to other robotic mowers.

You can rest guaranteed that the robot mower wouldn’t awaken the neighbors as it makes almost no noise, allowing you to mow whenever you want to, even when the sun goes down.

Random Pattern Generator

It works in random patterns and makes sure that your entire lawn is mowed without missing any areas.

It can be left to operate independently of the operator once programmed and you will not even notice it going about its work.

This robotic lawn mower is a good choice for people who own up to ½ acre of lawn.

Below we cover the main features that make the Husqvarna Automower one of the best robot lawn mowers on the market today.

Efficient Lawn Cutting

When it comes to mowing, this robotic mower brings a unique cutting system to the industry and carries out the finest level of cutting possible with an automated lawn machine.

The husqvarna automower leaves a carpet-like finish to a lawnIt gives a flawless look to your yard that the manufacturer calls “a carpet look”.

This smooth finish is possible because of the cutting deck which has 3 razor sharp blades that are crafted from solid carbon steel.

Like any other lawn mower it is possible to set the cut height according to personal requirements from 0.8″ to 2.4″.

A really neat feature is the capability to adjust the cutting width which can be adjusted as wide as 8.7 inches.

Environmentally Friendly

A truly environmentally friendly mower is one which does not just reduce, or eliminate, harmful CO2 emissions that pollute the environment it reduces noise pollution.

One of the best advantages of the Husqvarna Automower 220AC is its incredibly quiet motor.

The Husqvarna Automower eliminates both gas population & noise pollutionMatched with its zero CO2 emission design the ability to carry out its job almost silently has made this automatic mower not only 100% environmentally-friendly but has also made it one of the most popular robotic mowers ever made.

So while the mower operates itself without any user interaction (after the initial one-time set-up process has been completed), you can relax and let it do its thing.

Not only do you not have to pay any attention to it whatsoever but you probably won’t even notice it is there as you won’t hear it.

As it discreetly does its job who can rest assured that you will end up with a truly quality finish.

LCD Panel To Adjust Settings

The option to program the mower is a key component for anyone who wants a automatic lawn mower that can run without operator interaction.

A programmable mower means you can sit back and relax while the mower goes about cutting the grass independently.

automower settings panelThe Husqvarna Automower 220 robotic mower has a conveniently installed LCD control board that has a 19 button touch pad for adjusting the settings.

With this, you can easily set the Automower 220 to not only do its job but it will also automatically charge itself without needing any further assistance.

Each time you hit the stop button on the LCD panel and type in new settings, it asks for a 4 digit pin that has been previously set by you.

This means no-one can interfere with your machine and stealing it will only lead to the thief having illegal ownership of a mower that won’t work.

Once your PIN is set you can modify the mower in any way you wish and set the cutting time by means of the Timer option.

You can pick any number of hours every day to have the Husqvarna 220 mow your lawn.

The Husqvarna automated lawn mower covers around 0.5 acres of your garden.

It’s Waterproof But Still Has Sensors

The Automower is the only mower on our list that is fully water resistant.

There is no need to worry about it mowing in the rain.automower timer

As well as the mower having a timer to stop cutting and return to base when its cutting time is complete it also has sensors onboard.

If the mower sweeps off the ground, the engine motor automatically shuts off.

If it senses or hits an obstacle, it is programmed to stop and change its course so that no harm is done to the machine.

Works Well On Sloped Areas

The Husqvarna Automower robotic mower can perform the job well even on uneven grounds.

It comes with a unique design that also works very well on slopes due to its slope of 20 degrees.

Its wheels give great footing support regardless the surface or terrain.

The Automower can proficiently cut uneven terrain and harsh ground surfaces.

The mower can make any necessary adjustment to cut grass over slanted surfaces without your assistance.

It works in a completely automated way.

Great Area Coverage And Handy Battery Timing Info

This robotic mower can mow up to half an acre, 1800 m², of lawn without any problem on a full charge.

It is equipped with sharp razor-like blades made from carbon steel. These blades are mounted on a robust cutting disc system.

The design ensures efficient operation and a quality cut while the machine has extremely low energy consumption.

Husqvarna 220AC Mower can mow up to half an acre on a full chargeHowever, how efficiently the lawn is cut depends fundamentally on the state of the cutting edge blades (which is not a problem if the machine is new) and the terrain of your lawn.

If your lawn has excessive hilly areas with an incline over 20 degrees and the terrain is very rough then this mower may struggle.

Considering its limitation in mostly uncommon conditions such as steep inclines and extremely rough terrain, the 220AC Automower perform exceptionally well on “normal” lawns.

In fact, Husqvarna have made quite a machine as it has all the functionalities you’d expect in a robotic mower and then some.

