Best Single Stage, Two Stage & Three Stage Snow Blowers

highest rated snow blowers

Don’t you just hate it when you have thick snow all over your sidewalks, driveway, or patio? If this is a recurring seasonal problem for you then you are in luck because we are going to discuss the 6 highest rated snow blowers on the market today.

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The 6 Best Snow Blowers On Today’s Market

We look at the highest rated snow blowers from small single-stage machines for moderate snow, to monster 2-stage snow blowers that can tackle heavy snow fall, all the way to the top-of-the-range 3-stage snow blowers for shifting that wet heavy snow.

The 3 Types of Snow Blowers

Before you start to shop for a snow blower you should know that not all snow blowers are created equal.

Snow blowers come three main categories and each snow blower category is best suited to different jobs.

The 3 types of snow blowers are:

  1. Single-stage
  2. Two-stage
  3. Three-stage

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between these 3 snow blower types.

single stage snow blowerSingle stage snow blowers

Single-stage snow blowers can be powered by either gas or electric.

These type of snow blowers are ideal for light to moderate snow and can’t really be used on fairly heavy snow as they can only blow up to 8 inches deep of snow.

They are not suited for use on wet snow or very compacted snow.

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Two stage snow blowers

two stage snow blowerTwo-stage snow blowers are gas-powered models.

These snow blowers are more powerful than the single-stage snow blowers.

Two-stage snow blowers can handle moderate to heavy snow as they can blow up to 32 inches deep of snow.

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Three stage snow blowers

three stage snow blowerThree-stage snow blowers are the most recent models.

They are designed to handle wet and very heavy snow.

Although they usually don’t blow snow that is as deep as their two-stage cousins – being able to blow snow up to 24 inches deep – they work 10 times faster than the other stage blowers and are the only type that can easily handle wet snow.

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Now, that we covered the differences between the different stages let’s look at the 6 highest rated snow blowers on the market based on the stage type, the  size of the blower and its capabilities.

Highest Rated Snow Blowers number 1

1. The Best Gas-Powered Single Stage Snow Blower – The Honda  20″

This single-stage snow blower from Honda is a great choice for people who have to deal with light to medium snow fall.

single-stage - highest rated snow blowersThe unit delivers decent snow blowing capabilities and even in the coldest days this blower will start without any problem.

The Honda offers snow blowing 20″ high

The adjustable Snow Director gives you an easy time when controlling the direction of the snow.

This blower comes with a rugged construction that enhances its durability.

The fuel cap and recoil grip are glove-friendly, so you won’t have to take off your gloves in the cold weather.

The blower clears an impressive 20″ and can blow snow up 33 feet!

It can shift 1800lbs of snow per minute

This is a single-stage blower is a great residential machine that will handle most residential jobs and  spaces.

This Honda machine can throw up to 1800 pounds of snow per minute.

It is a semi-self-propelled auger drive, which leads to easy operation.

Comes with a 120 volt electric start & is powered by a 190cc motor

The blower features a 120 volt electric start that gives you an easy time when you want to get started with your snow blowing. Honda has thrown in a free recoil start for backup.

It is powered by a powerful 190cc engine (bigger than some motorbikes).

We love the Honda 4-stroke technology that is not only fuel efficient but also helps the machine to start without any hassle.

204 degree chute control & a throwing distance of 33 feet

This blower has a 204 degrees chute radius, which means you can control the direction of the snow with more freedom than most other machines at this price-point.

highest rated snow blowersIt also comes with a maximum throw distance of around 33 feet.

This is a fairly powerful machine for a single-stage snow blower.

The Pros

  • Single-stage
  • 4 cycle, 190Cc Honda OHC engine
  • Gas-powered
  • Clears 20″
  • Throws snow up to 33 feet
  • Electric start
  • Easy to control
  • Semi self-propelled
  • Lightweight
  • Easy maneuverable
  • High-grade metal auger housing for extra durability
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Great residential blower
  • Affordable price

The Cons

  • It is only suited to light or medium snow
  • Not good for commercial use
  • It might not handle wet snow so well

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Highest Rated Snow Blowers number 2

2. The Best Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower – The PowerSmart 18″

The PowerSmart DB2401 is one of the best cordless snow blowers out there.

