5 Best Commercial Lawn Sprayers. Handheld To Tow Behind

commercial lawn sprayer equipment

With so much  commercial lawn sprayer equipment on the market it can be difficult to know which one is the best fit for your particular needs. So we have taken the headache out of choosing the top sprayers by finding and reviewing the best six commercial lawn sprayers available on the market.

We have chosen the commercial lawn sprayer equipment based on functionality. Below are reviewed the best:

  1. Tow behind sprayer.
  2. Commercial sprayer (mounted for lawn tractor/riding mower/ATV).
  3. Wheeled sprayer (marketed as residential use but good for commercial use).
  4. Backpack sprayer.
  5. Handheld sprayer.


Commercial Lawn Sprayer Equipment Dollars number 11. The Best Tow Behind Sprayer Is From North Star

Powered by a 160cc Honda GC160 Engine, this North Star sprayer can hold up to 55 gallons in its extra-thick-wall tank.

This sprayer is good we have reviewed it twice. See pull behind sprayer for lawn tractor use.

North Star - Commercial Lawn Sprayer EquipmentThe tank is UV-stabilized so it can protect from the degradation that is present in fluorescent light and protect the tank from the effects of UV rays.

Its 6″ tank lid is large enough to support easy filling and there is handy drainage provided at the bottom to enable easy emptying.

The tank also has a liter fill gauge with markings so you know exactly how much liquid is left in the tank.

Its chemical-resistant design prevents it from sagging or bulging due to erosion from commercial chemicals.

The sprayer is capable of performing efficient broadcast spraying using boomless nozzles that deliver a large 32-feet spray as well as economical spot spraying.

The 20ft.L reinforced poly vinyl chloride hose means the monitoring of the chemical flow is simple.

It is easy to control the direction of the spray while its powerful 4-roller pump consistently delivers up to 7 GPM.

The sprayer performs really well on rough terrain giving an even spread even over very bumpy ground partly due to the 18″ pneumatic wheels (usually found on high-end lawn tractors and wide area cut zero turn walk behinds – like the cub Cadet 33 inch walk behind mower).

It is capable of spraying evenly over rough terrain even while supporting the full weight of a filled tank.

Check price at Home Depot.

North Star commercial sprayer performance (video)


Available from Home Depot

Commercial Lawn Sprayer Equipment Dollars number 22. The Best Commercial Lawn Sprayer Is The Mounted Chapin EZ Dripless

The 25 gallon tank of this Chapin commercial sprayer is easily mounted on ATVs and most lawn tractors.

Designed as a chemical-resistant, translucent sprayer with heavy-duty tank, this product can comfortably hold any common fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides.

It is easy to fill the tank through the 5″ tank lid and as you’d expect there is a convenient drain plug for easy emptying and cleaning.

chapin sprayer 25 gal - commercial lawn sprayer equipmentAlthough the Chapin EZ Mount Dripless Sprayer is designed for commercial lawns, agriculture, large garden lawns, and garden turfs it is not really a good fit for residential use due to its large spread area.

It is a commercial sprayer and should therefore not be used very close to your living area if you have filled it with commercial chemicals.

The dimension of this sprayer  is 17.75” (H) x 36” (L) x 17.75” (W).

It has with an adjustable spray tip and features a high-performing 2.0 GPM 12 Volt diaphragm pump in addition to a dual filtration system.

The pump comes with quick connect alligator clips.

The maximum pressure of 60 psi is capable of delivering a up to 30 feet of vertical spray and 26 feet horizontal spray with a very wide coverage area.

Other notable features include:

  • An 18″ spray wand that includes a dripless shut-off feature.
  • A 15 foot reinforced corrosive-resistant hose.
  • A manifold with pressure gauge.
  • And an optional 7 feet and 16 feet coverage spray boom kit.