Obviously no amount of “bells and whistles” and fancy gadgetry can make-up for the actual lawn cut and so it is important to mention the results you can expect from using the Automower.

The results you can expect from using this mower will match any push mower on the market and most riding mowers.

Though it obviously lacks the same power as conventional lawn mowers the cut it delivers is just as good.

The Automower has an automatic charging functionA completely charged 200 AC can run for almost 60 minutes matching the electric cordless Ego mower.

However, like any electrically-powered cordless lawn mower, its cut time depends on the thickness and height of the grass, the smoothness of the terrain and the slope of the terrain.

It takes about 60 minutes for a full charge and the Automower® automatically finds its own way back to the charging station when it is running low on power.

Easy Husqvarna Robot Lawn Mower Set Up (installation video)


Quick-view Functions of the Husqvarna Root Lawn Mower

Below are the main functions of the Husqvarna Automower:

    • Battery – it comes with a NiMh battery that takes around 45 minutes to charge completely.

The Automower has very low noise levels

    • Quiet Running – the Automower is incredibly quiet making it a favorite among neighbors and homeowners alike.


    • Fast Recharging – it requires 30W of power to mow at its best and you can mow for 45 – 60 mins once it is fully charged dependent on your lawn terrain.


    • Guide Wire – the guide wire helps the mower to find its way back to the charging station reducing search time which is especially useful for complex garden layouts.

The Automower has pin lock for added security

    • Code Lock – the 220AC robotic mower is furnished with an anti-theft PIN code which ensures no-one other than you is able to switch it on and/or reprogram it.


    • Clock – you can choose a scheduled time for mowing or even let the Automower® cut the lawn around the clock, 7 days a week only breaking for recharging.


    • Programmed Charging – when the Automower needs more power, it will automatically return to its charging station and recharge itself.

Automower weather resistant

  • Weather Resistant – this mower can be outside all day and all night without showing any signs of weather wear. It has been designed to withstand even the harshest of climates.

Customer Reviews Of This Robot Lawn Mower

Below are a selection of online for Husqvarna’s robot mowers.


Hammock time!

We spent a couple of hours for several evenings, probably a total of 8 hours, setting up the perimeter wire.

The wire is already disappearing into the lawn a week in to having it running.

But it runs just great! Ran in the rain with no issues. Runs at night and no one hears it – super quiet! Amazon verified purchase by J Youngblood

Review from Online Forum

“We purchased a Husqvarna 220AC Robotic mower 2 months ago and have been in love with its performance ever since.

Our garden is always found to be in good condition and the mower does its job every day without us even knowing it as it so quiet during the mowing.

It doesn’t take long to fully charge, merely 45 minutes and mows my lawn which is approximately 0.5 acres.

I don’t have to worry about pushing a mower by myself in my lawn because my newly purchased robotic mower does it all for me. I couldn’t ask for more!”


Kids love him and call him ” Harry”

“Bought the 315 of ebay. It works perfectly well. putting down wire for 2,000 sft. took me 1/2 day with a shovel, no problem.

I have it running 6 hr a night and lawn looks perfectly cut

. The side have to be trimmed once every 2 weeks or so, but I have to edge after normal lawn mowing anyways. Kids love him and call him ” Harry”. A real time saver.

Neighbors spend $2,000 – $3,000 a season on lawn mowing service where as I spend $900 once and some $ for the beers while watching him.

I just hope he will work in the years to come… I think the prices is still to high, but if you find a used one go for it.

He never get’s stuck or drives over wires. In use now for 4 months or so. Let me know if you have questions.

I wish I could use it in front yard, but I am afraid he might somehow drive over loop wire and down the street :-)” Amazon review by Poohbear

Final Verdict Husqvarna Automower Robot Lawn Mower

This amazing robotic mower comes with everything that you need to carry out the best mowing in your lawn.

With Husqvarna as the manufacturer, it’s not surprising that the Automower is made from the best materials possible.

It covers all the necessities that are required to mow the lawn even under harsh circumstances.

This mower is suitable for people who have 1800m2 of a lawn.

husqvarna automowerIt produces substantially less noise than other robotic mowers as it produces only 60 dB of noise (equivalent to an air conditioning unit 100 feet away), making it almost silent.

The 3 way blade system ensures that you get the finest cutting results that you’d expect from a 21st Century lawn mower.

You can adjust the height of the cut from 20 – 60 mm / 0.8 – 2.4 inches.

It also comes with adjustable cutting width from 22 cm to 8.7 inch which is a very generous cutting width for a robot mower.

On the downside, the Automower doesn’t have the ability to multi zone. So it cannot mow different areas if you have multiple lawns because it can’t travel independently to separate areas.