It has a compact size, and it is also light enough to give you an easy time as you push it.

The PowerSmart blows snow 18″ high

Powersmart DB2401 - highest rated snow blowersThe PowerSmart can blow snow up to 18″ high and 30 feet away.

It is a single-stage snow blower.

The blower performs really well but only holds a charge for about 25 minutes which is the price you pay if you want to go green and have the freedom of movement (i.e. no electrical cord).

Although this may be enough time for most residential users it falls desperately short for commercial use or for those who live in areas that get heavy snow or have large areas to clear.

Fairly powerful for its size & power unit

This is a single-stage blower that packs quite a bit of power for its size despite its limited time-usage.

There is no complicated or multiple gears on this unit.

All you have to do is push the red button on the right side, and pull the handle bar as you push the machine forward.

A 70 minute charge gives 25 minutes of use

This snow blower is a cordless, electric unit that runs on a powerful 40 volt rechargeable battery.

It takes around 70 minutes to charge, and it will run for around 25 minutes on a full charge.

180 degree chute control with throwing distance of 30 feet

The chute rotates 180 degrees to let you choose your ideal direction for throwing the snow.

Powersmart - highest rated snow blowersThis 18″ snow blower can throw snow up to 30 feet away.

The Pros

  • It is compact and lightweight
  • Clears 18″ of snow
  • Throws up to 30 feet
  • Low carbon-footprint
  • It is cordless and runs on a rechargeable battery
  • You don’t need any gas/oil
  • The simple design makes it easy to use
  • It is easy to start, just two simple steps

The Cons

  • The blower can’t really handle heavy or wet snow
  • The battery life may not be long enough for sustained use

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Highest Rated Snow Blowers number 3

3. The Best 16″ Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower – EJWOX 16″

This EJWOX 16″ snow thrower is specifically designed for residential areas.

When not is use it is easily folded via the the collapsible handlebar.

It is very lightweight and easy to move, so along with its folding capability this snow blower is easy to store and takes up very little space.

Ejwox 16 cordless - highest rated snow blowersThe Ejwox runs on 5″ wheels for easy maneuverability.

The handle is adjustable, so you can set it according to your height and personal comfort level.

The EJWOX blows snow 16″ high

The EJWOX electric snow blower can blow snow up to 16″ high which in pretty impressive for a machine that is electrically powered.

It is a single-stage snow blower.

The blower can be used for an indefinite period as it is corded and works through a direct connection to an electrical outlet socket.

Can shift up to 700lbs of snow per minute

This is a single-stage blower that can move and throw up to 700 pounds of snow per minute.

This machine is small, but works wonders when it comes to blowing snow.

It doesn’t come with gears.

Just a push of a button and a pull of the handle bar and you are good to go.

The corded power unit comes with a 13.75 ” long cord

This blower is powered by a 9 Amp electric motor that performs well and consistently.

As it is a corded blower there is no worries about running out of “juice”. As long as you have a normal electrical circuit in your home the output of the machine stays constant even with sustained use.

The cord length is 13.75″. You will need to get an extension cord if you want any type of reach using this machine.

Ejwox - highest rated snow blowersIt performs well in a subzero environment.

90 degree chute control with a throw distance of 16 feet

The maximum throw distance is 16 ft.

It has an adjustable 90-degree chute so you can throw the snow in any direction you please.

The Pros

  • It is heavy duty and runs on a powerful motor
  • Clears 16″ of snow
  • Throws snow up to 30 feet
  • The handle bar is friendly to any user
  • It is one of the cheapest on the market
  • Has a low carbon-footprint
  • Never runs out of electric as it is corded & connected directly to electrical socket
  • It is easy to use

The Cons

  • It is heavier than similar-sized units
  • It is corded, which limits its reach
  • Requires an extension cord (like this one from Home Depot)

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Highest Rated Snow Blowers number 4

4. The Best 24″ Two Stage Snow Blower – Ariens Compact 24″

This beast comes with foldable handles for easy storage.

