The 4 Best Fire Pits For A Deck That Prevent Deck Burn

So you’re in the market for a new fire pit for your deck area but unsure of what to buy. You’ll obviously want to continue enjoying your deck in the evening as temperatures drop without using a fire that will cause deck burn. So here we show you the best 4 firepits for wooden decks.

Best Fire Pits For A Wooden Deck That Help Avoid Deck Burn

The best fire pits for a deck are not always the same ones that fit best in an open garden. Not all firepits are deck-friendly!

Obviously placing a flaming object on a wooden structure brings with it some very serious safety concerns. Additionally, placing the a non-wood-friendly firepit on your deck will inevitably ruin your decking.

So a good deck-friendly fire pit must be well insulated and offer protection to the deck it sits on. Let’s look at some of the important things you should look for when choosing a fire pit for your deck and which models are best for the job.

Let’s take a look at the top 4 deck-friendly fire pits.

When it came to choosing the best fire pits for a deck we struggled. There are some really good units available these days and it is all too easy to get bogged down with options and style choices.

You may not agree with this selection but here are our top 4 fire pits with the first 2 being the best for placing directly on an outdoor deck.

The remaining two can be used on a deck with the help of a cheap deck protector and they made our list primarily because of their usability, versatility, heat ranges and looks.

The 2 best deck-friendly fire pits

  1. Endless Summer by Blue Rhino Fire Pit Table
  2. Outland Living’s 401 Fire Pit Table

The 2 best travel-friendly deck fire pits

  1. CobraCo SH101 Copper Fire Pit
  2. Solo Stove Bonfire

4 Best Fire Pits For A Wooden Deck

Let’s have a closer look at these firepits to see why they are our top 4 picks.

Best Fire Pits for a Deck number 11. Endless Summer firepit – will avoid scorch marks on any surface

Are you the kind of person that takes pride in the look of your deck?

endless summer - Best Fire Pits for a DeckIf you are then this fire pit will suit you nicely as it is a stunning feature that adds to the look and feel of any outdoor space.

Blue Rhino have designed the Endless Summer to be an an eye-catching fire bowl that’s beauty and aesthetic allure are matched only by its excellent functionality.

Made from multi-colored slate and marble tile

The first thing you notice about this fire table is its elegant design.

It is made of high-quality multi-colored slate and marble tile.

Not only does these materials look great on the table but they have the added advantage of making the table top rust-proof and flame resistant.

There’ll be no scorch marks from this fire pit.

This fire pit is made of stamped thin steel, which is lightweight and also rust-resistant.

The table measures 41.2″ by 41.2″ by 22″ and weighs just slightly over 160 pounds so it’s fairly heavy but it is easy enough for 2 people to move it should you want to relocate it at some point or just so you can free up space in the summer.

The 3 foot hose provides gas fuel for hassle-free flames

endless summer tiled top - Best Fire Pits for a DeckIt is important to know the fuel options for any fire pit before you buy.

This Endless Summer fire pit table is gas-fired, so no need to worry about sparks and smoke from coal or wood.

Since it is gas-fired, you can expect it to work with around 40,000 BTU that spreads heat up to 150 square feet.

Somewhat cumbersome to assemble but it’s worth the effort

Some assembly is required on this unit and, unfortunately, the assembly part is quite tedious, especially to a novice.

Luckily, the unit comes with a three-foot hose that is pre-attached, along with a regulator so that saves a lot time in assembly.

Although it can be a pain setting up new units for first time use, especially gas and electrical ones, it is just a one-off task.

In truth this unit is worth the effort if you like a traditional yet elegant look.

Lava rocks and logs are included for a feel of authenticity.

It’s also an electric starter fire pit so you just push a button and it lights.


      • It has an elegant-looking slate and marble top.
      • It looks stunning yet old-school in its design.
      • The top is wide enough to be used for drinks and plates etc.
      • Incredible even and far-reaching heat output.
      • It has a sturdy and solid construction.
      • The fire pit is easy to use.


      • It is too heavy for one person to move alone.
      • The assembly part is somewhat time-consuming.

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Best Fire Pits for a Deck number 22. Outland Living 401 firepit with stainless steel deck protection

This is another top quality fire pit that is designed for easy and safe use on wooden deck?

Outland Living 401fire table - Best Fire Pits for a DeckThe 401 Fire Table is designed and manufactured by Outland Living to not only look great but to also deliver great heat on even the coldest of nights.

Made from aluminum and stainless steel

The Outland Living 401 is weather resilient as well as completely scorch-resistant thanks to its sturdy aluminum frame and stainless steel burner.

It is wrapped in a beautiful polyethylene resin wicker base and topped-off with an 8 mm thick tempered glass tabletop.

It looks stunning and you wouldn’t even notice it’s a fire pit when not lit. It resembles a small hyacinth cabinet.

The unit measures 44″ by 32″ by 23″ and weighs in at 96 pounds so is easier to move than the Endless Summer but its also smaller.

Fueled by a gas cylinder placed in its own compartment

The Outland Living 401 relies on propane as its fuel source and it can deliver a maximum of 35,000 BTU.

That is hot enough to spread heat all over the surrounding area of even the widest of decks.

Furthermore, you can adjust the size and heat flame to suit the outdoor temperature.

Outland Living excess flow safety mechanism - Best Fire Pits for a Deck
Excess flow safety mechanism for greater accident protection

The 30 minute setup time means you’ll be heating the deck almost instantly

This fire pit is one of the simplest to assemble and it will take you only about 30 minutes to have it up and running.

You also get a pre-attached three-foot hose, along with a free regulator.

