Coleman Roadtrip lxe vs lxx – Which Grill is Better?

Coleman RoadTrip LXE vs LXX

Are you in the market for a new Coleman Roadtrip but don’t know whether to get the LXE or The LXX? Normally, choosing between the two products can be a difficult challenge since they both share certain similarities. Here we compare both grills to help you decide on the best one for you. Deciding on one over the other will depend on your personal needs.

The RoadTrip grill is perfect for, well exactly what the name implies – road trips!

Here are things you need to know about the lxe and the lxx grills to help you decide which is best for you:

Coleman Roadtrip lxe

This portable grill spots a lively orange color with fully adjustable dual burners that offer a combined BTU of 20,000 across a very generous 285 square inches of grilling surface.

Coleman RoadTrip LXEThe LXE is very popular among campers and for tailgating and picnicking for the following reasons:


Coleman claim the RoadTrip lxe is suitable for cooking parties of up to 4 people though in reality, when it comes to the growing appetites of the American populace, it is much better suited to a party of 3.

The PerfectFlow technology provides consistent performance, even in extreme conditions.

It has two separate burners for 2 separate temperature zones.

Both burners are independently adjustable and offer 20,000 BTU/h overall across the generous 285 sq inch grilling surface.

Once both burners are burning to the maximum they are capable of lasting up to one hour of sustained use while operating on just a 16.4-oz propane cylinder.

However, both burners can last as long as 4.5 hours simultaneously burning when operated at the minimum settings.

The LXE can also operate on a 20-lb propane tank however that would require the separate purchase of a tank hose and tank but is a good investment if you plan to use the grill in your own home or in a permanent place.

The Swaptop interchangeable cooking tops offer the ability to change from grill grates to griddle or stove grates though these are sold desperately.

Coleman RoadTrip grill easy setup

Compact Storage

The lxe grill is portable and easy to move because of its collapsible stand and wheels that fold.

Once folded, you can easily fit it in the trunk of any vehicle. Provision is also made for tool holders and side tables which also fold away for easy storage.

The RoadTrip is very mobile-friendly; it is easy to transport because it folds into compact size with a large handle and wheels for easy pulling; Sets up in seconds

Easy To Use & Clean

There is no challenge with making use of this Coleman Roadtrip grill. It is propane fueled that is fully portable.

The RoadTrip is ideal for parties of 3Then Instastart button feature means there’s no need for manual lighting via a lighter or match.A ll it takes to start this grill is to press the push button and the grills come alive.

To improve your experience, you can also get removable “mix and match” surfaces that include grill, griddle, and stove separately.

The cast-iron, porcelain-coated surfaces make cleaning easy and the grease management tray is also removable for easier cleaning to offer its users more convenience.


There are no limits to the kind of meals you can make with this grill. The advantage of having 2 separately controlled burners means you have much more cooking options than a one burner grill.

This is a welcome relief to campers and travelers who want to cook a good meal for themselves without having to bulk around a large grill that requires extensive fuel reserves.

Users of this product are assured of a consistent cooking performance on its very reasonably sized 285 sq. in. cooking surface area.

The RoadTrip, both the LXE and the LXX, offers power with portability and supports an authentic open-flame drip-through grilling.
Coleman RoadTrip LXE

Coleman Roadtrip lxx

There are very few differences between the lxx and lxe models of the RoadTrip.

Coleman RoadTrip LXXThe black color of this Coleman Roadtrip grill differentiates it from the lxe version.

Considering that campers and travelers who make use of this grill are always on the go, the benefit of being easy to maintain is one reason why it is a sought-after product.

They come with removable grease management trays which are easy to clean meaning that the chances of experiencing spillages are reduced. Cleaning their porcelain-coated cast iron grates which are durable is also easy. Other features include:


While the Coleman Roadtrip lxx is capable of cooking meals at a combined 20,000 BTU/h, 10,000 BTU/h on each burner, across a 285-square-inch of grilling surface, you also get as much as 22000 BTUs of fully-adjustable cooking power with an extra-large cooking surface.

Just as is the case with the lxe the lxx is said to be suitable for up to 4 people but it is really much better suited to a party of 3.

There is no need for a lighter or a match since the product bursts to life with the simple press of a button.

Like the LXE the LXX offer a combined BTU of 20,000 across a very generous 285 square inches of grilling surface.

The RoadTrip has a generous cooking areaThe PerfectFlow technology provides consistent performance, even in extreme conditions.

Also like the LXE the LXX’s dual burners have a one hour cooking time when burning at maximum on a 16.4-oz propane cylinder but can last as long as 4.5 hours when operated at the minimum settings.


Built-in Thermostat

The Coleman Roadtrip lxx edges its lxe version in terms of cooking via the thermostat provision.

The built-in thermometer lets you monitor what your’re cooking which is really an essential element when cooking outdoors so you avoid food poisoning.

Of course you can always buy a thermometer separately but for roughly an extra 20 bucks its worth the investment upgrading the the LXE so you get an internal one.


Interchangeable Cooktops

This ability empowers the users of Coleman Roadtrip lxx to switch grill grates but only if they buy additional extras.

Coleman RoadTrip LXX foldedBoth the LXE and the LXX offer the capability of switching grates.

If you buy griddle and stove grates you can switch the standard grill grate with no problem for versatility in your cooking.

Collapsible Design

Transporting and moving the Coleman RoadTrip grill around is easy. Once it is folded, the challenge of size is eliminated.

As a result, you can fit it into the trunk of most cars and it is also very easy to move once unfolded.

Looking at the similarities between Coleman RoadTrip lxe and lxx, it is easy to understand why lots of people find it difficult to differentiate one from the other.

In truth the only difference is the addition of an built-in thermometer that is available of the LXX model.

Below is a comparison chart to help you choose which grill is better for you.
Coleman RoadTrip LXX

Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart for Coleman RoadTrip Models
Power Propane Propane Propane
Party Size 3 – 4 3 – 4 3 – 4
Cooking Area 285 square inches 285 square inches 285 square inches
Usage Camping,Tailgating,Picnicking Camping,Tailgating,Picnicking Camping,Tailgating,Picnicking
Features PerfectFlow technology, Collapsible PerfectFlow technology, Collapsible PerfectFlow technology, Collapsible
Additional Features none Wheeled Stand, Sliding Side Tables Wheeled Stand, Sliding Steel Side Tables
More Features none none In-built Thermometer
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