John Deere D130 Vs E130: Pros & Cons Of Both

John Deere D130 vs E130

If you are tired of traditional, manually working lawn mowers, or even self-propelled walk-behind mowers, then you might be looking into purchasing a riding mower. You will find several riding lawn mowers on the market but not all are made equal. You need one that is not only easy to drive but that’s also efficient at cutting. Since there are a huge number of options out there, it can be difficult to pick the right one. To help you pick the right one, we are going to be comparing two of the best riding lawn mowers by John Deere – John Deere D130 and the John Deere E130.

About the John Deere Company

John Deere is a popular name in outdoor gardening and landscaping equipment. However, the John Deere name is often most associated with tractors, high-powered farming equipment and agricultural tools. The US-based firm was founded in 1837 and has been going strong ever since putting quality before profit with every item they manufacturer.

The company believes in innovation and is known for producing extremely high-quality products across the outdoor and agriculture sector. And, it is this commitment to quality in agriculture that has been transferred to their residential and commercial lawn mowers.

You will find some incredible features on their lawn mowers including a lighter drive, more powerful blades with a greater cutting capacity and even a greater horsepower engine. All this usually comes at a fairly low price as well.

Today I will cover the D130 and E130 John Deere riding mowers to see how they compare and how they differ so you can make an more informed choice about which one is better for you.

John Deere D130 Vs E130 Reviews

While the D series came before the E series it is in no way inferior. Obviously being around longer sales of the D130 exceed the newer the model. However the E series continues to grow in popularity among a number of people largely because of its large engine capacity and cutting efficiency.

To really understand the differences between the two, take a look at our detailed review of each model outlined below.

Features and Functions

Both D130 and E130 lawn mowers offer ease of use, an overall superior cut and come with some great additional features:

1.  Engine Type

The engine determines how powerful a machine is. A riding mower engine has to be strong enough to pull the weight of the machine while also powering the cutting blades but must also be durable.

A weak engine will not be able to cut tough grass when it is being strained, this is especially the case on rough or sloped terrains.

Let’s take a look at each mower’s engine.

D130 Lawn Mower Engine

The John Deere D130 lawn mower boasts a Briggs and Stratton 40 engine with a capacity of 0.7 liters.

To put this into perspective, the lawn mower runs on 22 HP. The cylindrical shape of the engine allows more torque and ensures it works well even on very rough or sloping surfaces.

We liked how the engine is able to work consistently at a steady pace without loss of power or stuttering across a wide range of different terrains. You will not have to face a deteriorating performance over time either as the engine has a great track record for durability.

Additionally, the engine of the John Deere D130 lawn mower features an overhead valve that provides more running power to the machine without wasting fuel. This makes it a very energy-efficient engine that requires less fuel than previous models.

E130 lawn mower Engine

Similar to the D130 lawn mower, the E130 also boasts a v-twin cylindrical engine and features an overhead valve.

In terms of engine efficiency, the E130 also runs on 22 horsepower, similar to its counterpart, the D130.

However, what sets the E series apart from the D series is its cast-iron liners that surround the engine. They do a good job of keeping it safe from external impacts that can lead to long-term damage.

All thanks to this feature, you get an engine that is built to last for a long time. If you intend to use your riding mower for commercial landscaping or you regularly encounter very challenging terrain with potentially hazaderous obstacles the E130 will offer your engine that extra protection it will need.

2.  The cutting system

Whether it’s the E series or the D series, you will quickly learn why the cutting feature should be of most interest when it comes to both machines.

The company excels when it comes to their lawn mower cutting systems and John Deere is known to be quite creative with their blades and blade set-up.

D130 cutting system

The D130 features a mower deck with a cutting width of almost 42 inches which is quite wide.

However, once you attach it to the machine and run the two together, you get a cutting width of 52 inches. This is enough to get done with a huge lawn in no time. You will not be spending hours cutting grass as the blade covers such a large cutting area.

While the cutting area is a great feature but what makes the cutting system of the D130 riding mower truly innovative is its system of making use of two spindles to lift grass up before cutting. This provides a clean and even cut without the added frustration of going over the area multiple times. One pass is usually enough.

Also, when it comes to the mower deck, cutting efficiency is not the only factor that the manufacturers have kept in mind when designing this machine.

The mower deck comes painted with a coating of powder paint that prevents any rusting on the deck. Hence, you will be able to work on freshly-watered grass without having to worry about damaging the bodywork on your mower.

E130 cutting system

Similar to the D130, the E130 lawn mower also features a 42-inch mower deck fitted with two extremely sharp edge cutting blades.