It comes with extra security measures in the form of a pin code lock system to ensure that children won’t be able to turn it on if they’re alone at home.

And also protects it in the event of theft the thieves will not be able to operate the machine.

As far as its security is concerned, it has an alarm system that goes off if it leaves the programmed perimeter, this is mainly to keep burglars from stealing.

2. The Robomow Remote Control Lawn Mower Range Robot Lawn Mower Review

We have picked 4 of the Robomow remote controlled mowers from the Robomower range, namely the:

    1. The Robomow RS630 the largest Remote Control Lawn Mower

Robomow RS630 robotic lawn mower
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Robomow Robotic RS622

    1. RS622 Robomow Remote Control Lawn Mower

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    1. The Robomow RS612 Remote Control Lawn Mower

Robomow RS612 robotic lawn mower
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Robomow RC306 robotic lawn mower

    1. RC306 – the smaller Remote Control Lawn Mower

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Each Robmow is a remote control lawn mower with identical capabilities; the only differences being:

  • area covered
  • zones covered
  • and of course price


Main Features Of the Robomow Remote Control Lawn Mower

The RS622, with a cutting range of 1/2 acre is better suited for bigger lawns than the RC306, which has a cutting range of 1/8 of an acre.

I have included a quick view comparison chart below for an easy view option.

This Robotic Lawn Mower is Automated And Fully Programmable

Remote control smartphone app for Robomow Many people who are experiencing physically challenging conditions, such as arthritis, find it too demanding to mow their own lawns with a walk-behind mower.

They may even find using a large riding mower uncomfortable or even painful.

Usually, the only other option to biting the bullet and mowing the lawn yourself is to hire a professional to do the job.

But, of course this can lead to a hefty bill as commercial landscaping companies are not cheap.

Thus making this option a bad choice for many people.

Robomow app can be used to set up mowing scheduleThe Robomow has an awesome option for such people to maintain their lawns without having having to commit to traditional lawn mowing methods.

The Robow can cut your garden regularly as it is programmed to do so or can be operated directly via your smartphone.

The best thing about this mower is that you can schedule it to perform a mowing job any time of the day or you can have the luxury to manually operate via a remote controller it while relaxing.

Same goes for RC306, this mower packs almost the same qualities found in RS622, however, with a primary difference, covered area.

RC306 can mow a lawn of up to 8000 m2 .

Safety Comes As Standard On The RoboMow Robot Lawn Mower

Another prominent attribute of the Robomow rc lawn mower is its safety feature.

With the RoboMow you do not have to worry about you or your family’s safety.

The Robomow's safety feature ensures the blades cut off if the mower is tipped overIn addition to this, everything else is safe as well.

If somehow the mower tips over while mowing, or sweeps off the ground, their sharp blades will at once quit working and the Robomow will shut down.

Another wellbeing highlight of these mowers is when they hit an obstacle, the cutting blades will again stop, and after that they will take another course.

They also come with a lock system, a much needed safety option that is intended to keep children from turning it on and getting hurt.


The RoboMow Robotic Lawn Mower Gives Efficient Results On Seetp Sloped Areas

The Robomow can handle 20 degree steep hillAnother element of the RoboMow series (except the RX12) is the capacity to cut grass on up to 36% sloped land equating to a 20° degrees incline/decline.

This enables the Robmow to be utilized on most lawn areas as a 20 degree slope is quite steep.

Where other autonomous lawn mowers would battle with uneven surfaces and require manual work via a trimmer or push mower from the user on such sloped areas, the Robmow effortlessly creates the same quality of cut.

Temperature & Moisture Sensors Help Protect The Mower From Damage

The Robmow has the ability to detect high temperature and also rain.

robmow sensorsWhen the machine senses unusual temperatures or rain, it can shut its engines off to protect the mower from damage.

No lawn owner wants to see such a big investment go to waste due to heavy rain or a storm.

The Robmow has onboard sensors that can detect adverse atmospheric conditions which is a cool function that we don’t normally see in other automatic mower.

Though the Husqvarna Automower (reviewed above) is waterproof and therefore doesn’t need it.

Its A Robot Remote Control Lawn Mower & Is Operable From Anywhere Via A Phone App

Although the Robomow can be pre-programmed to operate independently of an operator it is also a remote controlled mower.

The Robomow app is easy to useAs an RC mower it has a neat smartphone app that means all mowers in the range can be operated via a phone app from anywhere.

The downloadable application lets users operate their RoboMow rc lawn mower with only a touch of their phone.

In the event you don’t have a smartphone, or touch screen on your smart phone, each mower comes with remote controls but the phone app is much handier and very intuitive to use.

