Large Outdoor Metal Sculptures For Yard’s With Taste

large metal sculptures for sale

There are a lot of large outdoor metal sculptures for sale these days that are capable of improving just about any indoor space or outdoor landscape or home garden. The best large outdoor metal sculptures use striking metals with eye-popping and are made by craftsmen to serve both aesthetic and practical purposes.

6 Unique Large Outdoor Metal Sculptures That Will Make Any Yard Look Rich

If you’re looking for an indoor large metal sculptures for sale then the metal used for the sculptures construction will not matter that much.

However, if you want large outdoor metal sculptures to decorate your yard then the material is much more important. For example, an iron statue will rust quickly while a stainless steel or brass sculpture will resist the weather much better.

Our choices of large outdoor metal sculptures below are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The resilience of the metals used in our top picks are matched only by the beauty and pleasing contours of the sculptures themselves.

large metal sculptures number 1Metal stainless steel large outdoor metal sculpture

First of our large metal sculptures picksThis fabulous stainless steel abstract sculpture looks great and is sure to complement any environment.

It is constructed of stainless metal and measures 2130mm.

This sculpture is easy to move around and allows you to place it in an area where the beauty of your home will be more pronounced. Being made from stainless steel the large sculpture can also be placed outdoors and looks great in the garden.

The guests to your home will find its soft slender curves to be quite appealing.

The modern design is an extraordinary art treadmill of 5.9w offers owners of traditional styled homes something refreshing and can add to existing décor of a modern themed home.

The large modern stainless steel sculpture is perfect for indoor décor or for adding elegance to any outdoor space of home.

large metal sculptures number 2Tethys modern gold brass cube large outdoor metal sculptures table

large metal sculptures 2This gold brass modern cube can improve the aesthetics of any indoor space or as a garden ornament its brass construction makes it perfect.

Regardless of the location where you place this sculpture, this 30-inch high x 14.5 inches wide x 12 inches deep large outdoor metal sculpture is striking and draws attention immediately.

This brass sculpture can perfectly bring out the beauty of any indoor spot and as a garden ornament it stands out against any yard environment.

At 40 pounds it is fairly easy to move this sculpture from one place to another should you want to bring specific areas to life during the year.
large metal sculptures number 3

Beautiful large outdoor metal sculptures Radha Krishna statue

This gorgeous large 21″ brass metal sculpture is stunning and colorful.

The Krishna statue looks great any in any indoor location but is equally striking when placed in the yard or on lawn areas.

Although this large outdoor metal sculpture is perfect for indoor décor we love how you can bring color to your garden with this durable brass metal statue created by Colorful Turquoise Gemstones.

large metal krishna sculptureThe heavy statue of this famous Indian god and goddess measures 21 Inches in height and 11 Inches by width.

Guests who visit your home will love the statue of this beautiful couple because it not only looks spectacular but has a story of love behind.

This solid piece of brass metal is designed to represent the feminine and masculine aspects of God and symbolizes divine love.

In the he Vaishnavism religious tradition Krishna is said to be the supreme God of creation while Radha is his partner who displays the attributes of deep love.

The large metal sculpture has handset rare turquoise and coral stones that really help to bring out the vibrant colors.

The its unique hue of turquoise stones have meant they have been prized as ornamental gems for many thousands of years. They are rare and valuable in finer grades and have been used as expensive décor since the First Dynasty in Ancient Egypt, back in 3000 BC, and possibly even further back in history than that.

The Ancient Egyptians used the native Monitu from the Sinai Peninsula, a place referred to by the Egyptians as The Country of Turquoise, to mine the gem.

This beautiful large metal sculpture is a true work of art.

large metal sculptures number 4

Modern abstract hand-made large outdoor metal sculptures wall art

The fine combination of huge vibrant colors on this metal wall hanging, include blue, green, orange, and yellow are offset by the cold silver embellishment is capable of complementing any contemporary, modern, or traditional home décor.

This extra large 7 piece set of metal which comes to life in light is designed by Jon Allen.

large metal artwork
When you order this large outdoor metal sculpture measuring 96 in x 36 in x 2 in, a certificate of authenticity is included. Joe Allen also signs all his handmade pieces and their uniqueness can only add to their value over time; not only are they beautiful works of décor art but they are solid investments.

You also get a spacing of 1 in dimension in between the panels in addition to a helpful measuring tool guide.

These pieces work well in the horizontal or landscape positions depending on your taste and the space you wish to beautify.

On a practical level provision is made for pre-installed brackets to allow for a simple installation.

The quality of this artwork is awe-inspiring and as it is made from aluminum it is much lighter than most other metal artworks and hangs easily without worrying about damaging the wall.

large metal sculptures number 5

Angel large outdoor metal sculptures

This product designed by Holly Lentz will easily catch the attention of your home guests.

angel large metal sculpture for saleThe female angel sculpture is made from a combination of steel and aluminum.

This beautiful hand-made sculpture will definitely add elegance and beauty to any home.

This unique one-of-a-kind sculpture is of a female angel comes with a solid stand constructed from welded steel so the piece is designed to be used free standing art.

The earth tone gives the sense of an oil-rubbed bronze finish with striking copper highlights.

The angel wings are hand cut from aluminum and hand finished to add texture and dimension to the torso.

large metal sculptures number 6Toperkin Musical large outdoor metal sculpture of female

This beautiful female statue is made from quality bronze, brass and copper and measures an impressive 24″ x 10″ 10″.

musical female large metal sculpture for saleIt is a large outdoor metal statue designed to free-stand impressively wherever you place the product in your home or garden.

The sculpture is not only aesthetically pleasing but is well-designed and durable.

This statue which makes use of investment casting, manual engraving and polishing technology.

The classical style of the sculpture has real personality and a classy-feel that would beautify any space in the home.

Large metal sculptures have the capability to improve your garden and home in general.

Large metal sculptures for sale like the ones above go beyond occupying space but go a long way to improving your home décor.

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