In addition to the two blades, that provide a clear and clean cut free from split grass, the E130 allows you to adjust the height of the mower deck according to your preference. For the height, you can pick between 1-inch and 4-inches. Again, if the grass falls within this range only one pass will be required.

So, no matter how overgrown your lawn is, cutting it will be an easy and simple task.

3.  Driving style

Riding lawn mowers offer two styles: manual and automatic.

The difference between the two is the same as a manual-drive car and an automatic one.

So you can usually choose between a stick drive machine or an automatic though not necessarily from the same manufacturer. Both manual and automatic setups have their pros and cons, and in the end, the decision is entirely up to your own personal preference.

D130 driving style

If speed and ease-of-use is what you want then you will be pleased to hear that the John Deere D130 makes use of an automatic transmission.

This system makes use of a special lubricant to drive power from the engine to the wheels instead of using a traditional belt system. All thanks to this innovative feature, this lawn mower runs smoother.

The driving system is well-built and easy to master. However, we noticed that it might not be suitable for very short or very tall individuals. The pedal to seat ratio has been improved to accommodate people of different heights but can still cause inconveniences to some.

What sets the driving style of the D130 apart from the E130 is its cruise control option. With this special control, you can keep the lawn mower driving at a constant speed without constantly having to adjust it yourself.

E130 driving style

A good thing about this specific feature is that both the D130 and E130 make use of a hydrostatic transmission and automatic drive.

However, the only thing that may serve as a drawback to some is that the E130 does not feature cruise control. This means that you will manually have to keep the speed steady.

4.  Fuel capacity

There is no difference in the fuel capacities of the two riding mowers.

Both the D130 and E130 John Deere lawn mowers have a fuel tank with a capacity of 9.1 litres. This is an advantage because most lawn mowers consume 2.5 gallons of fuel per hour. If you have a medium-sized lawn, then this capacity will suit you best as you will not have to worry about constant refills.

On the other hand, both models have an efficiently placed mechanical fuel-gauge that you can view from the comfort of the driving seat.

Additionally, for extra user-convenience, the fuel tank filler is located right under the seat. Refilling the tank is easy and you will not have to worry about leaks or spills. Moreover, there’s a tethered fuel cap that you can easily lock and unlock to ensure there’s no fuel theft.

5.  Battery

The type of battery installed on your lawn mower matters to a greater extent than you might realise because it is essentially the first source of power.

The company uses Mighty Max batteries that are known to be reliable and among the best on the market.

The D130 and E130 have a 12V Mighty Max battery that can be mounted in any position thanks to its innovative non-leak and shock-resistant design.

As you’d expect the battery features an alternator charging system.

We must also mention that these batteries come with 9 amps of power and hence are quick to charge. They’re also very durable and will easily last for about 3 years even with constant commercial use.

6.  Electric start

Although the E series lawn mowers came after the D series and are slightly larger in size, it is nice to know that the manufacturers gave both series an electrical start option for extra convenience.

Unlike self-start, you can simply press a button on your lawn mower and hear the sound of its engine spurring to life, ready to trim your lawn.

7.  Frame

D130 frame reliability

When we say that the John Deere D130 lawn mower has been built to last, we really do mean it.

The frame is built out of a 12-gauge and 0.11-inch of steel. With a solid frame, you get the utmost stability that gives you exactly what you pay for.

However, a slight downside is that it contains no other added features for protection against external impacts.

E130 Frame Reliability

Similar to the D130, the E130 lawn mower also has a 12-gauge steel frame for extra sturdiness and longer life.

If that is not enough, then remember the lawn mower has also been fitted with extra-strength rails made out of steel for added protection against impact.

8. Weather functionality

Although neither of the two John Deere models under observation has any built-in features to protect against freezing temperatures, they do have an auto-choke system.

You can turn this system off during cold days to make it easier for the lawn mower to start.

Additionally, John Deere has also provided its customers with a list of precautions to take care of to protect John Deere lawn mowers from succumbing to extremely cold temperatures.

Some of these tips include always keeping your machine greased and using Winter-Grade fuel when the temperature falls below zero.

The great news is that either of these machines can be used to plow through even the toughest of snow clearing jobs with the addition of a snow plow attachment.

9. Warranty and customer service: John Deere D130 Vs E130

All of the lawn tractors by John Deere come with a 2-year or 120 hour bumper-to-bumper warranty, whichever may come first.

Additionally, another great thing about this warranty is that John Deere offers an exchange and refund when you visit or contact them within 30-days of your purchase.

Next comes customer service.