The app works on almost all devices and can be downloaded for free.

Using this tool is also very easy and you will have the mower mowing within minutes of downloading it.

This Robotic Lawn Mower HAs Multi Zoning Capability

The Robomow RS630, RS622 and RS612 can mow four separate zones while the Robomow RC306 can mow in 3 separate zones.

The Robomow has multi-zoning capabilityThe simple setup guide will walk you through setting up your Robomow automatic mower to mow your preset zone areas automatically.

When you have completed the simple set-up steps, your Robomower will automatically make a trip from it’s preset starting point to its first zone.

Once it has been mowed it will make its way to all the different zones of your lawn that you’ve set-up.

Once the cutting is finished, the Robomow will automatically retract the border wire back to the charging base.

Robomow RS622 comes with a wire of 1000 feet and 400 pegs which helps it to cover ½ acre land.

The RC306’s perimeter wire is 650 feet and has 250 pegs enabling it to cover ⅛ acre of land.

Other Functions of the Robomow That Make It Stand Out

Here is a quick list of the main functions of each Robomow RC lawn mower.

  • Remote control lawn mower with its own controllers and additional free app for use with a smartphone.
  • Completely automated mowing system with programmable clock: mows automatically mows your pre-set lawn zones completely independent of an operator.
  • Rain sensor: shuts off itself when it senses rain pouring over it or the grass and turns on again just when the grass doesn’t feel wet anymore.
  • Sensory functions: the Robomow detects objects and obstacles in its way and maintains a strategic distance from them to avoid incurring damage.
  • Automatic Charging: when its power reserves become drained it automatically finds its way back to the charge station to re-charged automatically.
  • Anti-Theft Security: accepts a security pin set by owner and sets off the alarm if someone tries unauthorized use or if the mower is taken outside the yard’s perimeter.
Easy RoboMow Robot Lawn Mower Set Up (installation video)


Customer Reviews Of This Robot Lawn Mower

Below is a collection of customer reviews about each of the Robomows covered in this review.

Robomow RS630

“I took a chance also (after reading all the reviews) and have used it daily since February 15. Of course it is not perfect, and is expensive – but it has paid for itself in saving my time and not having to pay several hundred bucks a month to have someone cut our grass.

Things to watch out for:

1. Think about where you are going to mount the charging base. I put mine in the sun (arizona!) and the display is fading somewhat.

I can still read it, but you should be smarter than me and have your lawnmower out of the sun while charging

2. I bought an extra base so I can do both my front and rear yard.

I just have to carry it from one area to the other once a week, but it is a small price to pay for saving my time mowing.

3. You can buy a roll of green grounding wire at HD/Lowes if you run out of the wire supplied in the kit.

No big deal – wire is wire if you match the wire gauge.

4. I bought some extra stakes on ebay for not very much money.

They were for a Husqvarna system, but worked fine.

If your time has a value to you, then don’t wait and don’t be scared – get one of these puppys!

UPDATE after one year of usage. The display faded in the sun (my fault for not storing it in the shade as recommended) and I just had a drive motor failure. THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE ROCKS!! In both cases they sent me FREE replacement parts which were easy to install – they have lots of how to videos for repair issues. WOULD I BUY ANOTHER ONE? ABSOLUTELY!!!” Verified Purchase from Senpai
Robomow RS630 robotic lawn mower

Robomow RS622

“i have wanted one theses mowers and i have looked around at reviews and competitors for years before finally making the purchase. I had a rider that finally died and i push mowed the .5 acre and used this as the opportunity to buy this. i didn’t know that it needs to charge and mow multiple times to complete the task. i am not worried about this just didn’t know that is the process. i am so happy with the results and it will take a week to get the results you expect and fix ruts, holes , and imperfections you may have. the mower will find them for you haha. i didn’t know my unit came with the GSM module that communicates to my phone if it gets stuck! i was in town when i got it and was shocked! great addition!” Verified Purchase from ws6driver
Robomow Robotic RS622

Robomow RS612

“If you’re thinking about getting this, you should go ahead and buy it. I’ve had this about two months and I intentionally got it tested and working during non-peak season. I’m in Houston on St. Augustine grass and wanted to get this going before the grass really kicked in over the next few weeks.

When I bought my home I was set on doing my lawn maintenance myself. I quickly found out why no one in Houston maintains their own lawn between the heat and humidity. I gave in and hired a lawn service at $30/wk for just mowing and edging. It was great but I hated throwing the money away.

The price tag on this mower is high but at that rate it will pay for itself in a year.

The backyard is fenced and that’s the majority of my yard, so twice each week it goes out automatically and mows the back yard.

It has only not found its base on a few occasions. The lawn always looks freshly cut and flat.

