The 3 Best Walk Behind Salt Spreaders Available Today

best walk behind salt spreader

A salt spreader supports the distribution of salt on sidewalks making them safe for use in the winter. But a salt spreader is not just the ideal product to use for the removal of snow and ice; it works well for spreading seed and fertilizer, as well as similar materials and can even work really well for the distribution of feed for livestock such as hens.

However, there are now so many different spreaders on the market that it can cause a challenge when it comes to picking the best one.

Best salt spreader in 3 categories – residential, small area & commercial

You can save yourself the worry of checking through all the models available on the market by taking advantage of our quick guide reviews below. We review the top 3 walk behind salt spreaders based on functionality, capacity, quality and price.

Our top 3 picks for best salt spreader (residential, small area & commercial) at a glance

  1. Best residential walk behind salt spreader – Lesco High Wheel Spreader 101186
  2. Best small area walk behind salt spreader – Earthway 2150
  3. Best commercial walk behind salt spreader – Global Industrial Universal Spreader

Best Walk Behind Salt Spreader number 1Lesco High Wheel Spreader 101186 – best salt spreader for residential use

The Lesco high-wheeled spreader may be marketed as a fertilizer spreader but it is the best universal spreader available in our opinion.

top pick - best walk behind salt spreaderIt can be used not just for fertilizer but also for ice melt, lime, salt, seed and many other materials including hen and chicken feed.

The Lesco universal spreader is one of the most popular spreaders in the landscaping and lawn care industry for good reason.

Pneumatic tires offer great purchase on icy ground

A top choice for landscaping and lawn care experts, the Lesco high wheel spreader has pneumatic tires for easy traversing over any kind of terrain.

Its extra large pneumatic tires provide extra smooth operation and increased stability over almost any terrain, while simultaneously reducing the chances of rutting.

An even spread ensures good overall coverage without needing multiple sweeps

The manual deflector on the 101186 model has helped to establish this Lesco spreader as the industry standard spreader as it keeps spread even.

Lesco commercial spreader - best walk behind salt spreader
Available from Amazon

It has the capability to adapt to user’s needs regardless of the season or time of year or materials that need to be distributed.

Although most users utilize the Lesco spreader during the spring and summer months for spreading materials like fertilizers and seed etc., on residential and commercial lawns and turf it has a universal appeal.

This spreader has many winter uses e.g. to spread salt and ice-melt on sidewalks, driveways, or pathways for reduced accidents due to slipping.

It can also be used to evenly spread feed for small livestock animals.

The Lesco has an excellent 80lbs load capacity & is very durable

An all stainless steel frame, axle, and impeller shaft help to ensure the Lesco 101186 spreader can withstand the harshness of outdoor conditions.

If you look after this little machine it will last a lot longer than most of the competition.

The Lesco 101186 Spreader is a replacement for the now discontinued (and excellent) Lesco 091186 model.


  • Universal versatile spreader.
  • 80lbs hopper capacity.
  • Manual deflector kit for even and controllable spread.
  • Enclosed gearbox with 5:1 gear ratio.
  • Stainless steel frame, axle, and impeller shaft.
  • Extra large pneumatic tires.
  • High wheel for great ground clearance
  • Very durable.

top pick - best walk behind salt spreader


Best Walk Behind Salt Spreader number 2Earthway 2150 Walk Behind Broadcast Spreader – best salt spreader for small areas

The Earthway 2150 walk behind salt spreader is designed to distribute free-flowing materials on a sidewalk, lawn or any other ground surface.

Pneumatic tires give good grip on icy surfaces

earthway - best walk behind salt spreaderThe 13″ pneumatic tires of this walk behind salt spreader allow it to move seamlessly through mud, uneven terrain and even snow and slush.

This is a great feature to have as it is typical for a snow-filled sidewalk to be uneven and subject to bumpy terrains. The same is true of muddy or uneven lawn/field areas (for example if you want to use the spreader for feeding livestock such as chickens).

The pneumatic tires makes it possible for this product to absorb the impact of the rough terrain on its rust-proof poly rim tires.

The unique “Ev-N-Spred” system ensures a very even spread

The spread of salt on snow is only effective when it is done evenly. The same applies to fertilizer and seed.