The customer service team at John Deere is extremely helpful and prompt in their replies. John Deere has invested heavily in their customer service division (unlike some other companies we won’t mention).

Whether you want to reach the John Deere customer service staff through email or their helpline, whatever issue you have will be resolved in one contact in most instances. Their agents are professional, friendly, and appear to be well-informed.

Similarly, the official John Deere website is also packed full of everything from the company’s history, to product specifications and even some additional tips to help you get the most out of the machinery you purchase.

Pros and cons: John Deere D130 vs E130

John Deere D130 and E130 are two completely different series and each comes with its own pros and cons.

Let’s take a look at those now.

John Deere D130 pros and cons


  1. Strong engine that runs on 200 HP with a cylindrical torque for an extra smooth drive.
  2. Powder painted mowing deck to prevent rusting.
  3. Cruise control option for speed maintenance while mowing.


  1. The mowing deck has not been welded properly and may require extra purchases to fix it later down the line.

John Deere E130 pros and cons


  1. Cast iron protective frame surrounds the engine, thus increasing durability.
  2. Adjustable mowing deck height to provide an even and consistent cut.
  3. Easily accessible fuel tank for an easy and spill-free fill.


  1. The tires are bigger than those of the D130 and can sometimes dig into the mud if the ground is very wet and muddy.

Specifications: John Deere D130 Vs E130

John Deere D130

John Deere D130
Wheelbase 48.9 inches
Length 68.75 inches
Height 44.5 inches
Weight 470 lbs

John Deere E130

John Deere E130
Wheelbase 48.9 inches
Length 73.3 inches
Height 44.5 inches
Weight 438 lbs

Which lawn tractor will suit me best?

One thing to understand right off the bat is that the D130 lawn mower is smaller in size than the E130.

This is the biggest factor that sets the two mowers apart.

The D130 – or any other lawn mower in the D series – was built to work for light agricultural work or light commercial landscaping activity and works best if you have a medium-sized lawn.

If you intend on using your lawn mower for heavy agricultural work or large commercial jobs then it is best to go for the E130 model. The D130 is more than enough for residential use unless you live in The White House.

The price range is, of course, on the heftier size for the E series. But, you will get exactly what you pay for whether you decide to invest in the D130 or the E130.

FAQ: John Deere D130 Vs E130

Which lawn tractor is easier to use? 

Which of these lawn mowers is easier to use? Well, it depends entirely on how much experience you have with a riding mower. However, if you are a beginner and are not sure of how things work then you might be better off getting the John Deere D130.

However, both lawn mowers are easy to use, specifically for those who drive other vehicles on a daily basis.

Which is the cheaper option?

When it comes to the price, the smaller lawn mower, i.e, the D130, is the cheaper option. Being bigger in size, the E130 is the more expensive option.

You have a better chance of picking up a used D130 simply because there has been more sold because the lawn tractor is the older of the two models.

Which lawn mower should I pick if I am new to it?

If you are new to riding lawn mowers and want to test the waters first, then it would be best to go for the smaller option, aka, the D130 lawn mower.

This is best for beginners not only because of its smaller size, but also because it consists of a number of features that make it easier to drive and use.

These features include a cruise-control option, an electric start, and most importantly, a well-measured seat to pedal ratio.

However, the main consideration when choosing between a D130 and an E130 should be the size of the lawn you will be regularly cutting and/or the gardening jobs you need the lawn tractor for. Smaller jobs and a smaller lawn suit the smaller machine, the D130, better. Bigger lawns, commercial work or heavy gardening activities will be better served with the larger E130.

What things are not covered by the warranty?

A few of the things that are not warranted include:

  1. Normal wear and tear due to regular use.
  2. Lawn mowers that have been modified.
  3. Parts that require maintenance.
  4. Any issues caused as a result of no maintenance or neglect.

Do both the D130 and E130 lawn mowers require the same sized tires?

Since the E130 lawn mower was built to work in larger spaces, it features tires that are larger in size when compared to the D130 lawn mower.

Using the E130 lawn mower in smaller lawns may result in the tire getting stuck in muddy areas, and causing problems for you.

Obviously replacing the tires on the E130 will cost more than the smaller D130.

Conclusion: John Deere D130 Vs E130

Whether you choose the D130 lawn mower or the E130, one thing is certain: John Deere offers quality and you will get what you pay for.

While both the D130 and the E130 work well in any situation and on any terrain the one that is right for you will be the one most suited to your lawn size and gardening/landscaping activities.

Pick one according to your requirements and make sure to take good care of the machine and it will last you decades.

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