It features a one-hand control panel that makes it extremely easy to use; the interlocking handles free up a hand to operate the chute controls.

You can also adjust the metal skid shoes if you have a gravel driveway.

Luckily, you may change the metal skin shoes with polyethylene shoes if you are working on delicate surfaces.

The Ariens 24″ blows snow 24″ high

Ariens 2-stage - highest rated snow blowersThis is a two-stage snow blower.

As this is the next generation up from a single-stage snow blower it offers more power and better snow blowing capabilities.

It is strong enough to move up to 58 tons of snow per hour thanks to its 24″ clearing width and powerful engine.

It features a 12″ impeller, along with a commercial-grade cast-iron gear case.

It has 3 freeze-resistant blades.

Blows snow forward and in reverse

The gears are also made of alloy steel, so you won’t have to worry about them catching rust.

The blower also has six forward speeds and two reverse gears.

The 280cc motor is electrically started

This two-stage snow blower comes with a powerful 280 cc engine.

It runs on a 120 volt electric start battery, along with a recoil for emergency starts.

This is a powerful snow blower that can handle both residential and commercial usage.

200 degree chute control with a throwing distance of 40 feet

This one features a steel chute that can rotate 200 degrees.

Ariens - highest rated snow blowersIts maximum throw distance is around 40 ft.

The Pros

  • Gas powered 280 cc engine
  • Clears 24″ of snow
  • Throws up to 40ft
  • It has a user-friendly design for one-hand operation
  • The blower features commercial-grade cast-iron gear case that is rust/freeze resistant
  • The blades are freeze resistant
  • Self-propelled movement
  • Reverse operation
  • It is an all-steel blower that will work efficiently and steadily in the snow
  • You can change the metal skid shoes if you’re working on a delicate surface
  • Lightweight for a gas blower
  • Can be used commercially

The Cons

  • It might not work so well on ice
  • Not great for wet snow
  • Some users complain that it is too loud

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Highest Rated Snow Blowers number 55. The Best 32″ Two Stage Snow Blower – The Ariens 32″

This 420 cc snow blower from Ariens, The Ariens Polar Force, is the perfect choice if you are looking for a heavy-duty blower.

It comes with an all-steel construction, along with standard drift cutters.

We love the strong 16″ steel auger that lets this beast go through the hardest and thickest of snow with ease.

Ariens Polar Force - highest rated snow blowersWith the auto-turn steering, you can enjoy a blower that maneuvers easily as you get rid of even the toughest of snow.

A really neat feature is the heated handles that keep your hands warm in very low temperatures.

The Ariens 32″ blow snows 32″ high

The Ariens Polar Force is a monster machine.

It is a two-stage snow blower.

It can blow snow up to 32″ high.

Powered by a 420cc motor this snow blower is commercial grade

The Ariens Polar Force is powdered by a 420 cc Briggs And Stratton engine.

The Polar Force engine is developed to work effectively in a sub-zero environment.

The Blower comes with a 120 volt electric start, which is backed by a mitten-grip recoil for emergencies.

It can easily handle 2ft high snow

This is a two-stage blower that can help you get rid of up to 2ft of snow pile.

Thanks to the commercial-quality gear case, you can enjoy a strong blower that moves swiftly even in thick snow.

It has alloy steel gears, along with a synthetic gear oil.

There are six forwards, and two reverse gears.

200 degree chute control with a throwing distance of 50 feet

The steel chute rotates 200 degrees. This means that it can throw snow in typically any direction you want.

Ariens 32 inch - highest rated snow blowersThe best part is that it has an adjustable throwing distance that ranges between 3 ft to 50 ft. That’s pretty impressive.