The Earthway 2150 spreader utilizes the “Ev-N-Spred” system designed as a 3-hole drop shut-off system to ensure that every area you wish to distribute to is effectively covered evenly.

It also ensures accurate spread of materials through its ability to provide a feathered spreading edge.

The Earthway spreader has a respectable 50lbs load capacity and is sturdy & durability

The heavy-duty frame has a capacity to carry a very generous 175lb load though the hopper has a much less generous capacity.

The Earthway 2150 comes with a 1325 cubic-inch hopper which can hold up to 50lbs (23kg) of materials.

The Earthway 2150 walk-behind broadcast spreader is constructed to be durable being made from a heavy-duty epoxy powder coated “Diamond” chassis.

A debris screen in included to prevent clumps from clogging its shut-off system.

We love this little spreader but would just prefer if Earthway made the hopper a bit bigger which is more than possible due to its incredibly sturdy frame.

The adjustable height is very handy

Earthway 2150 - best walk behind salt spreader
Available from Amazon

The ability to adjust the spreader’s height is an important feature since a one-size-fit-all feature will not meet the needs of every user.

The handle is adjustable and also allows its user to control the rate of spreading.

Users of different heights are also comfortable with this product and feel in control because of its 2-position height adjustable handle and “T”-Speed lever.


  • “Ev-N-Spred” system.
  • Walk-behind broadcast spreader.
  • Spreading rate control.
  • Adjustable 2-position handle.
  • Heavy-duty Epoxy Powder Coated “Diamond” chassis.
  • 1325 cubic-inch capacity for 50 lbs load capacity (though the frame can manage 175 lbs).
  • 13″ pneumatic stud type tires on rust-proof poly rims.
  • Super-duty gearbox for long life.
  • Debris screen to keep clumps from clogging the shut-off system.

earthway - best walk behind salt spreader

Best Walk Behind Salt Spreader number 3Global Industrial Universal Spreader – best commercial walk behind salt spreader

This multi-functional spreader can be used to evenly spread fertilizer, ice melt, lime, salt, seed and many other materials including feed.

It is a great all-round spreader with a large hopper capacity.

Pneumatic tires offer great grip on icy paths

universal spreader - best walk behind salt spreaderA snow-filled driveway is full of challenges to homeowners and workers seeking entry into commercial premises alike. From keeping a person trapped in the home to the causing of accidents at work hazards caused by snow and ice are quite numerous but not all spreaders are capable of traversing winter environments.

The pneumatic tires of the Global Industrial Universal Spreader are capable of moving through slush and snow easily and keeping good traction on ice while keeping the spread of materials even.

This also applies to the distribution of other materials such as fertilizer, seeds or small livestock feed on uneven or muddy ground.

The adjustable deflector can be used to control spread

The spreading of materials evenly is the most important aspect of any spreader.

This universal spreader, made by Global Industrial, comes with a 3-flap adjustable deflector which controls spread pattern, making this salt spreader ideal for residential and light commercial use.

The Global Industrial spreader has a whopping 100lbs load capacity & is built to take abuse

This product is built to last; the welded steel frame makes it durable and the plastic hopper used in its construction prevents it from getting destroyed through corrosion.

Global Industrial spreader - best walk behind salt spreader
Available from Amazon

This universal spreader has the largest hopper capacity of our 3 picks being able to handle 100lbs of materials. This makes it ideal as a salt or ice-melt spreader.

The large load capacity is made possible through the provision of a welded steel frame and good pneumatic tires.


  • Ideal for spreading seed, fertilizer, lime, ice melt, salt, and similar materials.
  • Durable plastic hopper resists corrosion.
  • Can handle loads of a 100lb.
  • All welded steel frame.
  • Designed for residential and light commercial use.
  • 3-flap adjustable deflector for controlling the spread pattern.
  • Rear deflector for even spread and protection.
  • 13″ pneumatic tires.
  • Plastic cover to protect materials from rain, wind, and other elements.

universal spreader - best walk behind salt spreader

If you only want a salt spreader to prevent ice and snow build-up consider reading our snow blower guide to see what a more powerful machine can offer.

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