Cub Cadet 33 inch Walk Behind Mower

cub cadet 33 inch walk behind mower

Sometimes you need the size and maneuverability of a push mower but require the power of a riding mower. It’s in situations like this that the Cub Cadet 33″ walk behind mower CC800 excels.

The Cub Cadet 33 inch walk behind mower is the perfect wide area cut machine for people with challenging or tough areas to mow or those who just want to get their mowing jobs done faster.

It offers all the ease of use you would expect from a walk behind mower but has the power and cutting capacity of a riding mower. Let’s take a look at what this machine can do and what it can’t.

The Cub Cadet 33″ Walk Behind Mower Review

the cub cadet 33 inch walk behind mower

Cub cadet 33 walk behind product Info

Product info:

  • Self-Propelled Lawn Mower.
  • Wide area cut.
  • 382cc Cub Cadet branded engine.
  • Gas powered.
  • Mulch & Side-Discharge.
  • Zero-turn maneuverability.

Cub cadet 33 walk behind features


  • 33″ dual blade cutting deck.
  • Cutting height: 1.25″ to 3.5″.
  • Rear-wheel drive.
  • Perfect for 1/2 – 1 Acre.
  • Terrain Type: Uneven with Obstacles.
  • 3-year warranty.


Cub Cadet 33″ Walk Behind Mower

  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Adjustable speed
  • Hour meter & keyed start
  • Rust resistant deck
cub cadet 33 inch walk behind mower

The mowing deck gives value for money

The CC800 is designed to handle rough terrain and the mowing deck of this Cub Cadet 33 inch walk behind mower is also among the widest in the industry.

Cub Cadet 33 inch walk behind mowerIt is an almost an equal to the Troy-Bilt WC33 and the Swisher Predator but is considerably cheaper than the Troy Bilt and has a wider cutting deck than the Swisher.

There are some differences between the machines that you can see in the comparison chart below. But the main difference between the machines is that the former tend to be more popular with commercial users while the Cub Cadet has found favor with residential users.

The deck is designed to tackle the most difficult of tasks this walk behind mower is capable of giving a superior cut finish every time.

Some of the powerful features on offer include:

The 33″ cut width is achieved with twin blades

cub cadet 33 inch walk behind mowerThe 33″ deck is made from 13 gauge stamped steel that offers longer life and the capability to take on very tough terrain. With 33″ coverage it covers a wide area on every sweep.

The twin blades give exceptional mulching or side discharge for perfect results whether you want a cut height of 1.25″ or up to 3.5″ or any of the 8 cut heights available.

The dual blades ensure that you get a superior cut at all times.

The adjustable 8 position cutting heights are easily accessible via a conveniently placed single lever.

Mulching & side discharge come as standard with optional bagging available

The CC800 may be a walk behind mower but it offers the same type of results you would expect only from a riding mower.

The side discharge cut is what we have come to expect from Cub Cadet with cuttings that are fine enough to be left on the lawn without the need for raking.

The mulching is exceptional. Saving for the smell of freshly cut grass visitors to your home would not be able to tell the grass had just been cut.

There is the option for bagging but you will need to purchase a bagger separately.

The engine on the cub cadet 33 walk behind offers power without compromise

Cub Cadet 33 inch walk behind mower 382cc engine

The 382 cc Cub Cadet OHV engine provides more than enough power for even the toughest of jobs.

It isn’t just the 33 inches of cutting width that explains why it is able to cover a lot of ground and get the job done faster it’s also due to the power of the engine and the variable speeds the machine offers.

The CC800 is capable of supplying more CFM than the other machine in its category.

The cub cadet 33 walk behind has a handy key start mechanism & AutoChoke

The electric start ensures starting the 382cc Cub Cadet performance-tuned OHV engine with thermal AutoChoke is effortless.

The engine is backed by the SureStart guarantee: the ultimate in easy starting, at the push of a button, this engine will easily start or restart after taking a break.

Cub Cadet CC800 controls

Ergonomic controls & superior transmission make the cub cadet 33 walk behind a real winner

The variable 4-speed drive system allows you to set your speed based on terrain and personal preference.

There are 4 forward speeds and 1 reverse speed.

Separate drive controls and blade brake clutch, allows blades to be engaged or disengaged while operating.

The variable speed & reverse controls means an even cut every time

The fact that the CC800’s speed can be adjusted is another big plus.

With its adjustable speed feature, it is easy to set the speed required to get the job done based on the terrain. Its variable 4-speed drive system means that a user is able to drive this mower at four different speeds and be able to reverse as well.

Cub Cadet 33 inch walk behind mower CC800Speed is controlled via the the fully Adjustable handlebar which has been designed to provide maximum comfort to users of different heights.

Commercial level performance makes puts the cub cadet 33 walk behind in a class of its own

The Cub Cadet 33″ CC800 covers more ground easily than most standard lawn mowers due to its power and its 33″ cutting deck.

The caster wheels enable users can mow more uniformly in a straight lines.

Starting the engine of this powerful walk behind mower is easy because it uses an electric start.

The thermal AutoChoke provided ensures that all it takes to start it is the push of a button. It comes in the form of a recoil backup.

The cut is exceptional though we advise you do not mow at top speed if you are on very uneven terrain as you will inevitably scalp the lawn.

Top speed mowing on even or standard terrain will give you excellent results.

One of the few available walk behind machines that has zero turn capability

cub cadet 33 inch walk behind mowerThe 8″  ball-bearing caster front wheels give ultimate maneuverability and the CC800 can perform zero-turns while cutting.

Only a few walk behind mowers have zero turn maneuverability as this is a feature that is usually only available on ZT riding mowers.

The ability of this walk behind mower to move over uneven ground while maintaining an even cut is due in part to its 16″ pneumatic rear wheels.

These pneumatic wheels ensure that superior traction exists regardless of the terrain.

In addition, the high rear wheels are designed to operate smoothly over uneven terrains.

Cleaning & maintenance is made easy with the patented SmartJet system

The CC800 33″ walk-behind has Cub Cadet’s patented SmartJet high-pressure deck washing system that they use on their zero turn riding mowers and lawn tractors.

Just attach a garden hose, turn on the water and the deck will clean itself.

Despite all of its wonderful capabilities, there is little to worry about in terms of maintaining this mower.

It comes with an hour meter that keeps the user abreast of the mower’s status in addition to its maintenance schedule.

The 2 gallon gas tank comes with a fuel site window thus ensuring the user will never run out of fuel due to oversight.

Still going strong after 6 years of use (video review)


Available at Home Depot

Comparison chart of the cub cadet 33 walk behind and similar models

Below is a quick view comparison chart with the top two 33″ walk behind mowers.

Features Cub Cadet CC800 33" Troy Bilt WC33 33" Swisher Predator Talon Commercial Pro Rough Cut Mower
Engine 382 cc Cub Cadet OHV engine Troy-bilt 420 Series OHV 420cc 382 cc Briggs & Stratton
Cutting Deck 13 Gauge Steel Rust Resistant 7 Gauge Steel Heavy-duty Fabricated Deck
Blade(s) 2 Steel 2 Steel 1 G6 Commercial
Cutting Height 1.5" – 3.5" 1.5" – 3.5" 2.75" – 4.5"
Cutting Width 33" 33" 24"
Transmission System 4-Speed Transmission 4-Speed Transmission 4-Speed Transmission
Electric Start Yes Yes Yes
Wheels 8" Front 16" Rear 8" Front 18" Rear 8" Front 18" Rear
Warranty 3 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Price check price at Home Depot check price on Amazon check price on Amazon

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