Better than the lawn service actually- much smoother and less time between cuts.

I’ve been doing edging once every couple of weeks but will probably have to move to once a week when the grass growth rate picks up. Laying the wire out really isn’t that bad. Use the Robo-ruler they provide and read the instructions.

Space your stakes out a long way during initial setup for easier adjustments during testing. It took me about 4-6 hours to do the whole house.

Think of it as mowing the lawn for your last few times. I had a few questions along the way during setup and Robomow support always emailed me back within one business day (and usually much sooner). Great recommendations and really helped me out.

I’ve had one issue with water entering the keypad after a week long of heavy downpour in Houston. I emailed support and described the issue.

They sent a part out immediately and gave me a video on how to install it. I replaced the keypad in about 5 minutes- no tools required. I was really impressed with how easy it was.

The side and front yards of my house are narrow and deep like many houses in the U.S. suburbs.

The edging feature gets most of the side yard, but it misses some patches that it won’t reach because when it makes it to the front, the boundary wires are so close the robot just keeps hitting one in the algorithm and turning back into the front yard.

The patches are so small that I just manually mow them via the Bluetooth app while I’m manually moving the mower to and from the home base (since the backyard is fenced).

It’s really not a big deal.

The anti-theft audible alarm is not near loud enough, the Bluetooth range is terrible, and I feel like it should have GPS and WiFi. It would also be awesome if they had a little “Robo-door” with a NFC sensor to install into a fence that only opened for “Little-Eddie” (Eddie was my former lawn guy) and not my dogs.

I don’t feel any of those are worth taking a star off for, but hopefully RoboMow will address it in a future model.

Also worth noting, my large mounds of dog poop in the backyard have not slowed this thing down one bit.

The dogs have a dog door and don’t bother it. They growled and hated it at first, but just like with the Roomba they got over it.” Verified Purchase from kparrent
Robomow RS612 robotic lawn mower


Robomow RC306

“I bought the Robomow RC306 to replace my broken six year old Robomow RM200. The RC306 is a huge improvement.

It’s quieter, smaller, lighter, and does a better job than the RM200. The free Android app (and iOS though I haven’t tested that version) makes setting up the mower and remotely controlling it extremely easy.

My only, minor, complaint is that the user guide doesn’t provide clear directions for setting up the mower if the charging station cannot be connected to the perimeter wire.

For example, you might need to place the charging station in your garage if there isn’t any practical way to have it located in the yard as part of the perimeter wire.

With the RM200 that was clearly documented and how I had things set up.

With the RC306 the assumption is that you will put the charging station in the main yard and fully utilize the automated cycle between mowing and charging.

And if you have a layout that supports the mode of operation so much the better.

But if you don’t (like me) then realize that this is still a great robotic lawn mower. You may simply need to purchase an additional perimeter switch.” Verified Purchase from OpenMindedNotCredulous
Robomow RC306 robotic lawn mower

Comparison Chart of Robomow Series Of Robot Lawn Mowers

RS630 RS622 RS612 RC306
Our Top Pick
MAXIMUM LAWN SIZE: 3/4 Acre 1/2 Acre 1/4 Acre 1/8 Acre
MOWING WIDTH: 22 inches 22 inches 22 inches 11 inches
MOWING HEIGHT: 0.78-3.14 inches 0.78-3.14 inches 0.78-3.14 inches 0.6-3.1inches
MOWING MOTOR: 400W 400W 400W 200W
SLOPES: up to 36% (20°) up to 36% (20°) up to 36% (20°) up to 36% (20°)
SIZE: 28 x 25 x 12 inches 28 x 25 x 12 inches 28 x 25 x 12 inches 24 x 18 x 8 inches
WEIGHT: 44 Lb 44 Lb 44 Lb 23 Lb
CHARGING TIME: 120 min 90-135 min 60-90 min 60-90 min
AVERAGE WORK TIME 50-70 min 50-65 min 40-55 min 60-73 min
COLOR: Green Green Green Green
BLADES: 2 2 2 1
BATTERY: 26V 6.0 AH Lithium (LiFePO4) 26V 4.3 AH Lithium (LiFePO4) 26V 4.3 AH Lithium (LiFePO4) 26V Lithium (LiFePO4)
NOISE LEVEL: ECO mode: 66 dB High Load: Measured – 72 dB Guaranteed – 74 dB ECO mode: 66 dB High Load: Measured – 72 dB Guaranteed – 74 dB ECO mode: 66 dB High Load: Measured – 72 dB Guaranteed – 74 dB ECO mode: 64 dB High Load: Measured – 67.9 dB Guaranteed – 69 dB
POWER CONSUMPTION: 32 kWh/month 24 kWh/month 17 kWh/month 11 kWh/month
WARRANTY: 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year


Final Verdict Robomow

The Robomow range of mowers are among the best remote controlled mowers on the market today.