Chapin 25 gal. commercial sprayer performance (video)

Please note price mentioned is from 2013.
Available at low cost from Home Depot

Commercial Lawn Sprayer Equipment Dollars number 3

3. The Best Wheeled Lawn Sprayer Is The Workhorse Commercial

The Workhorse 5 gallon sprayer is the perfect wheeled sprayer for commercial use.

Powered by a 12 volt rechargeable battery this sprayer is capable of spraying up to 40 gallons on just one charge.

The sprayer is lever-handle controlled and you can adjust the nozzle easily to fit your spraying pattern needs.

This wheeled spray wagon comes with many professional grade features such as:

  • 5 gallon polyethylene tank.
  • Lever handgun with fully adjustable nozzle.
  • Telescopic carry handle.
  • 9 ft. coil hose.
  • Can discharge up to 40 gallons on single charge.
  • No assembly required.

This wheeled sprayer is not just good for lawns but can be used with weed killers on decks, patios and paved areas. It is great for pest control.

Can also be used for watering as long as it is kept for that specific purpose (it is almost impossible to clean out all chemicals once they’ve been deposited into a sprayer’s tank.


Commercial Lawn Sprayer Equipment Dollars number 4

4. The Best Backpack Sprayer Is Battery Powered Chapin 63985

The Chapin 63985 is a 3 gallon backpack commercial sprayer that is powered by a 20-volt Black & Decker ion battery.

Chapin 63985 backpack sprayer - commercial lawn sprayer equipmentThe battery can operate for almost 2 hours of continuous use.

It offers 35 foot horizontal spray provided by 40 psi.

The 4 gallon tank can easily be filled via the 6″ wide mouth refill funnel.

There are 3 different nozzles that are suitable for different applications.

The cushion grip shut-off accompanies the serviceable filter that prevents debris from clogging the nozzle.

As this is a backpack sprayer that can hold up to 4 gallons of liquid the fact that it is almost 40% lighter than competitive sprayers at the same price point is a big selling point.

In addition the deluxe padded shoulder straps, that cushion and spread the weight evenly, also help make this the best backpack sprayer we found.

Most positive features of this commercial sprayer are:

  • The Black & Decker 20-volt Lithium Ion battery that lasts up to 1.75 hours of continuous spraying.
  • Battery can be changed easily if you have a spare for even longer use.
  • 35-40 psi with a generous 35 foot horizontal spray.
  • A 4 gallon tank
  • 6″ wide mouth funnel for ease of filling.
  • Cushion grip shut-off with 3 nozzles.
  • Deluxe Padded Shoulders.
  • 39% lighter than competitors at a similar price point.
  • Great customer support.

The Chapin 63985 commercial sprayer performance (video)

Available from Amazon

Commercial Lawn Sprayer Equipment number 5

5. The Best Handheld Sprayer Is The Chapin 1449 Industrial 3.5-Gallon Viton

The Chapin 1449 industrial sprayer has been designed to deal not just with lawn applications but also to tackle concrete related problems such as moss, weeds and grass that can undermine concrete structures.

The 3.5-Gallon Tri-Poxy steel tank of this handheld sprayer is rust-proof and extremely durable. It comes with a wide funnel mouth opening which allows for its easy filling and cleaning.

Chapin 1449 Industrial 3.5-Gallon Viton Professional - commercial lawn sprayer equipmentIt be used easily s a lawn sprayer as long as you don’t mind carrying it around however  is perfect for most professional concrete applications.

It should only be used by homeowners after reading the chemical instructions provided by the manufacturer as it is a commercial sprayer designed for commercial use.

In addition to being rust proof the steel tank is resistant to damage from denting.

There is a brass nozzle as well as a shut off with lock on feature (missing in many alternative products).

The poly holster feature keeps the wand and nozzles secure.

Since it is designed with Viton seals and gaskets, it is capable of handling a variety of chemicals for a variety of uses.

Its reinforced hose is designed to withstand even the harshest of chemicals.

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