July 21, 2017

We review a wide & varied range of mowers from entry level to high-end commercial. Find a mower to suit you from electric & push mowers to the top of the range riding lawn tractors & zero turn mowers.

Lawn Mower Reviews

Robotic & Remote Control Lawn Mower Reviews

July 10, 20170

In most cases it is relatively easy to grow a grassy lawn. But, it’s not so easy to maintain it, especially if you don’t have access to a modern lawn mower. However, even with the [more]

Lawn Mower Reviews

Top 10 Zero Turn Mowers for 2017

June 5, 20170

Zero turn mowers, i.e. those with a turning radius that is close to zero inches, are truly a work of art. Not only can they cut your lawn effectively with 180 degree turns but they [more]

Lawn Mower Reviews

Best Riding Lawn Mowers for 2017. Our Top 4 Picks

June 1, 20170

From all the mowing machines available we found 4 that are way ahead of the competition in their respective class. We have included 4 machines based on cutting width. However, we have included 2 46″ [more]

Lawn Mower Reviews

Top 10 Walk Behind Mowers for 2017

May 17, 20170

Below we have listed the reviews for the top 10 walk behind lawn mowers for 2017. We have also included some zero turn riding mowers were appropriate. However, if you wish to read the full [more]

Lawn Mower Reviews

The Best Mulching Mowers for 2017

May 17, 20170

Those of us fortunate enough to have yards know that we need to maintain our lawns to keep the overlook of our homes good. However, lawn care often involves more than just mowing the grass [more]

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Lawn Mower Reviews

How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower

May 1, 20170

There is something very soothing and inviting about a beautifully green well-manicured grassy front lawn. It’s generally the part of your home that new visitors see first and it often gives a person the first [more]

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Murray Lawn Mower Reviews

January 31, 20170

For those who are in the market for a Murray Lawn Mower we have reviewed our top 3 Murray mower picks below. Mowing your lawn manually can be a pain, it requires a lot of [more]

Lawn Mower Reviews

Best Stand On Mowers for 2017

January 19, 20170

A growing number of American houses today have large lawns. While having a large lawn is desirable, maintaining one can be quite a daunting task for the average householder, especially without the aide of a [more]

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Best Commercial Walk Behind Mowers for 2017

December 5, 20160

Whether you are a professional or a homeowner with a large lawn what you need is a reliable and sturdy lawn-mower that will run forever without the need for much maintenance and which gives outstanding [more]

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The Best Craftsman Lawn Mower for 2017

November 26, 20160

The Craftsman brand has been around since 1927 and the manufacturer has been considered a benchmark of quality and durability for builders, DIY-ers and even other garden tool manufacturers. They have more than 6000 individual [more]

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The Best Poulan Lawn Mower for 2017 is a Pro 57″ Zero Turn

November 15, 20160

Poulan Pro has been manufacturing motorized landscaping equipment since the early 1940s. The company has a reputation for creating robust riding mowers which out-perform and outlast those of their competitors so it’s no surprise that [more]

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Best Electric Lawn Mower for 2017

November 13, 20160

With the ever-increasing concerns about the environment and climate change battery powered lawn mowers are now becoming very popular in the mainstream outdoor equipment market. There is a conception among most consumers that electric lawn [more]

Lawn Mower Reviews

The Best Troy Bilt Mower for 2017 is The Zero Turn Mustang

October 24, 20160

Troy-Bilt has been associated with numerous great zero turn riding mowers on the market. Its products vary widely across mower grades, engine power and performance. From entry-level residential grade mowers to extremely powerful professional/commercial mowers, [more]

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The Best Zero Turn Mower for The Money: Swisher Response

October 7, 20160

The Swisher ZTR2766BS Response is one of the most powerful high-performance zero turn riding mower available on the market today. The manufacturer has combined some of the most efficient features from its range along with [more]

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Best of the Small Zero Turn Mowers

October 5, 20160

Anyone who has a few acres of land and wants to maintain it without the hassle of a push mower sooner or later considers purchasing a riding lawn mower. Entry-level machines are lighter and smaller [more]