They are both rc lawn mowers and automowers giving you the ability to completely control the mower remotely or just programming it to go about its task with no further interference from you.

robomow rc lawn mowerAll the mowers in the Robomow range give you a quality cut finish.

They have multi-zoning capabilities, and each machine in the range offers different coverage from 1/8 Acre in size (RC306) up to 3/4 of an acre in size (RS630) on a full charge.

They will also automatically return to their base station to recharge themselves whenever they’re low on energy.

Each mower has multi-zone functionality with the bigger machines being able to handle 4 different areas while the entry level RC306 can multi-zone 3 different areas.

The mowers can work on slopes surfaces as well up to a 36% incline (which is very steep).

There isn’t much difference between the mowers in this automatic lawn mower range except for the size of areas they cover and the number of zones available for preset.

All-in-all the Robomow remote control lawn mower range offers exceptional quality, modern-day cutting-edge usability and an excellent lawn finish with every use.

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3. WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower Robot Lawn Mower Review

Nothing is as relaxing as a cute little robot weighing 20 pounds maintaining your lawn.

The WORX Landroid Robotic MowerThere are various mowing robots on the market but the Landroid is focused towards the people who are in search of a capable robotic mower in a low budget.

It being less costly doesn’t mean that it lacks the qualities that an automatic mower should have.

In fact, it offers astounding specs and packs amazing functionalities.

If you don’t like to mow your lawn by yourself and would rather have a charming little robotic mower do the hard work for you, this mower can mow an area of 10,800 sq feet of land and will turn into your best buddy in this matter.

Main Features Of The WORX Landroid Robot Lawn Mower

People who have a small lawn of ¼ acre or less will find this robotic mower a great acquisition.

Firstly, it is very easy to operate and program.

Secondly, it comes with all those functionalities which an expensive robotic mower should have:

  • It can sense obstacles to avoid damage.
  • It has sensors for detecting rain so it can cease mowing and return to safety.
  • It has easy navigation.
  • It comes with all the necessary safety protocols.
  • You can adjust the height of its blades according to the need of your lawn ranging from 6 – 20cm.

The Worx Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower, 28-volt WG794 is an exceptionally good robotic lawn mower that great for medium and small sized gardens.

This Robotic Lawn Mower Has An Eco-Friendly Design

The Worx Landroid mower is an electric machine that is powered by a 28 V rechargeable battery.

The Worx Landoid eliminates both gas population & noise polutionYou don’t need to stress over your lawn mower’s carbon footprint as it is eco-friendly and also exceptionally quiet during operation.

Like all the robot lawn mowers in this review the Landriod (what a great name) is ideal for people who don’t want their mowers to leave carbon footprints.

Programmable & Automatic

The mower is 100% programmable so you can “set and forget” it to mow your lawn on a schedule.

The Worx is also a very fast learner and is one of the best, if not the best, at understanding its preset mower zones as you can see in the video below.

It Has Great Safety Features For A Robotic Lawn Mower

The Worx Landriod is fully programmableMany people worry about using automated lawn mowers on even terrain but most of us are, rightly, concerned about the potential dangers of using an automated machine on sloped areas especially if no-one is there to intercede should the mower tip over.

This poses a real risk to not just children but also pets playing in the garden; should a mower tip over with its blades running this could cause serious damage to a child or pet before you have a change to get to the mower.

Luckily you can rest assured that Worx have integrated a safety feature into the Landroid that will avoid any such mishaps.

When it senses an object, it immediately stops and changes its course to avoid not only damage to itself but to avoid tipping over or entering an area that could prove dangerous to kids or pets.

But this isn’t the best safety feature the Landriod offers.

If the mower is picked up or accidentally tips over power going to the blades is immediately stopped.

So, should the mower be lifted by a curious child or should it tip over and attract the attention of a nosy pet you can rest assured they won’t be injured by turning blades.

Obviously there is still a risk because the blades are sharp but the cutting of power to the blades should give you enough time to get to the mower to take control of the situation.

AIA -Technology Means This Little Robot Lawn Mower Is Smart!

The WORX Landroid comes with the patented AIA (Artificial Intelligence Algorithm) that gives the device an “intelligence” lacking in other robotic lawn mowers.

This AI navigation means the Landroid covers narrow and staggered areas much quicker and more accurately than other robot mowers on the market.

This AIA also helps the Landroid access narrow or uneven passages with ease where other machines fail to mow (see video below).

This mower is not like other mowers when it comes to accuracy.