The Pros

  • Gas powered 420 cc engine
  • Powerful Briggs & Stratton engine that pushes the machine through thick and hard snow pile
  • Clears 32″ of snow
  • Adjustable snow throwing starting at 3ft
  • Throws up to 50ft
  • Strong and durable
  • Auto-turn technology for swift turning
  • It features innovative handles that keep your hands/fingers warm in subzero temperatures
  • 200-degree turn radius to give you more control when throwing the white stuff
  • 6 forward speeds
  • Reverse operation
  • Terrific for residential use
  • Great for commercial use

The Cons

  • It is quite pricey
  • It might be too big for a small driveway/sidewalk
  • Might be better suited to commercial users or people with very large areas to clear

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Highest Rated Snow Blowers number 6

6. The Best Three Stage Snow Blower – Troy-Bilt 24″

The Troy-Bilt Vortex is a three-stage top of the range snow blower that can handle any type of snow.

If you have to deal with wet snow then you need a three-stage snow blower.

It has a powerful engine and a host of extra features that you just don’t get on lesser machines.

The Vortex is designed with 15″ x 5″ X-TRAC air-free tires that allow you to plow through any type of snow easily.

Troy-Bilt 3-stage Vortex - highest rated snow blowersIt is equipped with an in-dash headlight for safer operation in low light conditions.

The Troy-Bilt 24″ is wide & throws snow 24″ high

The Vortex can clear snow 24″wide and 21″ deep in just one pass.

The ‘Just One Hand Operation’ lets the snow thrower do the work for you with very little effort on your part and frees-up a hand for operating the controls.

The three-stage design incorporates a 12″ accelerator that spins 10x faster than augers to break down heavy snow easily or shift wet snow with ease.

Powered by an OHV electric start 277cc motor

The Troy-Bilt Vortex 24″ snow blower is powered by a 277 cc, 4-cycle, all-wheel drive OHV electric start gas engine.

It has 6 forward gears and 2 reverse gears

It is equipped with Touch ‘N Turn power steering for easier operation.

It has 6 forward gears and 2 reverse.

4-way pitch & full chute control with a throwing distance of 50 feet

The 4-Way remote pitch and chute control is joystick operated and allows you to easily manage and change snow discharge direction.

Troy-Bilt Vortex - highest rated snow blowersThe Troy-Bilt Vortex can throw snow up to 50ft though you should be aware that wet snow will not throw that far.

The Pros

  • 3-stage snow blower
  • 3-stage design can handle any type of snow including wet snow
  • Available in 24″ and 26″
  • Gas powered 277 cc on 24″ (347 cc on 26″)
  • Clears 24″ of snow (26″ on 26″ model)
  • Throws up to 50ft
  • Touch ‘N Turn power steering
  • 4-Way remote pitch and chute control
  • Joystick operated
  • 6 forward gears and 2 reverse
  • The 3-stage design incorporates the 12″ accelerator that spins 10x faster than augers
  • Breaks down heavy snow
  • Easily handles wet snow
  • In-dash headlight
  • Airless tires
  • Fantastic for residential & commercial use

The Cons

  • Low handle height may be a problem for very tall users
  • Pricey (though cheaper than many 2-stage machines)

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Comparison Chart Of The 6 Best Snow Blowers

Comparison Chart for Highest Rated Snow Blowers
Honda PowerSmart EJWOX Ariens Compact Ariens Troy-Bilt
Stage single-stage single-stage 2-stage 2-stage 2-stage 3-stage
Clearing Width 20" 18" 16" 24" 32" 24"
Engine gas electric electric gas gas gas
Power 190cc 40V cordless 9 Amp corded 280 cc 420 cc 277 cc
Chute/Throwing (in feet) 33 30 16 40 50 50
Snow Type moderate moderate moderate moderate/ heavy moderate/ heavy moderate/ heavy/wet
Price Check Online Check Online Check Online Check Online Check Online Check Online

Conclusion; The 6 Best Snow Blowers – Stage One, Stage Two & Stage Three

Regardless of the snow blower you decide to go with, make sure that it is the right pick for you.

Always consider the size of your sidewalk, the amount of snow that falls in your area, the snow type that you plan to move and how frequent you will be using the blower.

Above all, choose a unit that is within your budget to let you maintain it with ease.

Not sure which machine type you need? Then read our snow blower buyer’s guide.

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