It is loaded with an electric starter for easy usage.


      • The unit has an elegant design & stunning looks.
      • It delivers an amazing heat output.
      • This fire pit is made with high-quality materials (stainless steel, resin, and aluminum).
      • It can burn for up to 16 hours.
      • Has an excess flow mechanism for added safety against gas accidents.
      • The setup is very easy.


      • The central pit might be somewhat smaller than other fire pits you are used to.
      • Some users complain that it is heavy (though it is light compared to many).
      • It’s costlier than most fire pits on the market.

Outland Living 401 - Best Fire Pits for a Deck
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Best Fire Pits for a Deck number 33. CobraCo SH101 Copper Fire Pit – small but effective

If you are a fan of copper ornaments and garden sculptures then this copper fire pit will suit you well.

It looks completely different from other fire pits and that is part of its charm and beauty. Furthermore, its extremely easy to use, and it needs zero assembly.

Made from study cooper

Cobra fire pit - Best Fire Pits for a DeckThe fire pit comes with a sturdy copper construction, and it sits on a modern stand design.

It is hand-hammered, and 100% copper, meaning that rust and scratches are foreigners to this fire pit.

This unit is built to last and can deliver reliable even heat across a deck area.

It comes with a cover, and measures 19″ high with the lid on and 11.75″ with the lid off. The fire pit is 30″ in diameter and weighs only 29.5 pounds.

Can burn coal, wood and even peat

The CobraCo fire pit is fueled by wood giving it an authentic look and feel.

Its size is wide enough to accommodate enough wood for an entire night.

Keep in mind that hardwood is the most recommended for a lengthy burn.

The type of wood you use will determine the BTU produced.

Does require a cheap deck protector but its small size ensures no deck burn if you use one

This tub comes ready to use. All you need to do is set the stand where you want it and fit the tub in it.

It comes with a lid to help you control the heat and smoke.

The cover has an elastic band that holds it firmly to the fire tub.

You will want to invest in a cheap deck protector to protect the wood directly underneath the fire pit from heat damage or place a ceramic slab.


  • Made of pure copper
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • It comes ready to use
  • Burns wood
  • Easy to use
  • It is scratch and rust-resistant
  • It can be used even in the rain (when you use the lid)


  • The smoke might be a bit much for some users, depending on the firewood you use
  • The cleaning and maintenance part can be tedious
  • You need matchsticks or a lighter to start it up
  • You need kindling
  • May be too low to the ground to use overt long periods on a wooden deck

CobraCo - Best Fire Pits for a Deck
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Best Fire Pits for a Deck number 44. Solo Stove stainless steel firepit is perfect for decks & camping

Strictly speaking the Solo Stove Bonfire stove is not a fire pit but is classed as a “bonfire”. However, it fits quite well on a deck (though you may need additional deck protection) and it has been made to endure the harshest of outdoor environments.

It is a great traveler and lightweight enough to take on camping and road trips.

It’s the perfect choice if you are after a round fire pit for your deck and could use a mobile heating unit for camping.

Made from high grade steel

solo stove - Best Fire Pits for a DeckThe Solo Stove fire pit is made of high-grade 304 and 430 stainless steel that is perfect for harsh outdoor conditions.

The finish is the shiniest on our list. If you like modern space-age looks then this fire pit is right up your alley.

It’s construction materials make it scratch and rust-resistant as well.

The Solo Stove measures 14″ high and 19.5″ in diameter.

The fire pit is the lightest on our list, coming in at just 20 pounds making it ideal for camping as well as for home deck use. It also means it is easily storable during the warmer months.

Will burn coal, wood and peat

This is different from the first two picks, that are both powered by propane, and is similar to the CobraCo in that the Solo Stove is wood-fired.

You can use any firewood logs, but the best choice is hardwood. They tend to burn for longer.

Burning firewood not only gives a more authentic feel to a fire pit but it also gives you that woody smoke smell that is unfortunately lacking in propane burners (though some people prefer that).

However, this small fire pit has a technology that almost entirely eliminates smoke even though you are burning wood.

The Solo Stove has a double wall design that will enhance the burning process and airflow.

There are also vent holes that allow oxygen to flow through as well.

Since it uses wood, the type of wood you use will determine the heat output.

This firepit produces almost smokeless heat with no assembly required

There is no any assembly needed with this fire pit.

It comes ready to use, and the company throws in an extra weather-proof carrying bag for easy portability.

The fire pit has been designed to reduce the amount of smoke it produces while ensuring this feature does not interfere with heat delivery.


      • It look space-age
      • It’s light and portable
      • Great for camping as well as being deck safe
      • The fire pit is strong and durable
      • It is super-easy to use
      • It uses firewood, making it safer and giving a more authentic camp feel
      • Scratch and rust-resistant
      • Creates almost no smoke
      • Great for decks, camping, festivals etc.


      • It can be tedious to refuel it with firewood
      • The fire pit is so light and easy to move that you can easily forget how hot it is and try to move it
      • You’ll have to buy matchsticks or lighters and some form of kindling
      • Open flame
      • May require an additional deck protector to protect wood if used on deck

solo stove bonfire - Best Fire Pits for a Deck
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Conclusion: Our 4 Best Firepits For A Deck – Without The Deck Burn

So now you know what we think are the best fire pits for a deck what are your thoughts on the matter? Which of our 4 top picks do you prefer?

The first 2 selections are excellent for deck use while the other two are great all-rounders (excuse the pun).

Regardless of your choice, ensure that you pick one that suits your needs, the deck and regular environmental condition.

Always choose a firepit that is durable, easy to use, and efficient.

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