The AIA technology helps it to make a wise decision in cutting the grass, without turning back on itself or going over areas it has already covered at the expense of unmowed patches (something that can happen in other automated robotic mowers).

Therefore, the Worx Landroid is one of the best mowers for an automated precision cut.

Worx vrs Conventional Robot Mower (Video)

Rain Sensors Ensure The Robot Lawn Mower Heads For Biome In Wet Weather

Unlike the Husqvarna the Worx is not water resistant (just as the Robomow is not).

However, like the Robomow it has sensors that detect when water it is raining.

When it comes to WORX Landroid robotic lawn mower, everything has been considered in advance.

Try not to stress out about the auto function forcing the mower to cut in the rain as the sensors will recognize if there is water on the grass and the Worx will immediately return to base.

Easy to set up (video)


Customer Reviews Of This Robotic Lawn Mower

Below is a selection of buyer reviews. The Worx is a very popular robot mower that has largely positive reviews.

Just follow the directions and it works perfectly

“I’ve been intrigued by the concept of an autonomous lawnmower ever since I saw the concept years ago.

However, the price to performance ratio was always asinine, and there wasn’t a significant external stimulus that could justify such an expense.

Fast forward a few years, I’ve relocated from Michigan to Texas, and I discovered it was a very different environment mowing your lawn in May-August.

Trying to maintain my lawn while it’s nearly a 110F heat index on a daily basis during these hellish months made me reconsider the idea of purchasing a robot that would perform this task for me.

Yes, I briefly considered a lawn service, but at a charge of $40 a visit on a weekly basis, I would break even with a lawn bot in less than one mowing season in the lone star state.

I wanted an unbiased opinion on the current state of the art, so I went to Consumer Reports.

They had reviewed 4 of these units recently, and the top pick happened to be the Worx Landroid WG794.

As an added bonus, the Landroid was also the least expensive. Something about knowing what you’re doing and not being a greedy corporate villain made me an instant Worx fan.

Next step was Google to seek reviews, videos, forums, manuals, etc. I always perform due diligence before committing to such an indulgence. From the looks of the internet landscape, the overall opinion was very positive. Finally, I start the bargain hunting process.

Most of the time, I wind up on Amazon, due to reputation, price, and peace of mind. In this particular purchase, Amazon was indeed the lowest bidder, $160 below the $1K MSRP. For some reason,

I take notice at the offer of an $80 gift card if I sign up for the Amazon Visa Card. I think why the hell not, it will make this deal that much sweeter and I can just cut up the card when it gets to me.

Then a second offer comes to light: $40 gift card when you apply for the Amazon Prime Store Card. This time, I note the benefits of the card: no annual fee and 5% off all Amazon purchases?

Why was I not using this card already?! I place order, able to checkout for a sweet deal of just under $700 (I had a bit of a gift card left to use as well) No 2 day shipping, but free nonetheless, so I’m satisfied.

I get the unit a week later and set it up in my back yard to start. Like any good bicentennial, I half-a** the installation by placing the boundary wire 8-10″ from the fence line (14” recommended), separating the pegs by at least 5′ (2.5′ recommended).

I don’t bury the wire or even so much as try to work it into the grass, and on top of this the length of the lawn is from a full week of growth (recommended to mow lawn before installing).

I’m not quite sure how I was expecting this setup to perform well by any means; I guess I’ll say I wanted to see how the Landroid “behaved” before committing to a more permanent, proper installation.

Of course the next few days is filled with “optimizing”, while I effectively continue to try and jam a square peg through a round hole to make my style of installation work with the robo.

But he was acting out against all this nonsense by slicing through or pulling out the boundary wire, not reacting to my 90 degree corners and alarm that he was “outside the working zone” and I couldn’t once get him to actually enter into his charging station.

Even if I set him right on the wire, 3 feet from the charger, and a straight shot home, he would turn of to the right at the last minute, bumping into the side of the house, causing him to reset and either try again, or wander off in another direction, simply refusing to fuel up so he wouldn’t have to be subjected to this disgraceful work environment any longer.

On the fourth day I commit to doing things right, 14″ gap from the fence/house, 2.5′ between pegs, nice round corners, and I used a trimmer to outline a trench down to the soil level for the wire.

The da** thing worked perfectly from that point forward. If you follow the directions, the Worx Landroid will serve you reliably and consistently.

Try to pull anything else, trust me, you will lose the battle.” Verified Amazon purchase by Lauren

Very pleased! Automatic Yardwork 🙂

“I have had this mower for one full season. The installation is full afternoon project. It took me a few hours for a yard that is about a ¼ of an acre.

The instructions are easy but you need to be detailed when going around your yard.

I followed the directions exactly as stated in the manual and had plenty of posts to anchor the wire down.

The mower uses the low voltage wire as a guide, half of the Landroid is on one side or the wire and half on the other when its returning to its home charging station. For areas where I had a more natural area I would get the wire closer to the edge of the grass.

For areas where I had a solid structure, like a fence or house, I would leave the exact margin as instructed.

The wire and charging station worked perfectly until I forgot to flag the wire and a lawn service I hired aerated the yard. I then had to do the wire all over again.

Word to the wise, flag the wire prior to Aerating so it does not get destroyed. Also map out your yard so you pick a spot to “hide” the mower.

I had it nest near a natural area that was close to a plug on the outside of my house. The wire that I installed around the yard laid on top of the yard at first but then became hidden after a few weeks.

It naturally fell into the grass and buried itself.

I have always cut my yard so out the gate I used another electric push mower to trim the yard short.

The Landroid is engineered to shave off small amounts of grass every time it cuts. Every month to month and a half I run the electric push mower around the edge of my yard where the Landroid does not reach due the guiding wire.

I went from mowing my yard 4 times a months to just doing basic trimming every month and a half. Plus the mower is a great conversation piece and fun to watch with a beer in hand.

My dog doesn’t seem to mind the mower and has quickly figured out what is “out of bounds” for the mower.

It has to be raining hard for the sensor to kick in and send it back to base so for the most part it trims the grass on schedule every week.

Programing the mower took a half hour and then I adjusted the schedule as needed.

You do have to keep sticks and small kids toys out of the yard. If the mower can make it over the item it will cut it up.

If the item is large the mower will bump into it and turn around. The blades are easy to replace and I either sharpen or replaced the blades twice a season.

The mower does an incredible job of mowing under my swing set. With a regular mower I could not reach this area and now I can.

At first I thought I would miss the “cut lines” in the yard that a traditional mower provides but the constant mowing keeps my grass cut short and you can not see the wheel lines created by the Landroid.

I only have the mower installed in my back yard, I don’t have an access area for the front so I still have to trim the grass in the front with my regular mower.

I do wish the mower was programmable via my cell phone so I could update the schedule easily.

I would also move the “Stop” button on the top of the mower or have a guard that covers it.

My tire swing and swing set toys are at just the right height that if the mower goes under them it will hit the stop button. I have since raised the tire swing to avoid the problem.

Overall I am very pleased with the Landroid. The set up took longer than I anticipated and you do need to keep your yard clean of debris.

I do unplug the mower and move it inside in the winter but I leave the charging station and wire installed in my yard.

I just added pictures. The are action shot of it actually mowing.

My grass was 4 inches tall and after 8 cycles of mowing it looks like the images below.

8 cycles is about two days of mowing for 8 hours a day….it mows and hour and then charges and hour.

I don’t have the mower run on the weekends because the kids think it s toy or something to hit with a baseball bat so the grass grew over a raining Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I started it mowing on Monday. By the end of day on Tuesday it looked like the picture below.

It did look patchy at first but after it got through a few mowing cycles it look great and randomly hit all of the spots in the yard.

I still need to trim around the edge but as you see in the picture 95% of the yard look awesome.

If you have a dog it will spread the poo out for you but I do advise picking it up as often as you can!” Verified Amazon purchase by Bragg Swain

Final Verdict On The WORX Landroid Robot Lawn Mower

The WORX Landroid is an incredible mower with a compact design that is both sturdy and efficient.

It is a ‘set & forget’ tool that is fully automated. The Worx can of your lawn by yourself and even returns to base for recharging on automatic.

It’s intended for effortless garden mowing and the set-up is easy.

It can handle sloped areas with up to a 20 degree (36%) incline or decline.

In terms of value for money the Landroid is way ahead of the competition offering similar functionality at a greatly reduced price.

It is also pretty sturdy and will be with you for a long period of time if you follow the recommended maintenance schedule (pretty routine stuff) in the owner’s manual.

The actual finished cut the Landroid produces is as expected from such a well known manufacturer.

If truth be told, as far as lawn results go, all the mowers covered in this review give an even, uniform cut when used within the parameters outlined (i.e. if you use any of these machines on extremely rough terrain you won’t get an even cut or, for example, you go over a 36° incline using a Robomow or Worx Landroid e don’t expect it to remain upright).

Of course for the vast majority of residential users extremely uneven terrain and/or incline/decline slopes over 36° are not going to be a problem.

As mentioned previously, at the time of writing (July 2017), the Worx Landroid offers the best value for money though may not be appropriate for someone with a lawn larger than 1/4 of an acre.

Worx Landroid WG794 features

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